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Here are our latest success stories from the world of food retail. You will see: Our shop furniture references are impressive! For more AICHINGER success stories, simply press the Archive button.

E-Center Louzil, Lauf an der Pegnitz


The facts:

Size: 3004 m²
Location: City outskirts
Assortment: Fresh food department
Implementation: Wendelstein Team

A shopping experience in a class of its own

High-quality materials, an extensive range of products and a modern fresh produce area are just three of the many reasons to visit the new Louzil E-Centre in Lauf an der Pegnitz. The new E-Center with 3000 square metres of sales area in the building of the former EWS store, has opened after an extensive renovation phase. Wolfgang Louzil and Christoph Schmitt, who already manage EDEKA stores in the region, are together the new operators.

In addition to the extensive wine and cheese department, customers in the new store will find a spacious FreshMaxx salad bar, an inviting sushi stand and state-of-the-art service areas for meat, sausage, cheese and fish. Outfitted with AICHINGER quality products such as the refrigerated counter SIRIUS3 and the refrigerated cabinet TopSpot, the fresh sausage and meat products are impressively presented. An absolute eye-catcher is the round AirMaxx circulating air refrigerated counter. All these special features put this store into a supermarket class of its own!

Sunflower Garden centre, Frankfurt am Main


The facts:

Size: 314,5 m²
Location: Garden centre
Assortment: Bakery, meat and sausage products, fast food
Implementation: Team Landshut

Fresh food market with a holiday ambiance

The Sunflower garden centre in Kalbach is not just a garden centre but also a fresh produce market with a holiday atmosphere. Already in the entrance area one’s view falls onto the elegantly curved counters. The ARTline counter is an individual special construction with an exclusive, column-less glass top, the front of which is clad in warm wood tones. The ambience of the fresh food market and especially the new food assortment, such as South Tyrolean bacon or mountain farm cheese, are reminiscent of the South Tyrolean Alps. The matching design elements skillfully round off the store concept.

EDEKA Ueltzhöfer, Ellhofen


The facts:

Size: 2500 m²
Location: Industrial area
Assortment: Complete assortment
Implementation: Team Buchenbach

Visible freshness

Steffen Ueltzhöfer, in his newest EDEKA store in Ellhofen, consistently focuses on fresh produce competency, regionality and the immediate spatial proximity of the service counter and the self-service area. And with success. The location, which opened in 2018, generates around half of its turnover with fresh products. It becomes visible and tangible in the meat, cheese and sausage, fruit and vegetable departments. Written in big letters on the wall and of course, in the local dialect. For Steffen Ueltzhöfer, the visibility of the goods is a key success factor in the fresh produce sector. That's why he opted for the Sirius III counter system with two elements from the AirMaxx circular circulating air refrigeration counter for the meat, fish, cheese and sausage departments. And because he has the Swabian aspiration to always want to do a "little bit better" at every newly opened store, as a pilot customer he has set up six elements of the new TopSpot MIO+ series of self-service refrigerated counters. He expects the new AICHINGER series to provide more product visibility, more energy efficiency and, above all, more flexibility when it comes to assigning different temperature requirements.

TopSpot MIO+

With the new TopSpot MIO+ series from AICHINGER, products with different temperature requirements can be presented together for the first time in a self-service refrigerated counter. Ever faster changing food trends and consumption habits require self-service refrigeration units in the food retailing sector that can be used in a variety of ways and can be easily adapted to changes in the product range. The new AICHINGER TopSpot MIO+ series is ideal for the self-service range of meat, sausage, cheese, fish, fruit and vegetables. In addition, drinks or packaged salads and snacks can also be presented in an eye-catching way. The highly efficient refrigeration technology and the unique variability of the presentation forms made it possible to present products with different temperature requirements in a single refrigerated counter in a reliable, energy-efficient and HACCP-compliant manner.

EDEKA Wilmersdorfer Street, Berlin


The facts:

Size: 694 m²
Location: Wilmersdorfer Arcaden
Assortment: Food retail with foyer
Implementation: Team Hannover

EDEKA in a 1920s Look

6.7 million people visit the Berlin shopping mall "Wilmersdorfer Arcaden" in the Charottenburg district every year. The shopping centre has been under reconstruction since 2018. At the same time, the expanded and remodelled EDEKA store is aglow with true shopping comfort, especially thanks to its design in the fashionable 1920s look, in combination with regional accents and motifs. Scarcely a wish remains unfulfilled: To simply linger before or after shopping, the chic Arcarden Café in the prepayment area is inviting. The Charlottenburg 1920s style café will become a place to meet for all in the district.

