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Our success stories

Butchery Gierstorfer, Regensburg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 45 m²
Lage: DEZ Shopping Centre
Sortiment: Meat and sausages
Berater: Team Landshut

Pure tradition!

For 20 years the Butchery Gierstorfer from Pfatter in the county of Regensburg in the Donau-Einkaufszentrum/Shopping Centre (DEZ) Regensburg has been selling its meat and sausage specialities with great success. Now the shop has been completely renovated. On a large open space on the ground floor of the DEZ, the new shop was built in a record time of only 14 days. The new store presents itself with the eye-catching focal point: The SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter from AICHINGER which skilfully stages the specialities and provides them with optimal climate control. In addition, the warm sales counter in combination with the AICHINGER Platte 74 offers an appealing presentation of the food. Customers are delighted and praise the new take-away concept, says Master Butcher Artur Gierstorfer.

Butcher Heindl, Hauzenberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 64,35 m²
Lage: Market place
Sortiment: Meat, bakery and sausage products
Berater: Landshut Team

Honest quality since 1889

The Heindl Butcher's Shop, founded in 1889 in Untergriesbach in the eastern district of Passau, has in recent years seen eventful times. In July 2013 a part of the rear building of the main shop burned down, which resulted in all manner of new building and conversions. With Carmen Heindl and Christoph Scheer, the 5th generation is now being represented in the company today. So now it was really time to also carry out a conversion of the store in Hauzenberg. The former sales room was converted into a comfortable sitting and eating area. Due to these conceptional changes, there was now the possibility to extend the product range and to fulfil the most diverse customer wishes. Our award-winning refrigerated counter SIRIUS®3 was installed, which offers many advantages over other refrigerated counters. Perfect ergonomics, excellent temperature stability and uniquely high energy efficiency are just three of the major advantages that can be mentioned here. The "Platte 64" from AICHINGER opens up new possibilities for the presentation of warm, ready-cooked dishes.

Sunflower Garden centre, Frankfurt am Main

Die Fakten:

Größe: 314,5 m²
Lage: Garden centre
Sortiment: Bakery, meat and sausage products, fast food
Berater: Team Landshut

Fresh food market with a holiday ambiance

The Sunflower garden centre in Kalbach is not just a garden centre but also a fresh produce market with a holiday atmosphere. Already in the entrance area one’s view falls onto the elegantly curved counters. The ARTline counter is an individual special construction with an exclusive, column-less glass top, the front of which is clad in warm wood tones. The ambience of the fresh food market and especially the new food assortment, such as South Tyrolean bacon or mountain farm cheese, are reminiscent of the South Tyrolean Alps. The matching design elements skillfully round off the store concept.

Organic Bakery Wagner, Tiefenbach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 400 m²
Lage: On the B85
Sortiment: Organic bakery-products
Berater: Team Landshut

Made a find here!

If you are looking for an organic bakery, you will quickly make a find at the organic bakery Wagner. Because the bakery near Passau has been a 100% organic business since 2007. The highlight is the new Freestander, which Hans Peter Wagner (owner) opened in August 2019 in Tiefenbach. An impressive three-sided courtyard complex, with a 3500 m² bakery, a bakery-café with 140 indoor and 70 terrace seats, from which a generous view of the production is possible. The furnishing concept is convincing with all natural, high-quality materials, clear lines and the appealing seating area.
In over 12-metre counters, Wagner presents an extensive gastronomic selection: pastries, pizzas and baked rolls. Offers "all around the dough" as the master baker puts it. The successful concept also includes an organic bread school for children and adults to raise awareness of organic and sustainability issues. According to Wagner, credibility, reliable and fair relations with suppliers and customers are the decisive factors for the healthy development of the company.

Bakery Ziegler, Munich

Die Fakten:

Größe: 78,3 m²
Lage: City Centre Munich
Sortiment: Baked goods, cakes, hot meals
Berater: Team Landshut

The traditional art of baking with modern demands

With its 24 branches in and around Munich, the Ziegler bakery has stood for traditional craftsmanship and passionate baking for four generations.
Together with the support of AICHINGER, the Ziegler family planned a further store concept in Leopoldstrasse in Munich. An important part of the shop interior was of course the service counter. Since the family attaches great importance to handcrafted products and that the classic range is continuously being supplemented by exciting new products, sufficient space as well as an unrestricted view of the goods is required. Thanks to the AICHINGER ARTline counter, these demands were perfectly met and new standards in reliability and design have been set. As far as the design of the seating area is concerned, nothing was left to chance. A welcoming atmosphere has been created thanks to the many meticulous details and high-quality materials. The inviting ambiance is the most decisive aspect besides the quality of the products.

