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Based on the philosophy of “successful shopfitting”, AICHINGER is the multi-specialist when it comes to design and shopfitting strategies, light design & lighting ideas and stainless steel and professional kitchens. Our local consultants offer quick, expert advice and implement it to ensure your personal success.

You decide the extent to which you take us up on our advice, complete solution or one-off service. The choice is yours.

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Our success stories

Enchilada, Nürnberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 150 m²
Lage: City centre
Sortiment: Mexican, Cocktails
Berater: Food Service

An urban flair with a Mexican touch

Already 25 years ago, Markus Lehner, a Nuremberg gastro-institution and opened Enchilada at the Obstmarkt, as one of the first Mexican restaurants in Nuremberg. Just in time for their anniversary, the store shines in new splendor.

Markus Lehner used the lockdown to rebuild the Enchilada, which still exudes the charm of the last decades.

The combination of copper, steel and wood in the wall design and the seating area give the spaciously designed rooms a noble yet inviting ambience. The centerpiece, the bar, was completely renovated and supplemented by an open, rather futuristic shelf construction. The elegant palm-print wallpaper perfects the new look well.

Bavaria Tower, München

Die Fakten:

Größe: -
Lage: Gewerbepark München
Sortiment: Speisenausgaben
Berater: Team Food Service

Das neue Tor zu München

Als Münchens modernstes Immobilien-Ensemble haben die Bavaria Towers den Münchner Osten neu definiert. In perfekter Lage entstanden vier spektakuläre Hochhäuser, die mit ihren geneigten Dachflächen und weich geschwungenen Formen die Münchner Skyline bereichern. Zu den absoluten Highlights zählt das beeindruckende Mitarbeiterrestaurant mit gastronomischer Ausstattung von leonardi GmbH & Co. KG. Alle Speisen kommen immer frisch und hochqualitativ auf den Tisch – mit diesem Motto ist die Firma leonardi zu einem der Marktführer für Unternehmensgastronomie in München und Umgebung geworden. Jetzt hat der erfolgreiche Betreiber auch die gastronomische Versorgung des Landmark-Objekts Bavaria Towers im Münchner Osten übernommen. Pünktlich zum 10-jährigen Bestehen des Unternehmens zieht leonardi damit in eines der spektakulärsten Neubauten der bayerischen Landeshauptstadt ein. Getreu dem Leitbild „Tomorrow starts today“, setzt das Unternehmen dabei auf innovative Konzepte und Dienstleistungen. Die beiden Cafébars in den Erdgeschossen von Sky Tower und Star Tower, sowie die die Speiseausgaben für Pasta und Pizza nehmen die Formensprache der Türme gekonnt auf. Mit den Spezialisten von AICHINGER konnten die gastronomischen Anforderungen perfekt angepasst werden. Mit spannendem Interior-Design, Wohlfühl-Ambiente und einem abwechslungsreichen Speisenangebot wird sichergestellt, dass die Mittagspause die schönste Zeit des Tages wird.

Petrol Station Dalacker, Herlikofen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 100 m²
Lage: Edge of the town
Sortiment: Petrol station with bake shop
Berater: Wendelstein Team

Petrol Station Dalacker

At the edge of Herlikofen towards Brainkofen, the operator "Ludwig Dalacker & Sohn" shows how well a petrol station and bistro can be combined. The store concept with its distinctive design is convincing above all through its state-of-the-art technology and first-class quality. The ARTline sales counter is of course ideal for the integrated bakery. The column-free glass top, the individual front design and the high-quality materials offer a superb stage directly in front of the customer. In addition to the perfect presentation of goods, in an extension of the counter front, both chilled and non-chilled drinks can also be offered.

E-Center Louzil, Lauf an der Pegnitz

Die Fakten:

Größe: 3004 m²
Lage: City outskirts
Sortiment: Fresh food department
Berater: Wendelstein Team

A shopping experience in a class of its own

High-quality materials, an extensive range of products and a modern fresh produce area are just three of the many reasons to visit the new Louzil E-Centre in Lauf an der Pegnitz. The new E-Center with 3000 square metres of sales area in the building of the former EWS store, has opened after an extensive renovation phase. Wolfgang Louzil and Christoph Schmitt, who already manage EDEKA stores in the region, are together the new operators.

