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SIRIUS3 - The multi-award-winning refrigerated counter

Functional. Energy-efficient. Reliable.


INTERNORGA Future Prize 2015:
“With this product, the company has made massive progress towards energy efficiency, ergonomics, operational safety and hygiene. [...] The transparent sssssconsumption scores were particularly impressive. The operational data for the counter used is updated to the internet on a daily basis.”

Fleischer-Handwerk (FH) Award 2015:
“The award was based on the extraordinary energy efficiency of the SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter [...] up to 42 % energy saving compared to comparable refrigerated counters [...]. Another plus point is the temperature resistance of the counter, which guarantees that the fresh goods do not suffer, even at high ambient temperatures of up to 30°C.”
Source: Fleischer-Handwerk

Benefits of SIRIUS®3:

  • Reduced operating costs thanks to a t0 of between -3°C and -6°C and a maximum refrigeration requirement of 95 to 195 W per metre
  • Takes strain of employees, increased sales thanks to better ergonomics, user-friendliness and accessories
  • The generous presentation area makes freshness a real experience
  • Stable temperature, hygienic, gentle on produce thanks to precise production, made in Germany
  • Easy to maintain and safe to use
  • More visible freshness for your produce
  • Reduced costs
  • Different glass attachments for every need: FILOU E/R; FILOU EK; LRB; FILOU SB; ARTline; FILOU FLixx (The flexible glass attachment for operating and self-service areas) - Discover FILOU FLixx
  • Also available as curved version SIRIUS Swing

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