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AICHINGER fair review "südback 2017"

Südback 2017 – fresh ideas for artisanal bakeries and confectioneries

“It´s sad that once again it was over so soon.” Günther Muth “We already miss the great atmosphere, the exciting conversations, as well as the professional know-how of our visitors with challenging questions and new ideas. We, the team of AICHINGER and Rog thank our visitors for everything!”

This year’s concept captured once more the attention of our visitors. It encompassed state of the art lighting, modern yet inviting furniture design and innovative products that not only guarantee a perfect display but also encourage sales. At the same time our products came with our well know thought trough solutions for maintenance and cleaning, as well as with versatility to fit the needs of our customers. 

We´re thankful for the exciting and productive time we had at this year’s fair in Stuttgart and are already eagerly waiting for the next year and upcoming fairs.

AICHINGER at südback 2017 in Stuttgart

We looking forward to see you on our exciting booth in Stuttgart!

Traditional baker, design oriented coffee shops or to-go specialists – the competition during the breakfast rush is fierce. In the baking industry this calls for creativity and modern thinking, aside from outstanding craftsmanship of course. In order to meet these demands it has proven to be vital to keep up with upcoming trends. Clients are becoming more and more demanding and expect an interesting and appetizing variety of snacks when visiting their bakery. The quick coffee to go and a small snack on the hand doesn´t suffice anymore. So a modern baking business has to be versatile and within its product range manage to capture the client’s attention and tempt him with his product presentation. But at the same never lose sight of its core skills and provide tasty breakfasts as well as a healthy lunch and varied dinner options.

The multi-specialist AICHINGER provides you with ideas and solutions how to meet new demands and pare them with innovative ideas. To help you visualize all the options AICHINGER can provide you with, you will also have the opportunity to experience a custom fitted design-concept, as well as modern snack possibilities (ROG – ROLL`N`GRILL + foottec) coupled with innovative coffee specialties.

You as a visitor of the Südback expect to see more than just attractive and high class design ideas. You expect solutions to meet and master the challenges ahead. AICHINGER has the answers you´re looking for. We´re looking forward to your visit!

FOOD ON STAGE at EuroShop 2017!

Under this motto, the AICHINGER Exhibition Stand (Hall 13, Stand A75) awaits visitors with concentrated design and shopfitting competence.

In addition to harmonious design solutions, AICHINGER presents many new product innovations at the EuroShop such as the SetPOINT cooling module. This exclusive counter module with the low glass top visually resembles a jeweller’s showcase and allows for a high quality display of goods (for example, dry aged beef).

What’s more, the multi-award winning refrigeration unit SIRIUS®3 further evolves and delights with a multitude of new features. The FreshMaxx self-service salad bar has also undergone a complete refresh and will be presented at the EuroShop for the first time to industry professionals.

New in AICHINGER’s range are the specially constructed climate display cases for the backstage area (product name: Backstage cool) and for a counter progression (product name: Frontline cool). Of course, the first circular circulating air refrigeration counter and top seller AirMaxx can also be seen at the AICHINGER stand.

As a revolutionary device for the gastronomy sector, AICHINGER is introducing their newly developed roll grill, ROLL’N’GRILL (short: ROG) to the public via show cooking. ROG is a ready-to-plug-in single unit for the automated grilling of meat, fish and vegetables and is based on three rotating, horizontally arranged and uniformly heated frying surfaces. The product is laid in from the top and passes through the grilling area at an even speed. It then automatically leaves the grill area and is ready to serve. The operation of the ROG is fully intuitive and can also be easily carried out by inexperienced personnel. In addition to all these new products, visitors will also discover a number of large and small, new innovations at our 330 m² exhibition stand.

So visit the AICHINGER exhibition stand at the EuroShop and experience the perfect presentation and staging of foods – experience FOOD ON STAGE

südback 2016 - The fair review

AICHINGER at südback 2016 in Stuttgart. We look back at a successful trade fair and give a big thank you to all involved partners, employees and supporters.

Südback in Stuttgart is one of the most important trend fairs for the bakery and confectionary trade throughout Germany and beyond its borders. The fair is a central contact point for ideas, opinions and information as well as the presentation of trends, developments and technical innovations. Numerous and very diverse exhibitors are presenting versatile novelties to the specialized public from the bakery sector.

With two big exhibition stands and an exhibition space of about 250 m², AICHINGER is one of the great highlights at the entire fair. The great maxim was not only to set conceptual but also creative highlights. The flamboyant design with the option “Watching, touching, trying“, the comfortable seating area on the second floor, the diverse range of decoration and the impressive presentation of goods was accordingly rewarded by the specialized public. Also minor details at the right spot, true to the motto: small cause – large effect, had a great influence to contribute to the successful outcome of the fair. The professional stand staff anticipated every visitor’s wish and contributed an incredible feel-good factor with dedication. Many thanks also go to the entire fair team who has achieved an outstanding performance during the last days and weeks in order to make this impressive fair presentation become true.  

Which of the AICHINGER subjects were particularly interesting for the fair visitors?