Migros Neuwiesen, Winterthur


The facts:

Size: 2700 m²
Location: City Centre Winterthur
Assortment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Winterthur

A special marketplace for Winterthur

As soon as you enter the new shop, you meet the heart of the new Migros Neuwiesen. A marketplace that has been specially developed for this supermarket and with its design provides for a unique shopping experience. A pastry shop in Viennese coffee house style, the fish counter in a maritime guise – including a ship's railing - and a traditional, stunning butchery which through colors and materials create the feeling of entering a different world. Immediately next to the fish counter and for the first time in a Migros supermarket, a stand from Sushi Mania has been integrated, on which fresh sushi specialties are continuously produced. The complete fresh food area has been equipped with the AICHINGER top products SIRIUS3, ARTline as well as MaxxPoint and SeaMaxx. All service counters set new standards in ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. For the customer a successful shopping experience in every respect.

EDEKA Esslinger, Kressbronn


The facts:

Size: 150 m²
Location: Village Centre
Assortment: Complete assortment with gastronomy
Implementation: Team Ellhofen


Oifach guat! Simply good!

The occassion for the conversion could hardly be more appropriate: The family Esslinger opened the market on Lake Constance in the centre of Kressbronn almost exactly ten years ago. Now in a new design and with an extended assortment, EDEKA Esslinger has opened its doors once again. As in Neuravensburg, Langenargen and Weißensberg, the market in Kressbronn also offers a wide range of fresh foods. Unlike the other markets, Esslinger also offers a large catering area here. In addition to snack classics such as Leberkäs, burgers, currywurst or schnitzel, there are also Asian and Italian dishes. The "Platte 64" from AICHINGER offers new possibilities for the presentation of warm, ready-cooked dishes. With minimal cleaning effort, precise temperature control and high energy efficiency, the plate 64 is convincing in every respect. An all-round successful shopping experience.

Markthalle Braunschweig by real, Braunschweig


The facts:

Size: 10.000 m²
Location: Outskirts of Braunschweig
Assortment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meats, sausage and cheese products
Implementation: Team Haan

Market Hall Braunschweig

Just two years after real opened its first market hall in Krefeld, the same concept was also implemented in Braunschweig. And, at this location it will be no coincidence that the success of this model market hall will continue, as the market in Braunschweig had already been above average in profitability even before the conversion. As Braunschweig is a commuter city situated between the VW Wolfsburg and Salzgitter locations, the share of premium customers is correspondingly high.
When entering the new market hall, which is open from Monday to Saturday from seven to midnight, an inviting atmosphere welcomes you. Here no ordinary entrance awaits the customer, but instead a doorway into an extraordinary world of shopping. Already in the entrance area is the in-store bakery which is furnished with the AICHINGER ARTline counter. Each day a wide selection of homemade cakes, flans and pastries are freshly baked here and on offer.
The heart of the market is the fresh food area. AICHINGER success consultant, Ingolf Weiershaus planned the entire meat, sausage, fish and cheese department together with those in charge. Numerous module combinations provide the 40 m counter line with an exclusive look. That is exactly why the fresh food area is an absolute eye-catcher and underlines the high quality of the fantastic products. For instance, an exceptional quality and diverse assortment of cheeses from different nations awaits a connoisseur of cheeses. In addition to the top products SIRIUS3 and AirMaxx recirculating air cooling counter, the SIRIUS SetPOINT glass showcases round off an impressive and sophisticated product presentation. Especially impressive is the fish counter: in a large basin of ice, a wide and fresh selection of fish and fish delicacies are offered. In view of the wonderful response in Krefeld and the successful start in Braunschweig, real plans to soon follow with other market halls at other locations.

