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We are strategic developers and manufacturers of furniture for the whole Swiss food industry: Bakeries, patisseries and cafés, butchers’ shops, specialist cheese shops and delicatessens and fresh food counters in supermarkets.

With our high-performance shop furniture for the preparation, presentation and sale of food, we can create unique designs for our customers.

You decide the extent to which you take us up on our advice, complete solution or one-off service. The choice is yours.

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Our success stories

Migros Neuwiesen, Winterthur

Die Fakten:

Größe: 2700 m²
Lage: City Centre Winterthur
Sortiment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Winterthur

A special marketplace for Winterthur

As soon as you enter the new shop, you meet the heart of the new Migros Neuwiesen. A marketplace that has been specially developed for this supermarket and with its design provides for a unique shopping experience. A pastry shop in Viennese coffee house style, the fish counter in a maritime guise – including a ship's railing - and a traditional, stunning butchery which through colors and materials create the feeling of entering a different world. Immediately next to the fish counter and for the first time in a Migros supermarket, a stand from Sushi Mania has been integrated, on which fresh sushi specialties are continuously produced. The complete fresh food area has been equipped with the AICHINGER top products SIRIUS3, ARTline as well as MaxxPoint and SeaMaxx. All service counters set new standards in ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. For the customer a successful shopping experience in every respect.

Bäckerei Pfyl, Hausen am Albis

Die Fakten:

Größe: 130 m²
Lage: Dorfzentrum
Sortiment: Backwaren, Snacks, Salate, Kaffeespezialitäten
Berater: Team Winterthur


Bakery Café with an original flair

Bakery Pfyl in Hausen am Albis in Switzerland, which has a population of around 3,000, has enjoyed great, steadily increasing popularity, since 2004.
With the opening of the new store in the centre of Hausen, right next to the Postplatz, the new location can be described as a successful architectural jewel.
Beginning on the outside, the building with its red facade already attracts attention. Also inside, the finely classic store is convincing. Tempting confectionery and pastry products meet here in an impressively designed shop concept. The entire store, as well as the AICHINGER ARTline counter, consists for the most part out of real woods, creating a very harmonious picture. The special feature: with the help of the automatic retractable front panel, switching from full-operation to self- service mode becomes even easier. The free standing millstone in the middle of the service counter makes the entrance an absolute eye-catcher.  Thanks to the high quality materials, the bakery accentuates both quality and naturalness. And an inviting seating area fits perfectly to the style of the store.


Schafbock- und Lebkuchenbäckerei Goldapfel

Die Fakten:

Größe: 120 m²
Lage: Einsiedeln City Centre
Sortiment: Gingerbread, Schafböcke (ram cakes), Kräpfli (jelly donuts) and chocolates.
Berater: Team Winterthur

Einsiedler Delicacies

Perfectly filled gingerbread, individually formed ram cakes and elaborate creations of chocolates entice the onlookers into the new shop in the middle of Einsiedeln.
The Goldapfel is the first and the oldest Schafbock and gingerbread bakery in Switzerland. With more than 150 years of history, the company business is one of the most traditional in the country.
The location in the centre of Einsiedeln, directly on the square of the monastery is ideal for the shop and could be quickly implemented into action together with AICHINGER success consultant Gerold Längle and his team.
For more than 100 years, the so called "Schafböcke", "Lebkuchen" and "Kräpfli" have been made at the Goldapfel. A fine, homemade almond and hazelnut filling gives the baked products their own delicate taste. Originally these specialties were intended for pilgrims and those who traveled to Einsiedeln to visit the monastery. Today, pilgrims are no longer the main clientele. Most customers are Swiss, including many locals who bring these Einsiedler specialities as gifts. All of these delicacies now find their place in a unique counter unit from AICHINGER and are perfectly set into the scene with just the right lighting concept by the lighting experts at we-shoplight.

Gugelhupf, Luzern

Die Fakten:

Größe: 175 m²
Lage: Lucerne
Sortiment: Baked goods, confectionary, breakfast & lunch
Berater: Team Winterthur

The first Dr. Oetker Café opens in Lucerne!

Ready-to-bake mixes, baking ingredients or pizzas: this is what Dr. Oetker, the well-known company for baking goods from East Westphalian Bielefeld, is famous for. In 40 different countries the brand products are sold. As a café, the company had not yet made an appearance. With the very first Dr.Oetker Café „Gugelhupf“ in the Neustadt of Lucerne, that’s exactly what has just happened. 
In the new café, in addition to cakes and torts, bread and savoury meals are also served. What’s served on the premises is indeed fresh. Guests can even watch baking live. And if you like, you can also bake these delicacies at home. And: guests can also breakfast from morning to evening. Along with this broad variety of products is a distinctive shop design from AICHINGER. With elements of wood and a relaxed design, the shop suits Dr. Oetker’s philosophy perfectly. The café also offers seating for about 80 people. As of now, the crowds of people and the response have confirmed the success of the café.

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