Success needs

Back.STAGE – individual back-room furniture.

3 varieties of success bringer

Simple to use, with a logical design implemented to your individual requirements: Although BackSTAGE features a choice of delight, steel and décor options for the top and bottom cabinets for the back room [LINK zu BackSTAGE steel und décor], the options have a lot in common. For example, the individual layout of drawers, compartments and doors.

BackSTAGE delight is the back-wall air-conditions display case for meat, sausage, cheese and deli foods. Perfect for the presentation of dry aged beef.

The benefits of BackSTAGE:

  • Drawers with overfill compartments
  • Double-doors with 180° opening angle
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal handles
  • Variable design: With plinth, feet or rollers
  • Hygienic beading for floor area
  • Individually tailored to your designs

Operating range

Meat Sausage Cheese Confectionery products cooled

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