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Based on the philosophy of “Success based on furniture”, AICHINGER is the multi-specialist when it comes to design and furniture strategies, light design & lighting ideas and stainless steel and professional kitchens. Our local consultants offer quick, expert advice and implement it to ensure your personal success.

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Our success stories

Butcher Peipp, Schwanstetten

Die Fakten:

Größe: 70 m²
Lage: City Centre Schwanstetten
Sortiment: Meat and sausages, bakery products
Berater: Team Wangen

Franconian promise of enjoyment

In a new design and with a brand new name, „the Peipp“ celebrates its reopening in the middle Franconian town of Schwanstetten. They are especially happy as they already look back on a long family tradition which has long been based in Schwanstetten. With the new logo - a bull's head made of two P's standing next to each other - the family shows how proud they are of their craft.
Because of their varied range, the sales area and the kitchen could no longer be optimally used. Through a new layout of the store, the required space is now provided. With the AICHINGER SIRIUS3 refrigerated counter and the GOURMET hot counter with integrated SIRIUS HotSpot, the home made products are perfectly staged. In addition to the sausage, meat and cheese products, there is also the classic snack and a sweets corner with coffee and cake. In comfortable niches at the windows you can enjoy a weekly changing lunch menu, but also retreat with a hearty or sweet breakfast. The complete lighting concept in the shop area was planned and implemented by our lighting experts from we-shoplight.

Bakery Huber, Wangen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 156 m²
Lage: Wangen residential area
Sortiment: Bakery products, snacks, coffee specialities
Berater: Team Wangen

Daily Fresh Bakery Pleasure

The Bakery Huber in Wangen continues on the path to success with in the meanwhile 6 speciality shops. As early as 2004, the success story of Bakery Huber began. Still today Stefan Huber leads the business with a great passion. With the conversion of the bakery in Wangen, which is not exactly in a prime location, confirms what’s true: reliability and consistent fine quality have gained this establishment many regular customers who especially go out of their way to come here.
These high quality and honest products should also be sold in just as sincere and authentic an atmosphere. The shop concept was developed in cooperation with AICHINGER and success consultant Jürgen Engelhardt. With a counter section of over 10 meters, Huber has ample space for his extensive assortment. The master baker literally needs every inch of it for cakes, confectionaries and pastries. So that the customers feel comfortable at Huber’s, in addition to the outdoor seats, he offers four seating areas in the café. The result is an exquisite bakery café with impressive seating areas and fittings and furnishings with modern touches in design. The complete lighting concept in the shop area was planned and implemented by the experts from we-shoplight. 



Butchery Ottillinger, Schrobenhausen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 188 m²
Lage: Suburban of Schrobenhausen
Sortiment: Meat and sausage products, delicatessen and chees, hot counter
Berater: Team Wangen

Butchery Ottillinger in Schrobenhausen

The history of Hofmetzgerei Ottillinger, which includes 9 branches and 130 qualified employees today, started in Pöttmes, which is located in Swabia, in 1842. The Ottillinger family founded there a butcher’s shop which now is in its fifth generation. As a modern, medium-sized family business with its in-house production it will open its next branch in Schrobenhausen in Upper Bavaria. First-class materials and many years of experience in the field of counter construction are a byword for the prime quality “MADE IN GERMANY”. The Ottillinger family’s traditional history was perfectly put in the spotlight by AICHINGER’s success consultant Jürgen Engelhardt and his team. 

City bakery Scharold, Friedberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 313 m²
Lage: Industrial estate, Friedberg
Sortiment: Pastries, cakes, cold and hot drinks
Berater: Team Wagen

A beautiful view!

