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Based on the philosophy of “Success based on furniture”, AICHINGER is the multi-specialist when it comes to design and furniture strategies, light design & lighting ideas and stainless steel and professional kitchens. Our local consultants offer quick, expert advice and implement it to ensure your personal success.

You decide the extent to which you take us up on our advice, complete solution or one-off service. The choice is yours.

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Our success stories

Fleisch- und Wurstwerkstatt Tonn, Wildeshausen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 300 m²
Lage: City centre
Sortiment: Meat, cheese and sausage products, dry-age beef, hot dishes
Berater: Team Hannover

Real craftmanship. Real taste.

In Wildeshausen people are happy, because the town in Lower Saxony is now enriched with a specialty butcher's shop. Tonn Meat and Sausage Shop at their new location now have around 300 square metres of space at their disposal. The rooms are bright, modern and well thought out. You enter the new sales room through a spacious foyer. A lot of work has been done with wooden elements and warm colours. Of course, the AICHINGER SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter should not be missing here. The multi-award-winning refrigerated counter keeps the sausage and meat products permanently fresh and sets them perfectly in the spotlight. According to his own words, Tonn wants to continue to be active in the future "with heart and soul" for the family business, which has been in existence for more than 50 years.

EDEKA Wilmersdorfer Street, Berlin

Die Fakten:

Größe: 694 m²
Lage: Wilmersdorfer Arcaden
Sortiment: Food retail with foyer
Berater: Team Hannover

EDEKA in a 1920s Look

6.7 million people visit the Berlin shopping mall "Wilmersdorfer Arcaden" in the Charottenburg district every year. The shopping centre has been under reconstruction since 2018. At the same time, the expanded and remodelled EDEKA store is aglow with true shopping comfort, especially thanks to its design in the fashionable 1920s look, in combination with regional accents and motifs. Scarcely a wish remains unfulfilled: To simply linger before or after shopping, the chic Arcarden Café in the prepayment area is inviting. The Charlottenburg 1920s style café will become a place to meet for all in the district.

E-Center Ehlers, Soltau

Die Fakten:

Größe: 3500 m²
Lage: Soltau
Sortiment: Grocery retail with an extensive fresh area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Hannover

A unique shopping atmosphere in E-Center Ehlers

Already at the beginning of the 70s, as one of the first large supermarkets in Soltau, the EDEKA Center Ehlers has experienced several structural transformations. After more than a decade, the old market will be replaced with a new building. The independent businessman, Ralf Ehlers, who already runs the EDEKA Markets in Bispingen, Schneverdingen, Hermannsburg and Faßberg, has now opened a modern, energy efficient full range food retailer on what was a former dairy farm in Soltau.
This new EDEKA Center has a sales area of over 3500 m² and provides ample space for a diverse and extensive range of products. Of course, the supermarket also offers a generous fresh food area. To be able to provide this high quality fresh assortment the perfect sales platform, those in charge built this implementation on the many years of AICHINGER expertise. All service counters have set new standards in the field of ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. In addition to the top product SIRIUS3, two different AirMaxx circular circulating air refrigeration counters and the MaxxPoint make an impressive and enhanced product presentation possible.
A further highlight in the market is the bakery in the entrance area. With the AICHINGER ARTline counter, customers have a clear view of the fresh baked goods.

EDEKA Specht, Ludwigsfelde

Die Fakten:

Größe: 4.000 m²
Lage: Downtown of Ludwigsfelde
Sortiment: Food retailing with an extensive area for meet/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Hannover

EDEKA Specht - We love groceries!

Fresh products, perfect taste and diversity from all over the world... This is what EDEKA Specht stands for. With its branch in Ludwigsfelde, the Specht family wanted to create more than pure shopping experience. The family business sets a high value on environment-friendliness and the sustainability of its products.After the complex conversion in cooperation with the AICHINGER success consultant Erich Sobottka and his Hanover team, the fresh food, catering and bakery area has turned into a real highlight. The proven SIRIUS3 technology with an automatic cleaning and disinfection system as well as improved ergonomics and ease of use provide hygiene and safety. There, the wide range of meat, sausages and cheese can be presented perfectly in numerous ways. In the entrance area, EDEKA Specht further has a small snack stall and a cosy café. The illumination of the entire entrance area was designed by the light specialist we-shoplight. A splendid shopping experience for the customers. 

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