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With professional kitchens and food service counters from AICHINGER, you are opting for furniture solutions of impressive quality, hygiene and ergonomics. High-concept, individual and for all sizes, we can adapt them to your particular catering requirements. Your kitchen team is given a working environment which is motivating, exciting and makes their work easier. They can focus on preparing food, even when they are cooking live in front of your guests. 

To make sure things stay that way, we at AICHINGER can take over all the services you need, such as qualified maintenance and any necessary repairs to the technology and equipment. This creates peace of mind and reduces operating and follow-up costs. 

An overview of services from AICHINGER Service GmbH:

  • Customer services - our service technicians are trained in the latest products and equipment
  • Maintenance - Our qualified maintenance creates peace of mind and reduces operating and follow-up costs. 
  • Spare parts - Perfect logistics for professional service. Everything from a single source

    (spare parts service hotline: +49 700 1117 1118)

AICHINGER professional kitchens can be found in the following sectors:

  • Guest-houses, restaurants, bars, bistros, lounges
  • System and experience catering
  • Hotels
  • Company canteens, casinos
  • Elderly and care homes, hospitals, canteens and school kitchens
  • Motorway services, leisure parks
  • Airports, railway stations, stadiums

Our AICHINGER Service GmbH T&Cs can be found here as a PDF download.

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