The greatest fair highlight from AICHINGER was certainly the fully automatic grill system ROG-ROLL`N`GRILL, which was introduced and curiously watched by the fair visitors at both stands. ROLL´N´GRILL is a ready-to-plug single unit for grilling meat, fish & vegetables. The system is based on three rotating, horizontally arranged and equally heated cooking surfaces. The product is placed from the top and goes through the grill area at an even speed. After that, it automatically leaves the cooking area and is ready to be served. Due to its intuitive and very easy handling, even untrained staff is really always able to achieve the ideal cooking and grilling result. More information at:

Günther Hertel - 75 years…an exquisite vintage.

The AICHINGER company owner celebrates his birthday

Günther Hertel is an entrepreneur trough-and-trough. On June 17th this true business man with heart, wits and passion celebrated his 75th birthday. The fact that he had inherited the family´s business sense became obvious, when he and his brother stepped in to run the family´s carbide tool company and needed only a few decades to turn the small business into a multi-national corporation (Hertel AG, later to be taken over by Kennametal) with over 3000 employees and a turnover of 400 million euros. On October the 2nd of 1995 the charismatic Franconian took over AICHINGER and since then has been the owner of the soon to be multi-specialist in the field of shop fitting, as well as the guiding hand in its journey to success. With his guidance in the past 20 years AICHIGNER developed itself from a small company with 150 employees and a total turnover of 13 million euros in 1995 into a global enterprise with 550 employees and approx. 100 million euros of turnover in 2015.

Ever since Günther Hertel took over AICHINGER Ltd many things have changed. New and modern technology was introduced and the production was optimized to reach the highest efficiency. After a first decade of restructuring, in which Günther Hertel invested approx. 2 million euros in research, development, computer systems and new machines, AICHINGER quickly started expanding and hasn´t stopped ever since. Now the multi-specialist stands for modern shop-fitting and innovative interior design concepts inside the food sector. In conclusion today AICHINGER is able to provide complete solutions MADE IN GERMANY for every desired shop-concept.

Aside from his spirit for business, the company owner also assumes social responsibility. For decades he has dedicated himself to support social and cultural projects, like the Fürther and the Feuchter Tafel just to name two. He also has a heart for sports, evident in his sponsoring of the local handball team HC-Erlangen, in whose board of directors he holds a seat. For local ice hockey fans his name also rings a bell, since he was the sole shareholder of the Nürnberg IceTigers for many years. For the future Günther Hertel is full of optimism and enthusiasm. Already new and exciting products, that are supposed to rouse the market, are being visualized. Maintaining and expanding the headquarters in Wendelstein paid off and placed AICHINGER among the circle of the major employers of the region.

The employees of AICHINGER thank Mr. Hertel and wish him all the best for the future. 

The AICHINGER website in a new look

New Design, Smart Content, Reliable Know-How

From now on, the website of the AICHINGER GmbH has new looks and positions itself more modern and customer oriented. Not only did the website undergo a big change in design to look fresher and younger, but also concerning the contents.

Appealing pictures and information, aswell as a wide photo-slideshow, directs the customer straight to the appropriate store concept. The fixed branch selector at the side edge helps the customer to navigate quickly to the needed content and the contact form guides instantaniously to the appropriate SUCCESSconsultant. Moreover, the structure and body of the website is modernized completely. The clear side menu gives a sharp overview of the different items and allows a quick and easy navigation.

Informative content, presented appealingly
We developed a whole new website structure for the content, which is closer to the needs of our customers. There are no more long and bulky text blocks, but short and concise texts. Finding your individual store concept is very simple with AICHINGER. As we are highly-experienced service providers, we will accompany our customers through each and every step of construction. The topic is explained easily by just a few clicks and guides all users to a 100% SUCCESSconcept. Additionally, the texts are accompanied by unique reference images and the appropriate SUCCESSstory.

Interactive sections on the website: AirMaxx360; SeaMaxx360 and Sirius3
Authenticity is key for store owners. Instead of simply speaking in high terms of the shopfitter, we want to know which are the exact advantages of the products and solutions. Resulting of that, we offer a deep insight in our products within our websites, and 360 degree product displays, appealing pictures and lots of information show our customers all the possibilites the AICHINGER GmbH offers for a successful store concept.

Internorga Future Award

Award for SIRIUS®3

SIRIUS®3 is awarded with the highly-acclaimed Internorga Future Award 2015 in the category Product – Technology & Equipment.

„The product is the next level of energy efficiency, ergonomics, workplace safety and hygiene.“, states the jury.

Particular attention was drawn to the transparency of the value of consumption. All operational data of a refrigerated counter in use is transferred to an online environment at every day.

Verified Quality

Successful certification according to ISO 9001:2008

We at Aichinger, we define quality as the ongoing improvement of existing products and aim for a higher rate of customer satisfaction. The demands of our customers are not only to be fulfilled but exceeded. Out of this, we introduced a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 for performing electric and cryogenic measurements during the production of cooling furniture. Our quality management system is certified by TÜV Süd.

FH-Award 2015

Highly-coveted award goes to

The Internorga Future Award was followed by the FH-Award in the category of „Shopfitting & Sale“ of the B&L MedienGesellschaft. By winning these awards, the outstanding qualitiy of the SIRIUS®3 concerning energy efficiency, ergonomics and workplace safety is stressed once more and receives great credit among experts.