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Our success stories

Bakery Küster - Strandhaus 37, Göttingen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 50 m²
Lage: Outskirts of Göttingen
Sortiment: Bakery goods
Berater: Team Halle

With the Baker in the Caribbean!

Anyone in Göttingen who wants to immerse them self in a spontaneous short getaway, needn’t travel very far. As soon as you enter the new location of the Küster bakery, that holiday feeling comes naturally. Here you can immediately catch a glimpse of the AICHINGER ARTline counter: the wood that surrounds the ARTline counter is visually reminiscent of ship planks. The in-house caustic creations "Küstanien" lie in hammocks and are illuminated by light bulbs hanging from rugged mooring ropes. The swivel intermediate floor VarioFlip can easily disappear from the guests’ view after good sales in the late afternoon. Next to it, the so-called bread tower is positioned: a special design, which consists of three levels, where the lower two can be extended and thus easily filled.
An eye-catcher is the round recirculating air cooling counter AirMaxx. It is not only highlighted by the special lighting from we-shoplight, but also by its extraordinary design. The AirMaxx offers a 360 ° panoramic view of the many freshly baked pies and cakes. The bread rack Panevari Style skillfully sets baked goods into the background. Due to the extra-large and modular structure, each unit can be individually redesigned. In cooperation with AICHINGER, a unique oasis of well-being was created here

Globus Systemgastronomie, Leipzig

Die Fakten:

Größe: 85 m²
Lage: Downtown of Leipzig
Sortiment: Kebab, burger and salads
Berater: Team Halle

Where does the kebab come from?

The history of the doner kebab in Germany is clearly older than imagined. It has not only become part of the culture but almost worshipped. This oriental specialty belongs to the German fast food landscape such as curry sausage and hamburgers. Guest workers brought it with them from Turkey, changed it a bit and created a hot seller. In Turkey the grilled meat from the spit is served on a plate whereas here in Germany, it is served over the counter in flatbread – and namely over an AICHINGER counter. And so that the whole concept was right, the planning professionals from the Halle Office did the whole store at the same time. The result is a kebab store in an exclusive style; fresh colours, a clear design and a spacious interior with just the right lighting from we-shoplight.


frischBack - Thüringer Blechkuchenhaus, Eisenach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 130 m²
Lage: Downtown of Eisenach
Sortiment: Coffee specialities, pastries and cakes, sheet cake specialities
Berater: Team Halle

The Thuringian artisan bakery

The Thuringian heart has always beaten for traditional sheet cakes. After all, it is the established products which give a good feeling and the taste of home to the customers. By conviction, the Thüringer Blechkuchenhaus buys all its raw materials from the region at the same time safeguarding local agricultural jobs. The Thuringian sheet cake is a cultural asset and that’s how it is backed and loved. Depending on the season, the assortment ranges from plum crumble cake to cherry quark cake with finest almond slivers. The Thüringer Blechkuchenhaus in Eisenach was built with exactly the same passion.

With the generous store space of 130 m², this shop concept offers quite a few things excepting boredom. The whole store design combines nostalgic and modern stylistic elements and gives a charming character to the Blechkuchenhaus. This unique design is also mirrored by the design of the ARTline counter. The column-free glass top, the individual front design and the high-quality materials offer the traditional sheet cake the perfect show stage right in front of the customer. 

Tante Bärbel, Bad Neustadt

Die Fakten:

Größe: 310 m²
Lage: Downtown/Bad Neustadt
Sortiment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks
Berater: Michael Hergenhan

Uncle Carl is followed by aunt Bärbel

After the big success of “Onkel Karl” in Eisenach, the bakery Nahrstedt developed a matching concept. Together with our success-consultant Michael Hergenhan, this longstanding AICHINGER customer fulfilled the need for a new and modern bakery concept in Bad Neustadt. 

Not too long ago there used to be a small shopping arcade called “Marktbärbel” at the location, where the new shop was supposed to be built. From this derived the Name “Tante Bärbel” for the new bakery, which managed to combine traditional craftsmanship, innovation and regional products perfectly. On a total of 310 sq. divided among two floors and with 100 seating’s inside and 80 outside you can relax and enjoy the great ambiance together with a cup of coffee or a slice of pie. The combined bakery and café was completely remodeled and modernized and welcomes its customers with high class material, bright colors and warm wood tones. The gorgeous ARTline III counter with support less angular glass tops was perfectly integrated in the rest of the interior. The counter was built modular and matches the needs perfectly. We thank our customer for his trust in us and wish “Tante Bärbel” and the bakery Nahrstedt continuous success! 

Unser Onkel Karl, Eisenach

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 210 m²
Lage: Downtown/Eisenach
Sortiment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks, breakfast
Berater: Team Halle

Unser Onkel Karl - A feast for the eyes and a special treat

The historic city of Eisenach has many sights that are worth a visit, even aside from their main attraction the Wartburg which holds the title of a World Heritage Site since 1999. Now it´s home to another, culinary highlight: the “Onkel Karl” bakery which can be found at the centrally located Karlsplatz and combines tradition and innovation with regional focus. The shop can be found right at the exit of the pedestrian zone which makes it attractive not only to locals, but also to wandering tourists in search of an inviting place to have a quick drink or grab a bite. What used to be the ground floor of the local bank was completely remodeled to accommodate the new 210 sq. large bakery with its new concept and design. Together with the architects of Seidenzahl & Backofen ACHINGER GmbH was able to create something unique. High quality materials, bright colors and warm wood tones make up the main atmosphere of the new interior. The broad façade windows allow the bypasser to look inside and enjoy this new look even from outside.

The elegant as well as innovative AICHINGER ARTline III-counter with support less, square glass tops combine perfectly with the new style of the shop. The counter is constructed modular and was custom fitted to the specific demands of the site. With its high performance VKS 5 cooling system the ARTline is able to keep it´s “cool” even with high amounts of displayed products while still providing fresh and appetizing food. The rounded ends of the cooling counter mimic the glass façade and the decorated cement tiles stir memories of times long gone. A great combination of nostalgic elements and high tech that form an exciting new concept. 

Butchery Dietzel, Halle

Die Fakten:

Größe: 60 m²
Lage: Halle/Down town
Sortiment: meat and sausage products, warm meals, cold drinks, coffee
Berater: Michael Hergenhan

Superb craftsmanship with a nostalgic look

In 1932 Arno Dietzel opened his first butchery in the then quieter Ossietzky Street in Halle. This first store still exists, now with a new but vintage look. After extensive remodeling work with our success consultant Michael Hergenhan and his team, the shop now shines with new splendor and a vintage touch. Bold letters above the entrance say “Tradition and Quality in the third generation” and this is reflected in every little detail inside the store. 

The former sales space was remodeled into a comfortable seating and eating area while preserving it´s 1932 charm. A few steps lead up to the new extended sales area, this addition giving the opportunity and space to display new products according to the customers varied tastes. The little butchery in the center of the city transformed itself into a new trending location to comfortably enjoy traditional food and drinks. The family Dietzel decided, that the heart of the new interior should be AICHINGER´s SIRIUS 3 cooling counter. The modern design of this award winning counter harmonizes perfectly with the nostalgic look of the new shop. New technology meeting tradition. Thanks to the new support-less glass tops the owners now have the possibility to present warm, ready to eat meals in a fresh and appetizing manner.

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