Quai4-Markt, Luzern


The facts:

Size: 160 m²
Location: City Centre
Assortment: Organic products, snacks, smoothies
Implementation: Team Buchenbach


QUAI4 – Simply good

QUAI4 Market Alpenquai from the social institution „Wärchbrogg“ in Luzern is the first and to date the only „Re-fill market” in Central Switzerland.
Wärchbrogg employs people – predominantly with mental illness – in sheltered workplaces. In the Quai4 Market, there are now 10 employees working who are accompanied and supported by qualified personnel. With more than 100 different foods such as pasta, muesli, nuts and grains, the market offers the possibility to refill the products as needed from the specially made AICHINGER Fill-in Station. Not only does the market pay special attention to sustainability in packaging: all the products in the market are either organic or from the region – for the most part both. Also in the store furnishings, priority was given to sustainability. With the award winning Sirius3 refrigerated counter, the market relies on an absolute efficient counter. Overall, the energy savings increase up to 42% compared with other refrigerated counters, setting a new standard in the industry. In addition, the night time power consumption is significantly reduced through the night time covers. The large crowds and the positive feedback confirm the success of this new concept.

E-Center Ehlers, Soltau


The facts:

Size: 3500 m²
Location: Soltau
Assortment: Grocery retail with an extensive fresh area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Hannover

A unique shopping atmosphere in E-Center Ehlers

Already at the beginning of the 70s, as one of the first large supermarkets in Soltau, the EDEKA Center Ehlers has experienced several structural transformations. After more than a decade, the old market will be replaced with a new building. The independent businessman, Ralf Ehlers, who already runs the EDEKA Markets in Bispingen, Schneverdingen, Hermannsburg and Faßberg, has now opened a modern, energy efficient full range food retailer on what was a former dairy farm in Soltau.
This new EDEKA Center has a sales area of over 3500 m² and provides ample space for a diverse and extensive range of products. Of course, the supermarket also offers a generous fresh food area. To be able to provide this high quality fresh assortment the perfect sales platform, those in charge built this implementation on the many years of AICHINGER expertise. All service counters have set new standards in the field of ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. In addition to the top product SIRIUS3, two different AirMaxx circular circulating air refrigeration counters and the MaxxPoint make an impressive and enhanced product presentation possible.
A further highlight in the market is the bakery in the entrance area. With the AICHINGER ARTline counter, customers have a clear view of the fresh baked goods.

ebl-naturkost, Fürth


The facts:

Size: 800 m²
Location: Fürth
Assortment: Organic products
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

simple. better. living.

Together with ebl Health Food Store, we have created room for environmentally conscious practice. Sustainability and long term perspectives have become a living reality in the new construction of the ebl headquarters in Fürth. Here by means of future oriented considerations, using state-of-the art technology, the „ecological footprint“ of the building and its technical processes have been minimized.  The organic specialized chain also attaches great importance to regionality: about one third of all products sold by ebl come directly from the area. In the in-house butchery in Fürth, about 100 different meat and sausage specialities are produced to the finest of the craft’s tradition. The energy efficient SIRIUS3 refrigerated counter from AICHINGER underpins the well thought out room concept and creates energy savings of up to 42% compared with similar refrigerated counters. This sets a new standard in the industry. The unique design can again be found in the ARTline counter in the new ebl café. The column free glass top, the individual front design and high quality materials provide the organic products with the perfect stage in front of the customer.

EDEKA Breidohr, Rösrath


The facts:

Size: 2200 m²
Location: Industrial Park Rösrath
Assortment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Haan

Center of Freshness in Rösrath

The roots in history of this long-standing grocer date back to 1903 when Johann and Maria Breidohr founded a food and dairy business in Bergisch Gladbach. Today, with their three supermarkets in Bergisch Gladbach, Hilden and Rösrath, they are the top address in the region for fresh and high quality foods. In keeping with the spirit of a forward looking enterprise, an extensive reconstruction at the Rösrath location has been planned. As of now, one can go on a tour of discovery in the transformed market of freshness. Our success consultant, Ingolf Weiershaus, planned together with those in charge, the entire meat, and sausage and cheese department. Our award winning SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter has been used, offering many advantages over other cooling counters.  Perfect ergonomics, excellent temperature stability and unparalleled in high energy efficiency are just three of the significant advantages that can be here mentioned. Countless module variations make it possible to create a uniform look and linear design, even for long stretches of counter, despite the fact that special presentations are incorporated. This makes the fresh food area an absolute eye-catcher and highlights the quality of the amazing products. More information about SIRIUS3 can be found at

EDEKA Schmidts Märkte, Bad Säckingen


The facts:

Size: 3000 m²
Location: Industrial Park Bad Säckingen
Assortment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Buchenbach

A shopping experience with a guarantee of enjoyment!

