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PLATTE64 and 74 - The revolution of the hot counter

Your advantage of PLATTE 64 and 74 

The PLATTE64 & 74 allows you to present warm food in an appetizing way and at the same time keep it perfectly at the right temperature.

Control and energy:

  • Each plate can be controlled individually and precisely/degree accurate up to 150 degree
  • Temperature can be individually adjusted to the respective products
  • Individual plates can be switched off to save energy
  • Best efficiency through direct heat transfer from the panel to the presentation container - Top heat possible through infrared heat radiator (HotMaxx 2.0 module)

Hygiene and optics: 

  • Smooth, robust surface for heating food
  • No tubs or water baths necessary
  • Minimal cleaning times, simply wipe off ready (no further work)
  • High-quality and extremely stable coated material (no glass!)

Installation and costs: 

  • No water and waste water installation, no maintenance work
  • Low installation depth, thus more benefits in the counter substructure
  • Low energy costs because no water needs to be heated

Product presentation: 

  • A wide variety of presentation trays can be used, including pots and pans.
  • Classic GN trays can also be used; a change between the systems is possible at any time.
  • No definition of a system necessary (future-security!)


  • With its dimensions of 600mm x 400mm the plate64 offers plenty of space for all kinds of presentation tableware
  • For even more presentation area there is the plate74 with the dimensions 700mm x 400mm

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