Joe Wasner, Passau

Die Fakten:

Größe: 144 m²
Lage: Shopping centre downtown Passau
Sortiment: Snacks, sausage and meat products
Berater: Team Landshut

Joe Wasner

Down-to-earth, sociable but also curious and adventurous - that was Hans Joe Wasner. The story of Hans Joe Wasner could be described in a nutshell: In the thirties he dared to make the leap to America. With only one dollar in his pocket, he started out like they do in the films: as a dishwasher in New York. But a short time later, the Bavarian master butcher became manager of a Chicago slaughterhouse.
Joe, as he was called by his American friends, was inspired by the "casualness" of American cuisine. Then back in Germany, he founded the traditional Wasner butcher's shop.
Years later - today with over 50 branches and 500 employees - Wasner's grandson Hannes Weber wants to continue the story in honour of his grandfather. Traditional butchery combined with a casual, American style of food and a first-class shop design - this is the new concept that was recently implemented as a pilot project in the Stadtgalerie Passau. For Hannes Weber, the visibility of the merchandise is an essential success factor. That's why he opted for the AICHINGER Gourmet counter section. In addition, the newly developed "Platte 64" was used, with which warm dishes can be presented in an exclusive manner and at the same time kept at a perfect constant temperature to the nearest degree. However, changing to other systems (GN containers) is still possible and thus guarantees maximum flexibility in daily handling. Thanks to the low recess depth, the area of use in the counter substructure is considerably increased and completely new possibilities are created in the design of the hot counter.

Traublingers Brotliebe, München

Die Fakten:

Größe: 95 m²
Lage: Munich/PEP Shopping Centre
Sortiment: Baked goods and confectioneries
Berater: Team Landshut

Traublinger’s Brotliebe

The Munich PEP Shopping Centre has been enriched by a gastronomic highlight since May: Whether it‘s a hearty or sweet breakfast, a healthy snack for lunch or a traditional coffee with cake in the afternoon – that’s exactly what is offered in the new Café Brotliebe from the traditional bakery Traublinger. 
With a total of 25 outlets, Traublinger is one of Munich’s largest and most successful bakeries. Here you can count on the traditional bakery craft as well as innovative creativity. For more than 100 years, the family business now run by the fourth generation has remained faithful to the standards of excellence, sustainability and transparence.
This is also evident in the shop fittings in the new café. In close cooperation with success consultant Georg Oberloher and the Landshut Team, a store concept with a unique design was created.  A highlight is the trees of light in the shopping centre which make the already light-filled café appear even more spacious and modern. The oval shaped special construction of our ARTline counter provides a harmonious and modern shop concept.

Butchery Wenisch, Straubing

Die Fakten:

Größe: 125 m²
Lage: Straubing
Sortiment: Meat and sausage products, snack bar
Berater: Team Landshut


The most famous ox in Straubing is life size, made of solid wrought iron and stands in front of the Wenisch headquarters of enjoyment. A further 100 oxen belong to Wenisch as well but these live on the family owned Muggenthaler Hof.
The idea of having a family owned cattle farm was born together with their desire to simply have a farm of their own, which for senior managers Waltraud and Anton Wenisch, was fulfilled in 2013. Now – five years later – the result is „HOLY BEEF“, the brand introduction of high quality homebred meat of their own rearing. Their house slogan „HOLY BEEF“ not only stands for the meat, it also stands for the reflection on the origins, respect for the animal, the people and of course the craft.
The newly opened headquarters of enjoyment in Straubing shows from the outside what it’s all about; meat in its original and finest form. The floor to ceiling meat maturing room is visible from all sides and not only displays the classic cuts of meat but also entire ox quarters. In the SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter, in addition to the classics such as Tomahawk steak chops, filets and roast beef, even unusual cuts such as Teres Major, Hanging Tender or Flat-Iron, are optimally cooled and presented. The flat glass display cabinet SIRIUS® SetPOINT compliments this fantastic shop concept and provides a wonderful view of the goods displayed. Comparable to the gems in a jewelry store, the finest delicacies in this new counter module are perfectly tempered and presented to the customer in a unique way. In the headquarters for enjoyment, it is above all about what is genuine and authentic; this is also shown in the materials used in the renovations. The aged wood of the exterior facade, solid wood and natural stone in the sales area skillfully round off the shop concept.  Here these premium products are presented in a form which signalizes premium quality. A superbly designed butcher’s shop with more than a convincing concept – the Wenisch headquarters of enjoyment, a new beacon in the butcher industry.

Bakery Schönstetter, Kirchweidach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 120 m²
Lage: Kirchweidach
Sortiment: Pastries- and confectionaries
Berater: Team Landshut

From the region, for the region…

… the bakery Schönstetter has been baking according to this motto since 1932. Traditional craftsmanship in connection with modern bakery technology, gentle baking process and, as a consequence, the high product quality are the basis of the bakery’s success. Everyone who shops in the confectionary can be sure that all the products originate from the region and are produced in-house.