This family business rich in tradition has set new standards in the food retail sector with the new and impressive Shopping Experience World EDEKA Schmidt’s Market XL in Bad Säckingen. With an imposing height of 9.60 meters and a spacious sales area of 3000 m², regionality and state-of-the-art technology come together in the wholesale market hall’s appearance. Just as in a traditional market place, customers will find market stalls loyal to every detail with many fresh seasonal and regional products as well as specialist retailers such as butchers, bakers, fish and cheese traders. The high quality is not only evident in the range of products. Equipped with AICHINGER premium products such as the AirMaxx first circular circulating air refrigeration counter and the impressive SetPOINT counter progression, the fresh sausages and meat products are perfectly presented. An absolute eye-catcher is the imposing tower of cheese. Here, various cheese specialties are stacked up on several levels, and of course can also be found freshly laid out in the AICHINGER SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter. A welcoming lounge on the gallery provides the customer with a transparent view into the Schmidt’s home kitchen production.  Visitors can here see for themselves the freshness of the preparation of food. This is how shopping becomes a gastronomic experience that invites you to linger. The bakery in the foyer also feels just as inviting with its warm wood tones. Here, our ARTline counter has been individually customised to the requirements on site.
The exclusive furnishings, the selective assortment and the extensive fresh food area make this market into an extra first class Super Market!

EDEKA Matkovic, Korntal-Münchingen


The facts:

Size: 2200 m²
Location: Korntal-Münchingen
Assortment: Grocery retail with an extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Wangen

Fresh and environmentally conscious – E-Center Matkovic

High quality materials, an extensive variety of products and a modern designed fresh food area are just three of the many reasons to visit the new E-Center Matkovic in Korntal-Münchingen. The owner is EDEKA businessman David Matkovic, who already runs the E-Center in Ditzingen. In addition to the traditional product ranges which are presented in a broad spectrum from lower priced to premium, a special emphasis is placed on providing a generous offer.  Next to the marketplace of fresh produce for fruits and vegetables in the entrance area, customers will find modern operating areas for meat, sausages, cheese and fish in the new market. The multi-award winning SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter from AICHINGER not only saves considerable amounts of energy but also offers a perfect presentation of products. On the whole, the energy savings are up to 42% compared with similar refrigerated counters, setting a new standard in the industry.

Another highlight in the market is the K&U Bakery in area before the check out. With fresh bread, cakes and many other baked goods, our ARTline counter is perfectly set into the scene. In the spaciously designed seating area, one likes to take a little bit more time and enjoy the freshly made baked goods.

From the first consultation to the planning, everything comes from a single source and here. With the AICHINGER success consultant Jürgen Engelhardt and the entire team from the Buchenbach planning office, a project was completed that is more than impressive.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and wish you continued success.

EDEKA Kels, Ratingen


The facts:

Size: 2850 m²
Location: City outskirts Ratingen
Assortment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Haan

EDEKA Kels – Marketplace of Freshness

In 1900, the Ratinger machine factory was established as „Ullrichs & Hinrichs AG“  and began their production of various iron and metal goods and machinery in the factory built in 1899 on today’s Homberger St. The existing production facility which consists of several sections of building (coppersmiths, assembly hall, iron foundries among others) specialized in the most diverse manufacturing over the course of time. In 1978, the company which remained solvent up to the end was closed due to general economic and technical developments, leaving behind its prominent landmark in the town of Ratingen. In 1986, Rita and Theo Kels then opened the EDEKA Kels Supermarket in these historic halls. At that time the store concept was already considered one of the largest and most modern of its time and as a result, in 1995 the coveted title of “Supermarket of the Year” was awarded. Despite a renovation in 2002, the facility seemed to be becoming somewhat outdated.  Based on this and the tight space conditions, in 2006 the new construction of the branch store was begun on 2,850 square meters in the former Ratinger machine factory. In close cooperation with AICHINGER success consultant Ingolf Weiershaus and his team from the planning office Haan, the project was planned and redesigned. The extensive product assortment extends from the classic convenience products, traditional bakery in the foyer up to an extravagant fresh food area with all kinds if delicacies which are perfectly staged in an impressive presentation. In order to provide the perfect sales platform for these high quality fresh products, those responsible for execution of the fresh foods area and bake shop, built this fully and completely on the many years of expertise from this Franconian company. All service counters set new standards in terms of ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. Thanks to the precision „MADE IN GERMANY“ production, all elements installed stand for the highest in convenience of maintenance and operational reliability.

