Success needs

PANEVARI® – the extra-fresh bread shelf.

With 2 models for success.

PANEVARI® breaks all the rules and opens up completely new options when it comes to product presentation. Whether it is baguettes, pretzels or roles - PANEVARI® adapts to your products, not the other way around. It opens up completely new ways of presenting what makes your range special so that the customers can see for themselves.

There are two models of the PANEVARI® bread shelf: the established PANEVARI® Style and PANEVARI® Twin, the rotating module with individual back-wall design. All with one aim in mind - maximum flexibility and individuality in your product presentation. Show your customers what you can do!

The benefits of Panevari ®:

  • Variable product presentation thanks to extensive range of accessories
  • Individual design to customer specifications
  • Maximum product impact as a result of wide range of presentation options

    Operating range

    Confectionery products Bread dry

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