In addition to the extensive wine and cheese department, customers in the new store will find a spacious FreshMaxx salad bar, an inviting sushi stand and state-of-the-art service areas for meat, sausage, cheese and fish. Outfitted with AICHINGER quality products such as the refrigerated counter SIRIUS3 and the refrigerated cabinet TopSpot, the fresh sausage and meat products are impressively presented. An absolute eye-catcher is the round AirMaxx circulating air refrigerated counter. All these special features put this store into a supermarket class of its own!

Bakery Plank, Postbauer-Heng

Die Fakten:

Größe: 80 m²
Lage: Industrial Park
Sortiment: Dry and chilled bakery products
Berater: Wendelstein Team

Bakery Plank

The Plank Bakery from Mühlhausen on the edge of the Altmühltal valley is a perfect example of how the traditional bakery trade can be combined with a franchise business. The bakery is currently run by two generations: Hermann and Jakob Plank manage the large company together. Plank is working with AICHINGER for the fourth time now and was also the first contact person for the new branch in the REWE store in Postbauer-Heng near Neumarkt. The concept development and concept implementation were mainly focused on two core issues: Firstly, of course, the traditional clientele closely associated with the baker should continue to be addressed, but at the same time the target group of self-service buyers in the supermarket should be made more aware of the product range. The goods are presented in an AICHINGER-ARTline counter. This not only provides the right technology but also makes cleaning easy for the sales personnel. The supportless glass top allows a clear view of the baked goods and goes well with the unique front design.

KONRAD, München

Die Fakten:

Größe: 363 m²
Lage: Trade Fair Munich
Sortiment: In-house staff restaurant
Berater: Team Food Service

leonardi 4.0

The "KONRAD" office building in Munich-Riem has now been enriched with an in-house staff restaurant. Over the 363 m² space, a distinctive and future-oriented gastronomy concept was created. The tenant "leonardi" relies on freshness, quality, regionality and genuine craftsmanship at the three action counters with "Front Cooking". Above all, the guest area is impressive with its variety of well-thought out sections. As individual as the guests themselves are, there is always the right place for every visitor. In addition to the possibility of a quick coffee or lunch, the canteen can also be used as a "work café". Here, "feeling good" comes first, which is supported by the use of abundant wood and exciting colour and material contrasts.

Rice On!, Stuttgart

Die Fakten:

Größe: 235 m²
Lage: Milaneo Stuttgart
Sortiment: Bakery, meat and sausage products, take away food
Berater: Team Wendelstein

Rice On!

Inspired by the street food markets of Asia, Rice On! Asian fusion to Germany. According to the principle "Mix it your way", your own individual bowls can be put together however you like. In this way, new favourite dishes are created daily in the "Bowl system gastronomy". Fitting to this, a modern, casual shop design was implemented in close cooperation with AICHINGER. From the consultation, to the planning, to the complete execution of building work, everything comes from one single source. A special construction of the counter allows a unique presentation of the fresh ingredients of choice for the Bowls.

Zott Genusswelt, Asbach Bäumenheim

Die Fakten:

Größe: 1200 m²
Lage: City outskirts
Sortiment: Dairy products
Berater: Team Wendelstein

Enjoyment in a world of its own!

The Zott Genusswelt (World of Enjoyment) in Asbach-Bäumenheim near Donauwörth is the new address for yoghurt and cheese lovers. The selection that the Zott Dairy offers its customers in the new World of Enjoyment on the Bundesstraße 2 in Bäumenheim (district Donau-Ries) is not an everyday experience. The family-owned dairy located in Mertingen has broken new ground with the concept of its outlet store. Zott calls its outlet, which sets standards with 1300 square meters in an architecturally appealing building, a Genusswelt (World of Enjoyment). In collaboration with AICHINGER, a high-quality, modern shopping world with a wide range of gastronomy was created. With the multi-award-winning refrigerated counter SIRIUS 3, the service counter ARTline and the semicircular presentation module MaxxPoint, the World of Enjoyment offers its customers the perfect presentation of products. The self-service catering and bistro kitchen invites visitors to enjoy and linger in a relaxed, open atmosphere.