Store of the Year!

The German Retail Trade Association, HDE for short, awards the Stores of the Year prize to outstanding and innovative retailers whose reconstruction or redesign have taken place no more than a year ago. The winners are chosen by a jury of experts from commercial companies and institutions. Assessment criteria include the degree of innovation, customer benefit and value creation potential. This year a total of about 50 retail companies from a wide range of sectors and markets had applied. EDEKA Kels from Ratingen was able to secure this prestigious title in the food category for 2018. 



famila, Heiligenhafen


The facts:

Size: 3500 m²
Location: Heiligenhafen
Assortment: Food retail sector with extensive fresh produce area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Hamburg

A shopping experience in Heiligenhafen!

Regional, ready, convenient and specialties from all over the world: more than 40,000 items find their place in the branches of the famila department store franchise. The famila-Handelsmarkt Kiel GmbH & Co. KG was founded  in Kiel in 1974 and today operates  86 department stores in Northern Germany. With approx. 7,000 employees the company is one of the largest employers in the region. Michael Holler, famila department store owner in has been thinking about a new reconstruction for the store for a long time. Various structural factors have made this urgently necessary. In the spring of 2017, the new building could finally be started. The project was planned and completely redesigned in close cooperation with AICHINGER success consultant Klaus Würl and his team in Hamburg. The special highlight in the store: the new fresh food area was equipped with a SIRIUS® refrigerated counter from AICHINGER.  With a counter length of almost 20 meters, the specialities are expertly staged and at the same time optimally kept in terms of climate technology. Here, a true shopping experience has been created. 

EDEKA Esslinger, Weißensberg


The facts:

Size: 1500 m²
Location: Industrial area of Weißensberg
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

EDEKA Esslinger with an impressive industrial look!

With direct access to the motorway A96 Munich Linda (exit Weißensberg), EDEKA Esslinger has found the perfect location. Over the past months a new EDEKA market was created with an impressive industrial look behind the doors of the market hall of Weißensberg. With the new concept of the market hall, family Esslinger intends to enable shopping in a cosy, modern atmosphere. For this reason, walls have partly been removed and the ceiling has been raised. Steel, concrete, wood and bricks dominate the appearance. Lattice windows are a recurring element and eye catcher.

The AICHINGER success consultant Daniel Schwarz and his Ellhofen planning office created a big highlight with the fresh food area. In order to provide the perfect stage to the product range, the entire fresh food area was raised – which means that the products are in the customer’s direct focus.

In addition to the impressive concept, about 20 to 25 percent of the food have an organic label in the store. That is exactly the reason why Esslinger was awarded as “Regional Star 2017” this year. Together with the organiser of the “International Green Week”, the trade magazine “Lebensmittel Praxis“ has awarded this price for the second time this year. 

REWE 2020, Berlin


The facts:

Size: 3000 m²
Location: Berlin / Niederschönhausen
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/ sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Potsdam

REWE on its Way to the Future!

Our capital Berlin stands for innovation, new trends and a short foresight. How apt that another future concept themed REWE 2020 was tested in Berlin. The test supermarket in the Hermann-Hesse-Straße was realised according to the "REWE Green Building" principle.
The REWE Green Building in Berlin has been a unique pilot project in Germany so far. There, the customers enter the first supermarket of this kind, which saves about 50% of energy and is run carbon-neutrally.

The story of the REWE market has already started during the GDR area. Rewe bought up the former shopping mall and reopened it after reunification. As the product range of the company is being extended every day and the shopping experience is to be made even more pleasant, the market was teared down completely in 2016. Conversion work could be started quickly so the market could be reopened early 2017. On a surface area of about 3,000 m², the customer will find up to 25,000 articles ranging from Fair Trade over organic products to regional specialties. With our multi awarded cooling counter SIRIUS 3 and the newly developed 90-degree-corner a lot of energy can be saved but it also provides a perfect presentation of products in the fresh food area. Further, we also could equip the market area “Deli on the market“ with modern catering and baked goods stations.



