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Transparency for greater energy efficiency

AICHINGER welcomes EU Guidelines on Eco-Design and Energy Consumption Labelling

As of March 1, 2021, comprehensive European Union Guidelines will apply to the manufacture and sale of commercially used refrigerated storage cabinets, refrigerated appliances with direct sales function and refrigerated display units. AICHINGER, one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerated counters and refrigerated display cases "Made in Germany", expressly welcomes the introduction of the new EU directives. "These create transparency and comparability for the customer. In addition, the efforts of all manufacturers to develop and manufacture the most energy-efficient refrigeration units possible will be accelerated. We have been measuring energy consumption and other significant parameters under real conditions in our certified AiMA test laboratory since 2010. In addition, the energy consumption of our best-selling SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter has been visible in real time and online since 2013," emphasizes Dr. Oliver Blank, Managing Director of AICHINGER GmbH.

This multi-specialist for counters, refrigerated display cases and shopfitting design had started early with the implementation of the EU directives in development, manufacturing, sales, after sales and service and is prepared for the introduction of these guidelines. From March 1, 2021, only products that comply with the new EU directives will be offered, sold and delivered.
On our website , the consumption data of a SIRIUS®3 counter in operation can be called up live and also tracked over longer periods of time. AICHINGER thus has created complete transparency in energy consumption and underlines their commitment to quality.

AICHINGER supports the introduction of the new EU guidelines to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment. The company takes other factors into consideration in addition to energy efficiency in the total life cycle costs. The quality of the materials used has a significant impact on the service life. For example, at AICHINGER, the evaporators are protected against corrosion and the aluminum fins of the evaporator are stable and made of high-quality materials. The fans feature a very long service life of 75,000 hours, very low energy consumption of 1.7 W, long-term stable bearings and the moisture protection classification IP 68.

This premium manufacturer produces its refrigerated counters and self-service refrigerated display cases at its headquarters in Wendelstein near Nuremberg. The short distances from the suppliers and to the customers additionally improve the eco-balance in the production and delivery of the products.

EU Guidelines on Eco-design and Energy Consumption Labeling
The aim of these guidelines on eco-design (EU) 2019/2024 and energy labelling (EU) 2019/2018 is to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration appliances with direct sales function and to contribute to climate neutrality in the EU. These directives are accompanied by obligations on the part of the supplier and its dealers with regard to the documentation and labeling of equipment.

These changes apply to the guidelines for eco-design, energy consumption labeling, and the eco-design of commercial refrigerated storage cabinets and refrigeration appliances. The framework for labeling and providing uniform information is governed by Regulation (EU) 2017/1369. In addition, the EU product database EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labeling) already registers all products relevant to energy consumption. Information on products, the energy consumption labels and product data sheets are there presented.

From March 1, 2021, the energy consumption will be shown on refrigerated counters and refrigerated cabinets. The TopSpot MIO+ self-service refrigerated display cases from AICHINGER are labeled B.


AICHINGER has been measuring energy consumption and other significant parameters under real conditions in the certified AiMA test laboratory since 2010.

AICHINGER expands executive management

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grünewald appointed Chief Executive Officer

The AICHINGER Group has expanded its Executive Board. At the beginning of the year, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grünewald was appointed to the management. Together with Günther Hertel and Dr. Oliver Blank, he now leads the multi-specialist for emotional fresh food worlds of experience from Wendelstein. "AICHINGER is now very well positioned in terms of management and structure for the challenges of the future," says owner Günther Hertel with pleasure. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grünewald has until now been responsible for the areas of organization and technology in the company's management since February 2020.

The AICHINGER promise, "Success can be furnished - analog and digital." goes hand in hand with the high standard of consulting, planning and execution competence in shopfitting, the construction of counters, and refrigerated cabinets and presentation modules. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grünewald is responsible for the areas of technology and organization in the company in order to optimize the high standard of AICHINGER in terms of cost and deadline compliance and quality to the benchmark in the industry. To this end, the 57-year-old brings with him many years of experience as a manager in medium-sized manufacturing companies. This is enhanced by his expertise and passion for innovation management and organizational optimization. "It is a great pleasure to work with highly qualified and extremely motivated employees to further develop a very flexible and at the same time efficient organization that puts the customer at the very center," says Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grünewald.