Store of the Year!

The German Retail Association (Handelsverband Deutschland, HDE for short) awards the Stores of the Year to outstanding and innovative retailers whose conversion or redesign was carried out no more than a year ago. The winners were chosen by a jury of experts from retail companies and institutions. The prize in the Food category went to Zott Genusswelt & Outlet. In addition to the outstanding architecture and the very attractive product presentation, the high quality of interior atmosphere played a decisive role in the jury's decision.

Butcher KUHN'S, Kaufering

Die Fakten:

Größe: 280 m²
Lage: Outskirts of Kaufering
Sortiment: Meat and sausages
Berater: Team Wendelstein

Enjoyment with Quality

 As a traditional butchery and family business in their third generation, the butcher KUHN'S in Kaufering combines their butcher talents from young to old: Master Butcher Hans Kuhn with his wife Gabi, their sons Christoph and Alex and the 20 employees unite innovation and tradition under one roof.
As the customers' trend is clearly towards a midday meal and catering, the Kuhn family decided to combine system catering, bistro and café into the new store with immediate effect. Together with AICHINGER and the team from Wendelstein this concept could be smoothly implemented. With AICHINGER products such as the SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter and the ARTline bakery counter, the goods are perfectly staged and, thanks to numerous ergonomic and technical refinements, help to make day-to-day business even more successful. In the spacious seating area with separate niches, there is enough space for up to 100 people. Fast food standing up at a bistro table was yesterday. In KUHN'S you can now enjoy the delicious offers in peace in the cozy lounge.

Kreuzer's Backhäusla, Kulmbach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 270 m²
Lage: Kulmbach
Sortiment: Baked goods, snacks, hot and cold beverages
Berater: Team Wendelstein

Quality of Artisans

19 years full of handcrafted quality – Kreuzer’s Backhäusla. On 1 January 2000,  the first branch in Kulmbach was opened. Today owners Gaby and Jochen Kreuzer operate a total of 7 branches. According to the Kreuzer family, the recipe for success for the taste and quality of bread depends on the use of the finest and highest of quality raw materials, as well as natural and regularly controlled ingredients from the region.
With the opening of the new Kreuzers store in the "Fritz Einkaufszentrum" (Shopping Center), Kulmbach is now all the richer with another quality bakery. Already from the outside, you have a view of the extraordinary counter system in the entrance area. The ARTline counter is an individual special design with an exclusive, unsupported glass top whose front consists of oxidized glass.
In the spacious seating area with sturdy swinging elements you can enjoy your breakfast or lunch in peace or just relax with a hot cup of tea or coffee. The small communication spot made of bamboo cane serves as place for a quick stop or for today's on-the-go generation.
During the planning, not only was the best possible product presentation considered, but also optimized workflows. Even after several visits, throughout the 270 m², you can always discover something new.

Bakery Burkard, Burgebrach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 220 m²
Lage: Outskirts of Burgebrach
Sortiment: Baked goods, snacks, hot and cold beverages
Berater: Team Wendelstein

A picturesque ambiance

The old mill is grinding again! The Burgebracher mill was built in the 17th century, and then already operated 3 millstones for grinding grain. Even if it is not now for the grain, but for the freshly roasted coffee beans, the ancient walls of the Burgebracher mill have now been extensively renovated and expanded so that the bakery Burkhard with the feel-good café “ Alte Kornmühle” (Old Grain Mill) has found its home.  Of course, there is a diverse selection of artisan baked goods. For example, the bakery offers a sumptuous breakfast menu and countless delicious snacks. All these products have found a place in AICHINGER’s ARTline counter. This offers the perfect technology for hot and cold products and thanks to the support free glass top, sets the products into the perfect light. In the rear wall area, the PANEVARI® bread rack was installed. Whether breads, baguettes or pretzels, the PANEVARI® bread rack is perfectly matched to enhance the products. In the seating area, an historical reference to the mill was picked up again with historical photos so that the freshly bakery goods can be enjoyed in this historic flair.