The bakery offers everything that fans of baked goods look for: rolls right from the oven, delicious cakes and scones as well as crispy pretzels. Today, more than 80 years later, with more than 100 employees and already 9 branches, another branch has been completed in middle of Kirchweidach. The new store concept with an impressive ARTline counter in state-of-the-art design was created in cooperation with the store specialist AICHINGER. Due to the unsupported glass top, an excellent and clear view of the presented goods is provided. The premises have a modern design and thus provide a pleasant feel-good atmosphere with their generous seating area and allow a glimpse into production.

Brotmacher, Landshut

Die Fakten:

Größe: 290 m²
Lage: Downtown of Landshut
Sortiment: Wide variety of types of bread, traditional baked goods, pastries and coffee specialities
Berater: Team Landshut

Handcrafted art of backing meets modern design!

Targeted cooperation is the best way for traditional backers to be able to resist the market pressure, which is exerted by industrially produced pastries, thought Karl Breu from Altdorf and Maximilian Oberprieler from Landshut. This idea has been then realised quickly and this is how BROTmacher was created on 1st May 2015.  This “alliance” stands for handcrafted art of backing where all types of dough and dough pieces are produced on the basis of old family recipes. BROTmacher always has the right offer for lovers of handcrafted breads and pastries – particularly also for lovers of spelt – made of reginal ingredients. With the merger of both master bakers the product range was extended with focus on customer needs. From now on, handcrafted art of backing meets a wide variety of pastries and bread specialties.

In order to provide the appropriate sales presentation for the great products, the multi specialist from AICHINGER were certainly the only one to come into consideration for the newly opened store at Wittstraße in Landshut. A great café with outdoor seating and drive-in-counter was built with success consultant Georg Oberloher and his whole team. There is a lot to be discovered on generous 290 m². Contrasty seating with accents of colours, atmospheric light concept as well as the unique ARTline counter by AICHINGER. The frameless glass top does not offer only a perfect view of the presented goods but also suits the unique ambience at the salesroom. All combined stylistic elements perfectly fit into the store concept and thus creates a great feel-good atmosphere. Those who are in a hurry can simply use the drive-in-counter and will get the entire product range to go.

Butchery Keller, Langenbach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 240 m²
Lage: Downtown/Langenbach
Sortiment: Meat and sausage products, delicatessen and chees, hot counter, wines
Berater: Team Landshut

If you don't enjoy, you‘ll become unenjoyable!

True to this motto, the whole team of the butcher’s shop Keller cordially welcomes its customers. The inviting and warm WORLD OF ENJOYMENT, which is characterized by lot of wood and a modern feel-good-atmosphere, expects every gourmet on an imposing store area of 240 m². At the branch in Langenbach, you will find everything one may expect from a good butcher and even more: tasty sausage and ham specialties, a wide selection of chees, delicious salads and certainly really good meat. The SIRIUS®3 cooling counter by AICHINGER puts these specialties in the limelight and offers optimal cooling features. Chosen delicatessen, selected wines and delicious gift ideas are not only offered at the service counter but in the whole salesroom.

You will happily take time to sit in the generously designed seat area and enjoy regional plain fare or genius Bavarian-style street food offers. The we-shoplight specialists did a great job again, so that no one hast to sit in the dark. The perfectly adapted light concept makes the goods appear in the best light, which optimally supports the product presentation. 

Butchery Bauch, München

Die Fakten:

Größe: approx 113 m²
Lage: Downtown/Munich (District Grünwald)
Sortiment: Meat and sausage products, delicacies and cheeses, hot bar
Berater: Team Landshut

Craft, passion & quality!

The great motivation of the butchery Bauch in Munich is the satisfaction of the customers. To interpret the artisan tradition in a modern way, is the great passion behind owner Marcus Bauch and his entire team. So that the fine goods can also be presented perfectly, the butcher master fully relied on the extensive experience of AICHINGER success consultant Georg Oberloher and, of course, on the sales promotion products of the multi-specialist in Wendelstein. The result is an individual and beautiful butcher shop, which was handed over to the customer. From the consulting over planning to complete construction work, everything comes from a single source and everything was MADE IN GERMANY.

Bakery and confectionery Chocolatte, Munich

Die Fakten:

Größe: 40 m²
Lage: Downtown/Munich
Sortiment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks
Berater: Georg Oberloher

Naturally modern!

The bakery and confectionery Chocolatte wanted two key aspects to be visible upon remodeling their store: A modern look with a natural touch. In only 13 days AICHINGER´s success consultants – following the lead of Georg Oberloher – realized the new look and handed the shop over as a turnkey project. Owner Muhammet Balci had complete trust in AICHINGER: “Their designs are always innovative and modern. I was involved in the whole planning process and all my wishes were fulfilled”. And also AICHINGER´s follow-up support is outstanding. With a 24-hour hotline every question or problem can be answered and solved swiftly. The whole package convinced this customer and the following project will also be done by AICHINGER. 

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