EDEKA Specht, Ludwigsfelde


The facts:

Size: 4.000 m²
Location: Downtown of Ludwigsfelde
Assortment: Food retailing with an extensive area for meet/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Hannover

EDEKA Specht - We love groceries!

Fresh products, perfect taste and diversity from all over the world... This is what EDEKA Specht stands for. With its branch in Ludwigsfelde, the Specht family wanted to create more than pure shopping experience. The family business sets a high value on environment-friendliness and the sustainability of its products.After the complex conversion in cooperation with the AICHINGER success consultant Erich Sobottka and his Hanover team, the fresh food, catering and bakery area has turned into a real highlight. The proven SIRIUS3 technology with an automatic cleaning and disinfection system as well as improved ergonomics and ease of use provide hygiene and safety. There, the wide range of meat, sausages and cheese can be presented perfectly in numerous ways. In the entrance area, EDEKA Specht further has a small snack stall and a cosy café. The illumination of the entire entrance area was designed by the light specialist we-shoplight. A splendid shopping experience for the customers. 

REWE Güntner, Filderstadt


The facts:

Size: 1.990 m²
Location: Downtown of Filderstadt
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

REWE Güntner

After the great conversion of the Güntner REWE supermarket chain in the center of Filderstadt, a concept was created which combines manifold and quality-focused worlds of enjoyment with high-quality ambience and an astonishing attention to detail. With a sales area of about 1,990 m², the market offers a new fresh food area with plenty of fruit and vegetables, a paradise of enjoyment for delicious fish and meat specialties and an impressive wine arena.

In cooperation with the AICHINGER success consultant Daniel Schwarz and his team in Ellhofen, this already is the second store concept which the owner René Güntner has realized with the furnishing experts.
With the multi-award winning cooling counter SIRIUS 3 and the self-service cooling counter SIRIUS TopSpot, the market has the perfect presentation of products for its customer. DELIKAT [ESSEN] is the integrated snack bar in the market and is located right next to the entrance portal. The snack bar offers various salad dishes as well as French fries and schnitzel. 

EDEKA Schmidts Märkte, Titisee-Neustadt


The facts:

Size: approx. 2.700 m²
Location: Town entrance of Titisee-Neustadt
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Buchenbach

Your regional partner for fresh food!

Not far from the B31 (motorway), just at the entrance of the town of Titisee-Neustadt, Michael Schmidt (manager) and his team run a very special grocery store. This super-sized store offers a huge selection of daily convenience foods, a large fresh food sector with carefully chosen meats, sausages, cheeses and even fish, as well as a large wine selection with 2.5000 different types to choose from. The SIRIUS 3 cooling counter provides the perfect display for all these cooled delicacies. It´s sleek look and high quality materials harmonize perfectly with the two round AirMaxx cooling counters and the elegant glass counter SIRIUS SetPOINT. Combined the whole ensemble provides the store with impressive and classy product presentation area. 

Markthalle by real, Krefeld


The facts:

Size: 11.500 m² (shop area)
Location: Downtown of Krefeld
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Team Haan

Markthalle by real in Krefeld – Complete culinary experience!

The long cherished vision of a “real weekly market“ has been realised with the "Markthalle" in Krefeld. Just like at a traditional weekly market, the customers will find here true-to-detail market stalls with lots of fresh, seasonal and reginal products as well as retailers such as butchers, backers, fishmongers and cheese traders. This unique concept is certainly based on regional products, which is very important for those responsible at Real as regional products are part of the local culture, furthermore, they always have the shortest possible transport routs.

In order to be able to provide the perfect retail area for the range of fresh products, AICHINGER’s unique equipment solution could be the only answer for realising the fish/chees and sausage section. All service counters set new standards in the fields of ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. Due to precise manufacturing “MADE IN GERMANY“ all the installed elements stand for highest maintenance friendliness and operational safety.