Butchery Michel, Wurzbach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 15 m²
Lage: Wurzbach
Sortiment: Meat and sausage products
Berater: Team Wendelstein


Small but WOW!

The Butcher’s Michel in Wurzbach is probably the smallest butcher’s which we have outfitted to date.  In a modest 15 m² of retail space, there is now a 3 meter SIRIUS3 counter from AICHINGER.  In addition to this, a small comfortable seating area was designed.
After more than 28 years, it was time to modernise the shop. The familiar external appearance remains intact, but the interior has changed completely. Products such as a roaster, Thuringer liver, and black pudding and are best sellers and certified as geographically protected products. And now in the multiple award-winning SIRIUS§ refrigerated counter with the integrated MaxxPoint, these products now also get their fitting place.

ebl-naturkost, Fürth

Die Fakten:

Größe: 800 m²
Lage: Fürth
Sortiment: Organic products
Berater: Team Wendelstein

simple. better. living.

Together with ebl Health Food Store, we have created room for environmentally conscious practice. Sustainability and long term perspectives have become a living reality in the new construction of the ebl headquarters in Fürth. Here by means of future oriented considerations, using state-of-the art technology, the „ecological footprint“ of the building and its technical processes have been minimized.  The organic specialized chain also attaches great importance to regionality: about one third of all products sold by ebl come directly from the area. In the in-house butchery in Fürth, about 100 different meat and sausage specialities are produced to the finest of the craft’s tradition. The energy efficient SIRIUS3 refrigerated counter from AICHINGER underpins the well thought out room concept and creates energy savings of up to 42% compared with similar refrigerated counters. This sets a new standard in the industry. The unique design can again be found in the ARTline counter in the new ebl café. The column free glass top, the individual front design and high quality materials provide the organic products with the perfect stage in front of the customer.

Rubenbauer Genusswelten, Nürnberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 1000 m²
Lage: Main Station Nuremberg
Sortiment: Fast Food
Berater: Team Wendelstein


Worlds of Delights in the Nuremberg Main Station!

The Nuremberg Main Station is now enriched with a gastronomical paradise: the Food Court from Rubenbauer Genusswelten. Over an area of approx. 1,000 m², hungry or thirsty commuters and travelers can find not just delicious snacks and baked goods for on the go. The diverse variety offered also includes many regional and international delicacies.  For example, lovers of typical Franconian specialities will find what they are looking for in the traditional bakery „Der Beck“. Also fans of pizza, French fries and kabab as well as pretzel bakery fans are taken care of in this new Food Court. The food boulevard in the heart of Nuremberg’s Main Station is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm for all hungry pleasure seekers.

For this wide variety of products a very distinctive design was made which allows these 10 food stations to harmonize perfectly. In addition, the special manufacture of the ARTline counter as well as the CoolMaxx and HotMaxx counters from the house of AICHINGER, were exclusively worked with the highest quality materials. The years of expertise, the premium quality „MADE IN GERMANY“ and the understanding of successful shop furnishings completes the project perfectly.

OSI Food Solutions, Gersthofen

Die Fakten:

Größe: -- no information --
Lage: Industrial area, Gersthofen
Sortiment: Industrial kitchen, canteen
Berater: Team Wendelstein