Everything started in 1885 when Georg Scharold opened his own bakery and created a family business that should last until the present day. In the following 130 years the bakery turned into a modern enterprise that is now run in 5th generation by Rainer Scharold. With the newest addition, a bakery with glass walls, he wants to give customers the possibility not only to enjoy the many tasty products of said room but also give an exclusive view “behind the scenes”. Together with the success consultants Jürgen Engelhardt and Bernd Weid of AICHINGER the whole shop was planned from top to bottom and realized. Now the customers can enjoy exciting coffee specialties and freshly baked products while peeking into the whole production process. With 100 seating possibilities there should be enough space for everyone. In the shopping area all the created delicacies a perfectly presented in the impressive ARTline counter with its frameless and support less glass tops.

Läderach, Berlin

Die Fakten:

Größe: 260 m²
Lage: Downtown of Berlin
Sortiment: Crack chocolate, filled chocolates, mini mousses, coffee specialities, chocolate
Berater: Team Wangen

A chocolate experience for all the senses! 

The Läderach family business – "the chocolate family“, has stood for the highest in quality handmade Swiss chocolate and confectionery specialities since 1962. Läderach is one of the few premium suppliers to guarantee enduring quality, from the cocoa bean right down to the final product. In the spring of 2017, the chocolate specialist together with AICHINGER, opened the world’s first Läderach Café with the ChocoAtelier in Germany’s capital, Berlin.

A visit to the new Chocolaterie is a delight for all the senses where a connoisseur of chocolate definitely gets their money’s worth. More than 60 different sorts of filled chocolates, truffles and light mini mousses are displayed like gems in the showcase. One speciality in particular in the shop, is the original Läderach „FrischSchoggi“. The unique slabs of chocolate which are individually made to each customer request are not to be missed in the new fresh food cooling counter. With the opening of the ChocoAtelier, Läderach wanted to create an experience that not only can be witnessed, but participated in, enjoyed and invites one to stay longer. The visitors can for themselves make delicious creations in the ChocoAtelier and then afterwards enjoy them in the adjoining café. This wonderful concept was successfully planned, designed and of course implemented together with AICHINGER. 

Chocolaterie Amelie, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 100 m² (total area)
Lage: Downtown/Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Sortiment: Chocolates, drinking chocolate, spreads, sugar-coated nuts and fruits
Berater: Jürgen Engelhardt

Amelie - a sweet temptation

Chocolate is a love that melts in your mouth. Sweet temptations are found at the “Chocolaterie Amelie” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The official health resort, offers not only a wonderful landscape, also chocolate lovers get their money's worth with tasty products of chocolate. This year opened a true chocolate paradise with the help of AICHINGER, directly on the famous “Ludwig Street”. With a accountable production, unique chocolate chip variations and a great attention in every detail of the shop fitting, Amelie conquered the hearts of all people, who came not only for the fresh and healthy air of the german alps. The variety and quality of the products, must be experienced by every chocolate lover. For the people who can´t get enough, there is an opportunity to take one of the chocolate courses to show who is a perfect confectioners.

Franz & Xaver BioDeli

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 150 m² (sales area)
Lage: inner city/Kempten
Sortiment: fresh baked goods, warm dishes, organic soft drinks, coffee
Berater: Jürgen Engelhardt

Organic food for the heart and soul

Food gives energy for life, which is why a fresh and balanced diet is so important for the overall well-being. The BioDeli in Kempten specialises on serving healthy “favourite dishes” and offers a diversified selection of vegetarian and vegan meals fresh from their kitchen. And if you love to have a nice piece of meat to feast on, of course, you are also welcome. Whatever delicacy you choose to embellish your plate, it will be home-cooked in the BioDeli and comes from local suppliers. Adding to this come coffee fresh from the in-house roast, fresh juices, and home-made lemonades.

For better recognition value, this great variety of goods is accompanied by a distinctive shop design with plenty of warm colours, which creates a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere. A touch of BioDeli can be found in all the furnishings and makes up for a coherent overall concept together with Aichinger's ARTline counter. Its pillar-free glass top allows for an extensive view on the offered foods. This attractive way of presentation fits just perfectly to the high-quality BioDeli products straight from the heart of the Allgäu, Bavaria.

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