Photo: Cristina Galler

Food-Service in Focus

AICHINGER and HoGaKa Profi establish strategic cooperation

AICHINGER GmbH, Wendelstein, and HoGaKa Profi GmbH, Ulm, will work strategically together in the future. Both companies have agreed that as of January 1, 2021, AICHINGER Service GmbH will be integrated into HoGaKa Profi GmbH and that employees and orders from deliveries and services of AICHINGER Profi Kitchens division will be taken over by HoGaKa Profi. In total about 40 AICHINGER employees will have a new employer with HoGaKa Profi. In return, AICHINGER GmbH will receive services and deliveries from HoGaKa Profi for projects. "We are very happy that this cooperation allows us to flank our path with a clear focus on our core competencies", says Dr. Oliver Blank, Managing Director of AICHINGER GmbH. "The cooperation brings benefits to both companies and to our customers", Thomas Eifert and Uwe Schein, Managing Directors of HoGaKa Profi GmbH, are convinced.

AICHINGER sharpens its strategic focus under the vision "The Best for Fresh Food on Stage". This takeover of the division professional kitchens and AICHINGER Service GmbH, which specializes in this target group, by HoGaKa Profi GmbH brings great advantages for both partners. AICHINGER focuses on fresh food shopfitting in the core target groups of food retail and fresh food trade. AICHINGER concentrates on the two central core competences: Development and production of innovative products (counters and self-service presentation modules for chilled and hot products) and the project business with concept planning, store design and project realization. HoGaKa Profi takes a big step on its growth course and becomes one of the leading players for large scale catering projects and tabletop throughout Germany.

The strategic alliance enables AICHINGER and HoGaKa Profi to offer complete solutions for gastronomic businesses in kitchen and dining areas. The services are complemented by lighting solutions from we-shoplight and digital solutions from digital signage to energy management and process control from Shop-IQ. Both partners see themselves well prepared for the future: "Food service and food retail will merge more strongly in new hybrid forms. Together with our partner HoGaKa Profi, we are bringing our gastronomic expertise to this task - analogue and digital," explains Dr. Oliver Blank. "AICHINGER Profiküchen and AICHINGER Service ideally complement the kitchen project planning department at HoGaKa Profi. This means that we will be very well positioned in Bavaria and throughout Germany in the future, in addition to the southwest", emphasizes Uwe Schein. AICHINGER Profiküchen recently fitted one of the future-oriented concepts for staff catering, the Bavaria Tower leonardi in Munich, with kitchen and serving technology. "AICHINGER's strong position in the target groups food retail and fresh food trade also gives us access to the fast-growing markets," added the Managing Directors of HoGaKa Profi GmbH.

New Sales Director for fresh produce trade

Christian Milk heads sales in north/central region

Christian Milk is, with immediate effect, the head of sales for the fresh produce trade in the north/middle region of AICHINGER GmbH. The 40-year-old will take over the position from Christian Saßmannshausen, who has taken on new challenges in another company. "With Christian Milk, we have gained a dedicated person for this demanding task who brings extraordinary technical expertise and a high degree of future orientation to the team," explains Dr. Oliver Blank, Managing Director of AICHINGER GmbH, Wendelstein.

Christian Milk has been working as a concept and interior design consultant in sales for the multi-specialist for Emotional Fresh Food Experience Worlds and manufacturer of refrigeration units since 2017. Previous to this, the master butcher had managed his family's butcher's shop with a snack bar, catering and grilling school for eight years.

Attachment for glass counters protects against airborne infection

AICHINGER offers transparent infection shields for protection

Employees working in bakeries, butchers, in the food retailing industry, in petrol stations and where food and meals are handed out are at a particularly high risk of being exposed to contamination from airborne infection through face-to-face contact. In addition to the recommended personal protective measures such as wearing gloves and masks, spitting, coughing and sneezing shields considerably reduce the risk of infection from viruses and bacteria. AICHINGER now offers an AI -SCHUTZ (800 mm wide, 650 mm high) called infection (spitting, coughing and sneezing) shields for all AICHINGER counters equipped with the standard glass attachments.

