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The efficiency of our products is not only good for the environment, it is also good for your finances. But that is not all. Our furniture solutions also set new standards when it comes to hygiene, design, product presentation and energy efficiency.

  • 1. ADVICE
  • 5. SERVICE

    The food retail industry is constantly changing. New consumer trends and permanently changing lifestyles represent an almost daily challenge. Our success consultants can give suggestions as to how you can specifically tap into new potential and make success a reality with individual shopfitting solutions.

    We offer you:

    • Advice on locations and target groups, and we can find sites for you if you wish.
    • Individual, on-trend shop design
    • Clear, sales-friendly product presentation



    Your success:

    • Excellent know-how
    • Many years of experience
    • A single point of content for all your queries.



  • One step ahead of the future

    Our Creative Team supports you in your subsequent business success. Creativity in design, stylish combination of materials and colours, skilled use of light and mood lighting, as individual as you and your business. Particular local peculiarities are, of course, also taken into consideration. We can also carry out location analyses for you on request.

    We offer you:

    • Sales areas with a unique atmosphere - space to relax
    • Functionality which optimises workflows, guides the customers and gets your employees excited
    • One of the biggest and most experienced creative teams in the industry

    Your success:

    • Unique shop design
    • Satisfied employees
    • Loyal customers



  • Quality without compromise

    As a brand manufacturer of quality shop furniture, we offer you the safe investment you are looking for. Your success strategy needs to keep the promises it makes on paper in reality. The drawings produced using state-of-the-art CAD programs are implemented precisely and in excellent quality using latest-generation CNC-controlled machines. Our fitting teams work quickly, professionally and right on schedule.

    We offer you:

    • Leading international production quality
    • Workmanship by trained specialists
    • State-of-the-art engineering and materials
    • Refined logistics systems and established assembly expertise
    • Turnkey handover right on schedule

    Your success:

    • Long-lasting products
    • Quality without compromise
    • Long-lasting planning accuracy



  • Our promise to you

    An unmatched level of perfect professional service for your shop furniture - this is a promise we aim to keep. “No worries at all” is not a claim when it comes from AICHINGER, it is a promise. Even if you decide not to contract out individual services to us, you will notice that you can rely on use throughout the build. You too can benefit from our comprehensive range of services:

    Good information to allow better decision:

    • Location analysis
    • Support in applying for rental spaces in railway stations, airports, shopping centres, etc.

    Careful preparation for smooth construction processes:

    • Construction schedule and deadline planning with all trades involved (drywall installation, electrics, heating/ventilation/plumbing, refrigeration and air-conditioning, etc.)
    • Careful planning helps save time and money:Light planning and ceiling planning, inc. execution planning
    • Detailed and precise supply and installation plans

    Your build in good hands, so you can focus on your actual business:

    • Building supervision from the outset, long before the shop fittings are installed
    • Coordination with façade builders, light and advertising technicians
    • Clarification of relevant building laws and regulations (hygiene, fire safety, etc.)

    The good feeling of having a strong partner:

    • Fast spare parts service
    • Spare parts available for years
    • A reliable partner, even for international business

    Your success:

    • All from a single source
    • Experienced construction supervision
    • Comprehensive supporttner
  • Quick, reliable, careful

    We understand that a service is only complete when training has been provided. And then it is a long way from over, we make sure that you can rely on a close-knit network of specialist service technicians.

    Our company warehouse stocks all the necessary spare parts, even for predecessor models.

    Our modern measurement techniques are available to you at all times in order to check the functionality of your existing equipment.

    Your success:

    • 24h service hotline
    • Your equipment works around the clock
    • Ongoing support

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