K-Citymarket, Espoo


The facts:

Size: 11.300 m² (total area)
Location: Shopping mall/Espoo (Finland)
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Implementation: Silke Schmitt

German technology for Finland

The reopened K-Citymarket at the shopping centre Iso Omena in Espoo is the eightieth location of the KESKO Group. The extensive product range comprises a large selection of clothing, leisure and convenience products as well as a wide choice of fresh food. On a total area of 11,300 m², the customer will find everything his consumer heart desires. The perfect sales stage in the fresh food area certainly offers AICHINGER products only. All kinds of delicious treats from all over the world are displayed in the 60 meters counter and the separate cafeteria is ideal for relaxing with cold and hot beverages. To put the products in their true light the decision makers of K-Citymarket bet on the full competence of we-shoplight. 

EDEKA Dorrer, Bad Reichenhall


The facts:

Size: 2000 m² (shop area)
Location: Downtown/Bad Reichenhall
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Implementation: Bernd Weid

Success factor AICHINGER!

A fresh presentation, convenience, pleasure and ambiance – these are the success factors of EDEKA Dorrer in Bad Reichenhall. Here the customer has the possibility to experience a high class grocery store. With close to 2000sqm retail space this great concept offers everything one could wish for. In close collaboration with our success consultant Bernd Weid this concept is already the fourth that owner Michael Dorrer realized with the multi-specialist AICHINGER from Wendelstein. Together with a high-class bakery concept - located next to the checkout area - they also designed a brand new fresh food section.

A clean design and high-contrast materials dominate the look of the new counters. The award winning SIRIUS3 (official winner of the EDEKA – cooling counter test), as well as three round AirMaxx modules with circulating air cooling system and the elegant SIRIUS SetPoint create an impressive and upscale product presentation. This product combination offers the perfect stage to present and sell the fresh fish, butchery and cheese products that are offered daily in this model grocery store in the Berchtesgadener Straße.

REWE Fünf Höfe, Munich


The facts:

Size: 1.200 m²
Location: Downtown of Munich
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Implementation: Christian Horák

The perfect sales area!

The REWE Premium-Market in the shopping mall FÜNF HÖFE in Munich sets new standards for supermarkets. The exclusive equipment, the special product range and its extensive catering area make it a premium market with a sophisticated atmosphere. Harmonious, arched shapes characterize the entire salesroom and oval rounded shelf islands with topical representation convey a marketplace atmosphere. AICHINGER’s 18 meters long “SIRIUS3 deli counter” reflects one of the market highlights and offers with its generous presentation area enough room for anything that makes a gourmet’s heart leap. The hand trimmed granite is the “optical delicacy” of this extraordinary counter and perfectly supports the quality impression of the presented premium goods. The fresh produce area comes up with particularly high-grade types of meat, such as Austrian Almo oxen meat and Murnau-Werdenfels beef. Irish lamb and US beef complement the sophisticated offer. Hot topics are certainly also included, as there is a wide and high-grade range of vegan, organic and regional products. The impressive construction of the fresh fish counter offers a great choice of domestic and international fish, including real caviar. The entire AICHINGER team, headed by its success consultant Christian Horák, did a great job.

EDEKA, Gaimersheim


The facts:

Size: ---No details---
Location: Downtown/Gaimersheim
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Implementation: Bernd Weid

EDEKA loves food...

…and does not take a risk when it comes to the freshness of its products. AICHINGER has been a long-term partner of food retailing and has proven this with sophisticated mass production technology. We always develop optimal equipment solutions for the fresh food areas and supermarket foyers, which delight with harmonious design as well as their unique functionality and generate more sale. This is what convinced the leaders of the EDEKA supermarket in Gaimersheim and they fully counted on the award-winning technology of the SIRIUS3 cooling counter. This counter offers new standards in the field of ergonomics, operator convenience and reliability. Due to precise manufacturing “MADE IN GERMANY”, SIRIUS3 stands for highest maintenance convenience and operational safety. With this product, EDEKA Gaimersheim opted for sophisticated high-end energy-saving technology. Convince yourself and experience the constant live measured data at

Seoudi Supermarkets, Cairo


The facts:

Size: approx 2000 m²
Location: Downtown/New Cairo
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Implementation: Redzep Miftari

Salam aleikum - Our SIRIUS©3 in the middle east

Cairo with its 20 million inhabitants is not only the capital of Egypt, but also the biggest city within the arabic world. In the eastern part of the city, called New Cairo, you can now find a brand new store of the chain Seoudi Supermarkets. On 2000 sq. this newly built market offers everything a customer could possibly desire. This family run business with its long standing tradition and rooted connection to the grocery business, can be found since 1938 in the Cairo region and the stores with its trademark green and white colors have been continuously multiplying.