Meat is a matter of trust …

 …that is why OSI Food Solutions is now one of the largest food producers in the world. OSI (Otto & Sons Industries) began as a family business in 1909 in Chicago and in addition to its central locations in Chicago and Shanghai, has opened a headquarters in Europe. This was none other than the Bavarian-Swabian town of Gerstenhofen.
One of the most well-known customers to this day is indeed McDonald‘s Germany. McDonald’s has been sourcing beef for all standard and promotional products since 1971. And not without reason: 93% of OSI processed beef comes from German farms. Suppliers here are just under 69,000 farmers, most of whom run small and medium sized businesses. The animals live mainly in open pens where they can move about freely.
For the headquarters in the Senefelderstraße in Gersthofen, an existing building was converted into an office center for the currently around 80 employees. Even the company canteen now sparkles and shines after the extensive reconstruction. Our specialists from AICHINGER Professional Kitchens have done an incredible job in equipping the European headquarters of OSI with a superbly designed, top quality and functional industrial kitchen. In the new, spacious food serving area, delicious meals are now being served every day. 

REHAU Strontium, Rehau

Die Fakten:

Größe: --no information--
Lage: Rehau
Sortiment: Company canteen
Berater: Team Wendelstein

REHAU Strontium

The family business REHAU was founded more than 60 years ago in Germany and now employs more than 17,000 people worldwide. Expertise and innovative spirit have made the company to become the leading system and service provider of polymer-based solutions in different areas. In case of every individual product, the polymer specialist counts on standards for the sustainable recycling of rainwater and waste water and therefore guarantees security and longevity.

With the conversion of the Strontium Werk in Rehau, the company canteen was modernised and leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the high-quality and excellent canteen kitchen, a modern coffee bar and a stylish counter a place was created where employees have the possibility to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and exchange thoughts. This project, too, was completed successfully thanks to the AICHINGER gastronomy experts. 

Boehringer Ingelheim, Ingelheim am Rhein

Die Fakten:

Größe: -- no information --
Lage: Ingelheim am Rhein
Sortiment: Company restaurant
Berater: Team Wendelstein

New Company Restaurant for Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. With a worldwide presence in 145 locations, there are approximately 47,500 employees,. At the headquarters of this pharmaceutical firm, a new company restaurant has just been completed. The new building provides seating for 800 in the guest area and is designed to serve 3,500 meals a day.  In the serving area, employees will in the future find the same food selection as before in the old restaurant, which had more than exceeded its capacity for some time. Even an extension of opening hours did not bring any noticeable relief, so it was decided an additional building was needed. There are now 30 new employees to ensure that everything runs smoothly up front and behind the scenes. Both company restaurants are operated independently. The construction of the new building focused on easy accessibility for disabled. In addition to landmarks for the visually impaired, at the entrance area there are large rotating doors as well as separate entrances. What’s more, the counters, tray return stations and tables in the guest area are wheel chair accessible.

With the specialists from AICHINGER Professional Kitchens, the gastronomic requirements could be perfectly adapted.  And with specially selected technology for professional cooking, a modern and efficient kitchen technology has taken its place. The entire kitchen concept was fully adapted to the needs of the employees. 

Fräulein Gusti, Nürnberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 52 m²
Lage: Nürnberg / City center
Sortiment: Gingerbread, macarons, chocolates
Berater: Team Wendelstein

Sweet Handcraft by Fräulein Gusti 

In November 2017 it was finally the time, and Fräulein Gusti opened a new Patisserie-Highlight at the foot of the Nuremberg Kaiserburg. For Fräulein Gusti the name says it all: exceptional and personable, and how the master craftswoman sees this sweet guild and would like to show it to anyone who appreciates the chocolate side of life. It is through the very best craftsmanship and love of cakes and pastries that these little works of art are created to make life sweeter. Starting with macaroons upon cupcakes and chocolates to molded tarts, every visitor will find their favorites. In purely visual terms, this small but fine patisserie is a really sweet eye-catcher. The sweet variations are perfectly presented in the brilliant white AICHINGER counter. The magical mix of production and café makes all chocolate lovers’ hearts beat faster. This sweet shop concept was planned and implemented by AICHINGER success consultant Christian Horak and the Wendelstein team.