The product offers an enclosed attachment and one with a service opening (250 mm wide, 200 mm high) for dispensing the goods and for exchanging means of payment. With the AI -SCHUTZ there is a minimum protection height of 1780 mm for all SIRIUS counters and 1900 mm for all other AICHINGER counters. The standing shield is also suitable for glass tops from other manufacturers with straight and rounded panes

To set up the protective shield made of transparent polycarbonate safely, a flat installation surface of 185 mm width is required. Both supporting feet of the AI-SCHUTZ are each equipped with four fixing points. The applied protective film of the adhesive pads is already slip-resistant. For rounded panes, it is recommended to fix them with the adhesive pads. These can be removed without residue.

Inquiries and orders can be placed directly with AICHINGER: Phone +49 9129/406220, e-mail . These products are immediately available and will be delivered after receipt of order.

AICHINGER continues to grow with partnerships

Leading multi-specialist works closely together with Wanzl and Shop IQ.

AICHINGER continues to grow. The multi-specialist for emotional fresh food experience worlds announced at EuroShop 2020 that it has positioned itself for the fast-growing future trends with the strategic partnerships with Wanzl and Shop IQ: Internationalisation and digitalisation. At the beginning of the year, AICHINGER founded the Food Service division, under the leadership of Urs Bischof, to actively link food retail and food service with concepts and services. ‘We are now perfectly equipped to meet the challenges of the new decade,’ says a delighted Dr. Oliver Blank, Managing Director of the AICHINGER Group. Last year, the owner-managed company with 650 employees implemented more than 2,000 projects worldwide.

Wanzl, in the premium sector, will integrate fresh and refrigerated counters from AICHINGER into projects in the future. ‘The products from AICHINGER are at the top of the league when it comes to excellence in the presentation of fresh goods,’ says Jürgen Frank, Division Manager of Shop Solutions at Wanzl. Dr. Oliver Blank, Managing Director at AICHINGER GmbH, explains: ‘We are continuing to expand our international business activities. Our partnership with Wanzl as a globally established company is a major step in this direction.’

AICHINGER and Wanzl in their collaborative efforts will also contribute their expertise in the field of digitalisation and create synergies. ‚The integration of the refrigeration units into a management platform will enable retailers to operate their stores even more efficiently and customer-friendly. We still see a great deal of potential, particularly with regard to compliance with set values, inventory monitoring and sales,‘ explains Jürgen Frank.

The digitalisation and connectivity of freshness, refrigeration and presentation systems will be developed by AICHINGER in a close strategic partnership with the specialists from Shop IQ. ‘With the Shop IQ modules, we are extending our promise that ‘success can be furnished’ to the digital sector,’ says Dr. Blank: ‘This helps our customers to reduce energy costs, or to present the optimum quantity of maximum fresh products in the counter according to demand - and thus to minimize duplicates and food waste’. At EuroShop, both companies will for the first time present the possibilities for the retail trade together in the Digital Innovation Lab at the AICHINGER stand.

This strategic partnership goes far beyond just a cooperation in sales. Innovative new products are also a focal point. Dr. Blank: ‘We want to reinterpret the concept of freshness at the PoS together.’ Flexible product presentations of chilled and hot convenience products or the easy placement of fresh products from salads to sushi to smoothies in the context of complete meals (meal deal) in just one refrigerated cabinet are just two of many possibilities.

AICHINGER presents a new corporate design

AICHINGER will present its new corporate design for the first time at EuroShop.

The central element of the company’s public communications is a stylised A in the form of a triangle, in the familiar AICHINGER red. The three sides of the trademark represent the standards and pillars of expertise of the AICHINGER Group: technology, design and presentation expertise combine to form the ‘AICHINGER Method’. The AICHINGER trademark is registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office and is a protected trademark.  