Now AICHINGER forms part of this story, whose success consultant Redzep Miftari worked tirelessly together with his team to ensure that the new store will be a hit. Upon entering the customer is greeted by warm woody tones and a splendid variety of colors which form an exciting contrast to the sleek line of the prized cooling counter SIRIUS3 from AICHINGER. Underneath the Filou R glass tops customers can find a large variety of local delicacies. Many accented display possibilities like the MaxxPoint, the Top Spot or the impressive 180° cooling counter for fish give the grocer various options to put their products in the limelight. In every detail the new shop finds an attractive compromise between modern architecture and traditional oriental design. 

Naturally someone who deals with fresh products every day, has a keen eye on hygiene and ergonomic aspects. The whole interior combines the highest standards in hygiene with innovative technology and customized design. The perfect lighting concept was once again designed with the newest LED-technology by our trusted partner “we-shoplight”. The extravagant and nostalgic ceiling lights illuminate the whole room perfectly and create a special atmosphere while providing the perfect spotlight for the displayed products.

Klaas + Kock B.V. & Co. KG, Rheine


The facts:

Size: 2000 m²
Location: Downtown/Rheine
Assortment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Implementation: Ingolf Weiershaus

If you need grocieries then... have to go to K+K! Klaas + Kock B.V. & Co. KG is a family owned business specialized in groceries. Over 210 markets form the base for the company’s retail activities. Most stores can be found close to the headquarters in Gronau, Westphalia. But now K + K is equally close to its customers in Rheine. Thoroughly remodeled, this new showpiece in the Osnabrücker Street reopened with a fresh new look. With over 2000 sq. retail space this shop offers everything a customer could possibly want.

Of course as before our AICHINGER specialists around success consultant Ingolf Weiershaus formed part of this new success story. Together with the people in charge, they planned the complete butchery, cold meats and cheese section. For this they chose the award winning SIRIUS3 counter from the multi specialist in Wendelstein. This all-rounder is the best choice for any grocery store. Perfect ergonomics, a reliable temperature stability and its high energy efficiency are just three of the advantages that can be named.

More sales thanks to SIRIUS3 - This cooling counter sets new standards regarding operator friendliness and display surface. The large variety in elements allows a matching look even for long counters. Thanks to factory-made piping the connection to any compound system is effortless. This was of course among the main arguments for Klass + Kock to choose the SIRIUS 3 and their absolute satisfaction proved them right.

REWE Kramer, Recklinghausen


The facts:

Size: approx. 1.610 m²
Location: inner city
Assortment: food retail market
Implementation: Ingolf Weiershaus

Hightech by the metre

From the outside, the new REVE Kramer in Recklinghausen looks like a normal food retail market. Quite surprisingly, the fresh food area inside features a 44-metre-long counter are: The refrigerated SIRIUS3® counter with its noble wood look and a straight-lined shape is probably the most impressive eyecatcher in the market. Also, the round “AirMaxx” counter with its innovative air cooling is quite an attraction. And for the presentation of fresh fish and other delicacies, yet another highlight, the “SeaMaxx” counter, was installed.

A lot of know-how was put in to realise this project. In the end, the Planning Office Haas together with Aichinger Advisor Ingolf Weiherhaus managed to build the perfect stage for showcasing fine food and inspiring customers.

Príma, Szeged


The facts:

Size: Total area: 11,500 m², Fresh produce area: 400 m²
Location: urban fringe
Assortment: food retail market
Implementation: Ernst Sommerauer

Premium food chain relies on SIRIUS®3

The Hungarian food retail market chain Prima uses the refrigerated counter SIRIUS®3 in its new market in Szeged. Just perfect for an inviting fresh produce area, the construction was planned and realised by Aichinger Advisor Ernst Sommerauer from our Planning Office in Graz, Austria, and the Hungarian architect from Wanzl Shopfitting Solutions. Numerous further counter modules like MaxxPoint or SeaMaxx draw attention to special offers and products. Thanks to factory-provided piping installations, the integration into the overall refrigeration system as well as the first-time operation ran absolutely smoothly and quickly.

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