K-Citymarket, Espoo

Die Fakten:

Größe: 11.300 m² (total area)
Lage: Shopping mall/Espoo (Finland)
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Silke Schmitt

German technology for Finland

The reopened K-Citymarket at the shopping centre Iso Omena in Espoo is the eightieth location of the KESKO Group. The extensive product range comprises a large selection of clothing, leisure and convenience products as well as a wide choice of fresh food. On a total area of 11,300 m², the customer will find everything his consumer heart desires. The perfect sales stage in the fresh food area certainly offers AICHINGER products only. All kinds of delicious treats from all over the world are displayed in the 60 meters counter and the separate cafeteria is ideal for relaxing with cold and hot beverages. To put the products in their true light the decision makers of K-Citymarket bet on the full competence of we-shoplight. 

Pflanzen Kölle, Nürnberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 250 m²
Lage: Downtown/Nürnberg
Sortiment: pastries, cold and warm beverages, breakfast, lunch, buffet, ice cream and desserts
Berater: Klaus Pflaumer

Nurnberg turns green! 

As of now, clients will benefit from traditional horticulture competence coupled with innovative product diversity in the green oasis of Pflanzen Kölle/Nurnberg. The culinary concept at the Nurnberg branch is surely one of the most impressive of all garden centres in Germany. The restaurant “Bambusgarten” is inherently connected to the sales area und therefore allows customers to have a green break while shopping.

Supported by AICHINGER‘s success consultant Klaus Pflaumer, a flower and plant market was created, which offers such a unique gastronomic diversity to its customers. The in-house restaurant offers a rich breakfast selection, a wide range of freshly cooked lunch menus as well as a front cooking station. Further, an extensive range of cakes and pies is offered in the customized AICHINGER cake counter all day as well as a wide range of ice-cream specialties. Moreover, the restaurant is also open from 10 o’clock on Sundays to welcome customers with a Sunday brunch. The extensive area of some 250 m² including counters and restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere with its luxury wood look and natural ambience, which invites customers to linger.

The Bambusgarten at Pflanzen Kölle: A Franconian success story.

EDEKA Dorrer, Bad Reichenhall

Die Fakten:

Größe: 2000 m² (shop area)
Lage: Downtown/Bad Reichenhall
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Berater: Bernd Weid

Success factor AICHINGER!

A fresh presentation, convenience, pleasure and ambiance – these are the success factors of EDEKA Dorrer in Bad Reichenhall. Here the customer has the possibility to experience a high class grocery store. With close to 2000sqm retail space this great concept offers everything one could wish for. In close collaboration with our success consultant Bernd Weid this concept is already the fourth that owner Michael Dorrer realized with the multi-specialist AICHINGER from Wendelstein. Together with a high-class bakery concept - located next to the checkout area - they also designed a brand new fresh food section.

A clean design and high-contrast materials dominate the look of the new counters. The award winning SIRIUS3 (official winner of the EDEKA – cooling counter test), as well as three round AirMaxx modules with circulating air cooling system and the elegant SIRIUS SetPoint create an impressive and upscale product presentation. This product combination offers the perfect stage to present and sell the fresh fish, butchery and cheese products that are offered daily in this model grocery store in the Berchtesgadener Straße.

REWE Fünf Höfe, Munich

Die Fakten:

Größe: 1.200 m²
Lage: Downtown of Munich
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Berater: Christian Horák

The perfect sales area!

The REWE Premium-Market in the shopping mall FÜNF HÖFE in Munich sets new standards for supermarkets. The exclusive equipment, the special product range and its extensive catering area make it a premium market with a sophisticated atmosphere. Harmonious, arched shapes characterize the entire salesroom and oval rounded shelf islands with topical representation convey a marketplace atmosphere. AICHINGER’s 18 meters long “SIRIUS3 deli counter” reflects one of the market highlights and offers with its generous presentation area enough room for anything that makes a gourmet’s heart leap. The hand trimmed granite is the “optical delicacy” of this extraordinary counter and perfectly supports the quality impression of the presented premium goods. The fresh produce area comes up with particularly high-grade types of meat, such as Austrian Almo oxen meat and Murnau-Werdenfels beef. Irish lamb and US beef complement the sophisticated offer. Hot topics are certainly also included, as there is a wide and high-grade range of vegan, organic and regional products. The impressive construction of the fresh fish counter offers a great choice of domestic and international fish, including real caviar. The entire AICHINGER team, headed by its success consultant Christian Horák, did a great job.

