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Based on the philosophy of “Success based on furniture”, AICHINGER is the multi-specialist when it comes to design and furniture strategies, light design & lighting ideas and stainless steel and professional kitchens. Our local consultants offer quick, expert advice and implement it to ensure your personal success.

You decide the extent to which you take us up on our advice, complete solution or one-off service. The choice is yours.

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Our success stories

Butchery Marx, Longuich

Die Fakten:

Größe: 85 m²
Lage: edge of town
Sortiment: meat and sausage products, cheese, snacks
Berater: Team Saarpfalz

When it comes to sausages ...

 ... it’s to the butcher's shop Marx! This is the motto of the butcher's shop in Longuich, which was founded in 1996.  Through his parents' butchery, the owner, Stephan Marx, was raised as a child surrounded by the butcher's everyday life. The daily freshness of the meat and sausage products is ensured not only by the controlled slaughtering but also by the qualified employees in the production as well. Recently, the service in Longuich was expanded considerably with the reconstruction of the sales rooms. To ensure that the goods could also be perfectly presented, Stephan Marx relied completely on the extensive experience of AICHINGER success consultant Bernd Ott and of course on the sales-promoting AICHINGER products.

Meatbros, Luxemburg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 90 m²
Lage: Niederanven/Luxemburg
Sortiment: Meat and sausage products
Berater: Team Bexbach


Exceptionally good meat is well-received in Luxemburg! You do not even have to leave the house because the products from MEATBROS come directly to you. When looking for meat that is more than special in Luxemburg, it is difficult to make the right choice as the number of products on offer is very large. To help the consumer choose, Tom Metzler and Alison Belnou came up with the idea of creating an online shop which delivers the best meats from Luxemburg and around the world in less than 24 hours. The fresh meat is accompanied with recipes, tips and videos which guarantee that every piece of meat is a perfect success. The whole thing happens from the new store in Niederanven (Luxemburg). A superbly designed butcher’s shop with regional and international products as well as a small restaurant corner for lunchtime guests in a cosy, rustic ambience.

Bakery Zöllner, Bexbach

Die Fakten:

Größe: ---No information---
Lage: Downtown/Bexbach
Sortiment: Coffee specialties, pastry and confectionery
Berater: Bernd Ott

„Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Time and time again.“

Bakery Zöllner is both a modern as well as a family business oriented towards skilled craftsmanship. With more than 60 years’ experience and already in its third generation, is now being led by owners Günter Zöllner and Helmut Schunk. With the Bakery Café Zöllner-The Art of Bakery opened a new cafe hotspot in Saarland in the middle of the year. In Bexbach (near Saarbrücken) an extravagant bakery cafe was created out of a former video store, which through the furnishings especially shows all that it stands for – The Art of Bakery.

In Kleinotterweiler Straße 73 in Bexbach, connoisseuers of all baked goods and beverages come here and will not to be disappointed. True to the new Zöllner motto; „Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Time and time again“, the new cafe has from breakfast to snacks, exclusive varieties of coffee to fine wines, a lot to offer. Together with the well-known Viennese Kaffeerösterei Schärf, Zöllner-The Art of Bakery offers its customers a broad variety of distinct coffee specialties. Our AICHINGER Planning Office Neunkirchen with success consultant Bernd Ott has done an excellent job and helped the Bakery-Café Zöllner to create a unique setting which inspires both staff and customers alike. In addition, Zöllner-The Art of Bakery is Germany’s first bakery café equipped with our circular air refrigeration counter AirMaxx ( circular counter is the communication point in every shop concept and creates completely new possibilities for the presentation of products. Unique, extravagant – The Art of Bakery.

EMO Maitre Boucher

Die Fakten:

Größe: approx. 80 m²
Lage: Bertrange City Concorde/shopping centre
Sortiment: meat and sausage products, dry-aged beef
Berater: Bernd Ott

EMO – a token of long-standing butchery tradition

Since 1869, the brand EMO is a synonym for quality and know-how in the butchery craft. The success story of the traditional chain of shops comes to life daily in twelve subsidiaries around the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and attracts a great number of customers.

Since the reopening in summer 2015, a sales area of about 80 m² customers invites customers to enjoy a modern shopping atmosphere. The refrigerated counter SIRIUS® with its pillar-free ARTline glass-top presents specialities in a masterfully appetizing way. Four big cabinets for the dry-aged beef in the back of the counter give an impressive display of their contents thanks to integrated LED lighting. The consistent appearance of the shop furnishing concept puts emphasis on the skilful craftsmanship of the widely successful chain and fits in neatly in every single branch.

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