The new corporate design is not just a refreshment of the logo, but a key component in an intensive strategic process within the company. The tip of the new AICHINGER trademark points the way forward on AICHINGER’s path like the needle of a compass. Our vision of an integrated and unmatched provider of comprehensive solutions has been given a face with the new corporate design,’ says Sebastian Holzberger, Marketing Director at AICHINGER.  

Our technology expertise gives rise to a commitment to developing and producing products with innovative functions in-house. Our design expertise underlines our commitment to planning projects with visionary concepts and implementing them with a view to creating an extraordinary shopping experience. Our presentation expertise describes our commitment to creating sales platforms for fresh products that appeal to customers’ eyes and inspire them to try and buy the products. With these three key elements of expertise, AICHINGER helps increase customer frequency and thus generate greater sales and profits. Successful shopfitting. 

‘AICHINGER is the only provider to offer expertise in shopfitting, refrigerated units, catering and professional kitchens in addition to lighting design and concepts from a single source. This enables us to offer our customers groundbreaking solutions,’ adds Sebastian Holzberger.

AICHINGER at EuroShop 2020

Under the Slogan "THINK FOOD" AICHINGER presents solutions for megatrends in the retail sector

"THINK FOOD" is the name of AICHINGER's visible and tangible statement for EuroShop (Hall 13, Stand A75). The multi-specialist for emotional fresh food experiences and innovative shop fitting products presents trend-setting products and concepts for the mega trends in food retailing: more fresh presentation, more gastronomy and more fresh convenience and to go. The focus will be on the new TopSpot MIO+ series of self-service refrigerated cabinets, the new, curved SIRIUS Swing refrigerated counter, small gastronomic space concepts for food retailing and digital solutions for energy saving and sales optimisation at the PoS.

AICHINGER thus highlights its competence as one of the leading full-range suppliers for shop design in the fresh food sector and its innovation leadership as a manufacturer of energy-efficient refrigerated counters and self-service refrigerated cabinets "Made in Germany". "On the one hand, we are the only supplier for the food retailing industry to offer planning and implementation expertise in the areas of shop design and at the same time for gastronomy and offer our own manufacturing expertise in refrigeration cabinets," explains Patrick Simon, Head of Food Retail Sales at AICHINGER.

The first AICHINGER fair premiere: The complete product family of the new TopSpot MIO+ series of self-service refrigerated cabinets. The highlight: For the very first time products of different temperature requirements can be presented in a self-service refrigerated cabinet - up to temperature class M0+! This allows an unprecedented freedom and flexibility in product placement - from sushi to sandwiches and smoothies. A complete range of new shelf displays and accessories ("P-Boards") enable the best product-facing in the entire spectrum of refrigerated self-service fresh products - and thus more impulses to buy. With this flexibility, the TopSpot MIO+ series stands for maximum investment security.

In-shop catering is one of the future themes in food retailing. Together with the specialists from the new Foodservice division and the food experts from AICADEMY, four different small-scale catering and coffee concepts will be shown live. "The food concepts and the kitchen technology have been developed to meet the requirements of the food retailing industry," emphasises Patrick Simon. In addition to catering, self-service offers with fresh convenience products are one of the top trends in food retailing. In the THINK FRESH segment, AICHINGER will be demonstrating the "ingredients for success" for product presentation which increase the impulse to buy and at the same time hygienic and temperature safety - for chilled and hot fresh products, in service and self-service.

The new, SIRIUS Swing refrigerated counter with its serpentine curves is downright seductive. In combination with attractive glass tops and the multi-stage Frontline display case integrated into the counter, AICHINGER shows how the presentation of high-quality fresh products can look.

AICHINGER's Fresh Food experience worlds appeal to all of the senses - and in future will go even further with digital technology. The spectrum ranges from a world premiere in product lighting and digital store management to sales optimisation and avoidance of food waste. Drastic reduction of energy costs, more efficient staff deployment, more turnover and profit - visitors can experience how this works in the separate "Digital Dark Room" at the AICHINGER stand.