Amsterdam Chips Company, St. Petersburg

Die Fakten:

Größe: approx 40 m²
Lage: Downtown/St. Petersburg
Sortiment: Frites/chips and delicious sauces
Berater: Klaus Pflaumer

Fried solanum

More than 300 million tons of potatoes are grown and harvested worldwide every year. Thus, the solanum is one of the world’s most important staple food. The popular tuber can be prepared in many different ways, however, the most known one is yet the rod shape. French fries have become de rigeur of this day and age and have become rather popular as delicious side dish or individual snack. And this is exactly where the franchise company “Amsterdam Chips Company” (ACC), founded by Mr. Rainer Iding, starts and wants to tempt its customers with crispy fries and numerous delicious sauces into its new shop in St. Petersburg. 

It turned out quickly that AICHINGER would provide a modern shop concept, which was reflected right during the planning phase. Without having an existing leased property, the entire shop fitting, that had been ordered, was planned and drawn by AICHINGER‘s architecture professionals. The suitable location was found and leased at a later point in time. All the planned details were correct straightway and there were only tiny changes which were to be made according to the existing space concept. The management was pretty much impressed by that much professionality and the company intends to grow and open further successful shop in cooperation with AICHINGER.

EDEKA, Gaimersheim

Die Fakten:

Größe: ---No details---
Lage: Downtown/Gaimersheim
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Berater: Bernd Weid

EDEKA loves food...

…and does not take a risk when it comes to the freshness of its products. AICHINGER has been a long-term partner of food retailing and has proven this with sophisticated mass production technology. We always develop optimal equipment solutions for the fresh food areas and supermarket foyers, which delight with harmonious design as well as their unique functionality and generate more sale. This is what convinced the leaders of the EDEKA supermarket in Gaimersheim and they fully counted on the award-winning technology of the SIRIUS3 cooling counter. This counter offers new standards in the field of ergonomics, operator convenience and reliability. Due to precise manufacturing “MADE IN GERMANY”, SIRIUS3 stands for highest maintenance convenience and operational safety. With this product, EDEKA Gaimersheim opted for sophisticated high-end energy-saving technology. Convince yourself and experience the constant live measured data at

Seoudi Supermarkets, Cairo

Die Fakten:

Größe: approx 2000 m²
Lage: Downtown/New Cairo
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Berater: Redzep Miftari

Salam aleikum - Our SIRIUS©3 in the middle east

Cairo with its 20 million inhabitants is not only the capital of Egypt, but also the biggest city within the arabic world. In the eastern part of the city, called New Cairo, you can now find a brand new store of the chain Seoudi Supermarkets. On 2000 sq. this newly built market offers everything a customer could possibly desire. This family run business with its long standing tradition and rooted connection to the grocery business, can be found since 1938 in the Cairo region and the stores with its trademark green and white colors have been continuously multiplying.

Now AICHINGER forms part of this story, whose success consultant Redzep Miftari worked tirelessly together with his team to ensure that the new store will be a hit. Upon entering the customer is greeted by warm woody tones and a splendid variety of colors which form an exciting contrast to the sleek line of the prized cooling counter SIRIUS3 from AICHINGER. Underneath the Filou R glass tops customers can find a large variety of local delicacies. Many accented display possibilities like the MaxxPoint, the Top Spot or the impressive 180° cooling counter for fish give the grocer various options to put their products in the limelight. In every detail the new shop finds an attractive compromise between modern architecture and traditional oriental design. 

Naturally someone who deals with fresh products every day, has a keen eye on hygiene and ergonomic aspects. The whole interior combines the highest standards in hygiene with innovative technology and customized design. The perfect lighting concept was once again designed with the newest LED-technology by our trusted partner “we-shoplight”. The extravagant and nostalgic ceiling lights illuminate the whole room perfectly and create a special atmosphere while providing the perfect spotlight for the displayed products.

Butchery Kallert, Fürth/Puschendorf

Die Fakten:

Größe: More than 100 m² (total area)
Lage: downtown/Puschendorf
Sortiment: meats, sausages, delicacies
Berater: Stefan Jugel

Success can be built

You can take this phrase literal. Best proof is the rural franconian butchery Kallert in Puschendorf, which is experiencing substantial economic growth ever since remodeling their shop together with our AICHINGER success consultant Stefan Jugel. The courage of the owners Roland and Walter Kallert to go for a bold new concept paid off. That the days of being a simple town butchery are over is more than obvious. A front of high quality natural stone and a new designed logo make you curious for what´s waiting inside. This butchery has become the hotspot for meat-lovers in the Nürnberg region. Word of the new concept, high quality products and the devotion of the Kallert brothers has spread. 

Upon entering the store the customers focus is immediately on the two round cooling counters that fit seamlessly in the SIRIUS 3 cooling counter. These two turned out to be the major attraction and allow a great view over the displayed products. “It just has more movement and action” Walter Kallert states “you just turn in whatever direction you like and make the customers notice. And they do!” “Selling just makes more fun with it, it´s like a rush!”

This subjective evaluation can be supported by hard facts – 103 kilos of delicacy salads are being sold each week. The average turnover of the individual customer has risen to a branch peak of 19,70 Euros. Of course these a numbers that impress. But the appetite for change and progress of the two brothers goes even further. Two low glass cooling counters “SIRIUS SetPOINT” for steaks and dry-aged beef complete this innovative shop concept. These display counters with their thick glass panels are only opened after a thorough consultation and offer a great view of the displayed delicacy. Not unlike jewels inside a jewelers display, the pieces of prized meat are protected and still can be show to the interested customer in a unique way. Who remodels his shop does so in the expectancy to sell more afterwards and here it worked. So success can be built with you multi-specialist AICHINGER.

Leonardi Arabeska

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 450 m²
Lage: inner city/Munich
Sortiment: restaurant, coffee bar, patisserie
Berater: Andreas Schamburger

Experiencing gastronomy in a NEW way

Come to the wonderful world of the Leonardi restaurant! A unique atmosphere and culinary highlights are waiting for you: Local and seasonal dishes will be prepared freshly in front of you to give you an extraordinary experience for the palate, and for the eyes.

The Leonardi Arabeska is a place full of creativity and communication. This can be seen and felt in every corner of the shop concept: For a powerful visual effect, bright colours of wood are combined with black-painted stainless steel – because the first impression will last! A round counter was integrated into the room perfectly by the Aichinger experts. Its spacious glass attachments allow for a superb view on the décor behind the well-deigned food pass.

An incredibly large room and atmospheric lighting invite customers to stay just a little bit longer. Just perfect to start into the day with a cappuccino and home-made Bircher cereals at the coffee bar. Lunches are cooked with ingredients fresh from the market, and in the afternoon, delicious cake creations from the in-house patisserie are served. Mario Heynick's team is looking forward to welcome you among its numerous guests. To learn more, visit:

Pirineu en Boca, Barcelona

Die Fakten:

Größe: approx. 150 m² (sales area)
Lage: inner city/Barcelona
Sortiment: meat and sausage products, gourmet food, food service
Berater: Eva Schmidt-Rettenmayr

Local delicacies from Catalonia

If you feel hungry for a small treat when most of the restaurants are already closed, the Prineu en Boca is the place to go: In the front of the shop, there is a traditional butchery offering its delicacies. In the back, there is a lovely restaurant with an open kitchen. Here, cosy rustic furnishings dominated by warm shades of wood and strong colours create an inviting atmosphere. In the spacious interior and on seats outside, guests can immediately taste the local products they bought. Opening hours are from midday to eleven o'clock pm. Next to meat dishes, also a great variety of cakes and sweets can be found on the comprehensive menu.

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