AICHINGER strengthens its Foodservice division with Urs Bischof

Aichinger is further expanding its gastronomic expertise by taking Urs Bischof on board from January 2020. Urs Bischof will head the new Foodservice division.

"In Urs Bischof, we have been able to gain a distinguished professional with experience in all areas of gastronomy. He will decisively strengthen us on the path of "gastronomization" in non-gastronomic sectors as well," says Aichinger Managing Director Dr. Oliver Blank.

"I was inspired to take this step by the enterprising Aichinger management team, who in recent years have succeeded in establishing one of the leading companies in food shop fitting beyond the DACH region. Aichinger is advancing the evolution in all aspects of the fusion of food retail and food service and is for me also the driving force behind the new holistic, networked digitalization of food retail and food service. I am very proud to be part of shaping the future of Aichinger and their excellent team". - says Urs Bischof.

BAKE CREATE: Bakery trade for the future.

südback: AICHINGER presents the right ingredients for the success of bakeries in rapidly changing markets.

At südback 2019, shop fitting specialist AICHINGER will be demonstrating how handcraft bakers can successfully position themselves in times of discount prices and online shopping. AICHINGER's interior designers, together with the lighting specialists from we-shoplight, have created a stand concept that is particularly inviting, near to nature and transparent. The central themes are thus fitted into the perfect setting:

  • Baking craft – emotionally staged and LIVE for all the senses.
  • Creative bakery snacks for sale from dawn until dusk. To serve or for self-service.
  • AICADEMY: Bakery snack and gastronomy advice from real professionals. From the average store up to the large freestander.  
  • Esspress It by the Coffeeshop Company – innovative lifestyle concept for coffee and more.
  • Individual shop and light design – for sales promoting product lighting and a feel-good atmosphere.

The very foundation of the AICHINGER südback presentation is the authentic staging of handcrafted baked goods. "There are enough people who, despite discount prices, consciously spend a little more on baked goods and bakery snacks if they can recognise the difference and taste it," says Dr. Oliver Blank, Managing Director of AICHINGER. "The baker of tomorrow must literally pick up the customers, with fast to-go offers as well as customised feel-good rooms to enjoy this on site. And with the characteristic qualities which distinguish a good, genuine and true baker of confidence: Honest ingredients, unique recipes and freshness that can be experienced".

The centre stage of 156 square metre Aichinger stand is therefore the presentation of the handcrafted bakery products.  To ensure that the top products catch the customer's eye, special attention getters are integrated into the counter presentation as "sales boosters": MaxxPoint and AirMaxx. They keep fresh goods well chilled and are also particularly ergonomic for sales staff. The shopfitting experts will also be showing the new self-service refrigeration units from the TopSpot series, which can be attractively integrated into the store design - the baker's answer to the increasing customer demand for convenience and speed, and easy to combine with classic service sales. The matching digital price labelling systems from Shop IQ, combined with electronic and digital payment systems, will also be on display.

A special AICHINGER highlight: the snack specialists at "AICADEMY" will prepare innovative bakery snacks for the baked goods produced live – and for any time of day. The AICADEMY consultants will be demonstrating how bakers can create innovative snacks that are "reliable in calculation and success" at the same time. "For it to really work in everyday practice, the processes must be right, the equipment must be as flexible as possible and baker-affine ingredients must be used," says Klaus Wydra, head of AICADEMY. Directly next to the Aichinger main stand,  the AICADEMY experts will demonstrate live in a compact sales kiosk, that this not only works at high-frequency and large free stander locations, but is also possible in small areas.

The vegan chef, Estella Schweizer will also be watching alongside the AICADEMY consultants. Cooking, baking and healthy eating have long been her passion and calling. Together with the AICADEMY, she will prepare fresh and seasonal dishes on the Sunday and Monday of the fair, which not only tickle the palate but also pay tribute to health.

The newly developed Espress It by Coffeeshop Company module shows that baked goods sales, bakery snacks and coffee specialities complement each other perfectly - a meeting place for trendy coffee and tea delights in premium quality in a casual lounge atmosphere. At AICHINGER in Hall 7, Stand 7D11.