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Our success stories

Indoor Market Hall by real, Aschaffenburg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 6000 m²
Lage: City outskirts
Sortiment: Full range of products
Berater: Haan Team

Markthalle Aschaffenburg

Market hall Aschaffenburg

Real has added another location to its indoor market hall concept. The next store of this kind has now opened in Aschaffenburg. Within twelve months, the Metro subsidiary has thus launched four such market halls.

The heart of the new indoor market is the fresh food section. AICHINGER success consultant Ingolf Weiershaus planned the entire meat, sausage, fish and cheese departments together with all those responsible. A myriad of module variations creates an exclusive look for the SIRIUS3 counter area. In addition to the top products SIRIUS3 and the AirMaxx circulating air refrigerated counter, the SIRIUS SetPOINT glass showcases round off an impressive and sophisticated presentation of goods.

Herford Market Hall, Herford

Die Fakten:

Größe: 980 m²
Lage: City Centre
Sortiment: Meat, sausage, cheese, fish, baked goods, pasta
Berater: Team Haan

Herford Market Hall

The Herford Market Hall is the jewel in the heart of the city. For more than 100 years weekly markets have been held here regularly. After several years of reconstruction, the market hall, which is protected as an historic monument, has reopened and offers a variety of delicious regional products to hungry visitors, commuters and travellers over an area of around 1,000 m². Whether organic food, wine, fresh pasta, sausage and meat specialities, the finest baked goods or coffee delights, no wish is left unfulfilled here. Countless individual market stalls offer an impressive variety of goods.
In addition to this, there is now also an unmistakable design that allows the individual market stalls to harmonise perfectly: Natural materials, light colours and classic elements of a weekly market.
Finger food, plates of free samples to taste or small snacks can be eaten at bar tables and seating groups in the hall. Being together in the midst of the hustle and bustle of shopping makes the visit a special experience.

Butchery zur Bernstadt, Schöffengrund

Die Fakten:

Größe: 70 m²
Lage: Suburb
Sortiment: Sausage and meat products
Berater: Team Haan

That’s what home tastes like.

This butcher's story begins as early as 1953: Heinz Zimmermann is a butcher and chef with heart and soul at the inn "Zur Bernstadt". The inn grew and was taken over by his son Erhard and his wife Regina in 1981. Today Jan Zimmermann has been running the business together with his father since 2015, now in the third generation as a master butcher, cook and meat sommelier. Of course meat sommelier Jan Zimmermann sees personally to the good quality: hearty sausage specialities and of course really good meat. The SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter from AICHINGER expertly presents the specialities and provides them with optimum climate control. Jan Zimmermann is convinced: "AICHINGER has developed my custom-made concept for success. The emotional interior design was available as standard to this end. 

Markthalle Braunschweig by real, Braunschweig

Die Fakten:

Größe: 10.000 m²
Lage: Outskirts of Braunschweig
Sortiment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meats, sausage and cheese products
Berater: Team Haan

Market Hall Braunschweig

Just two years after real opened its first market hall in Krefeld, the same concept was also implemented in Braunschweig. And, at this location it will be no coincidence that the success of this model market hall will continue, as the market in Braunschweig had already been above average in profitability even before the conversion. As Braunschweig is a commuter city situated between the VW Wolfsburg and Salzgitter locations, the share of premium customers is correspondingly high.
When entering the new market hall, which is open from Monday to Saturday from seven to midnight, an inviting atmosphere welcomes you. Here no ordinary entrance awaits the customer, but instead a doorway into an extraordinary world of shopping. Already in the entrance area is the in-store bakery which is furnished with the AICHINGER ARTline counter. Each day a wide selection of homemade cakes, flans and pastries are freshly baked here and on offer.
The heart of the market is the fresh food area. AICHINGER success consultant, Ingolf Weiershaus planned the entire meat, sausage, fish and cheese department together with those in charge. Numerous module combinations provide the 40 m counter line with an exclusive look. That is exactly why the fresh food area is an absolute eye-catcher and underlines the high quality of the fantastic products. For instance, an exceptional quality and diverse assortment of cheeses from different nations awaits a connoisseur of cheeses. In addition to the top products SIRIUS3 and AirMaxx recirculating air cooling counter, the SIRIUS SetPOINT glass showcases round off an impressive and sophisticated product presentation. Especially impressive is the fish counter: in a large basin of ice, a wide and fresh selection of fish and fish delicacies are offered. In view of the wonderful response in Krefeld and the successful start in Braunschweig, real plans to soon follow with other market halls at other locations.

Bakery Voncken, Kerkrade

Die Fakten:

Größe: 120 m²
Lage: City Centre
Sortiment: Bakery goods, coffee specialties
Berater: Team Haan

The Dutch Art of Baking

The Bakery Voncken, with 19 specialist shops near the German border, has been cultivating its bread expertise for years and in the meantime has won many fans in Germany. Most recently, the Bakery Voncken opened a store in a shopping centre in Kerkrade. But they hadn’t been really happy there for a while. When the Voncken family was then offered an area for a café with 120m², they decided to make a move. Together with the support of AICHINGER, the Voncken family planned a new store concept. An important part of the store furnishings was of course, the new service counter. Here, a self-service area for packaged sliced bread was integrated. In addition, a closer look reveals that there is a notably wide selection on offer in the counter at the bakery. Thanks to the design of the AICHINGER ARTline counter, the small and fine pastries are in clear view. Firstly, the supports for the glass tops were moved back to behind the sales personnel. This allows the customer to enjoy a clear view of the products.  Additionally, a part of the counter was designed as a warm area.
As far as the design in the seating area is concerned, not a thing was left to chance. For a comfortable atmosphere, a gas fireplace takes care of it.
Also, details such as the wooden or “heart wall” were selected from exclusive materials. The inviting atmosphere is only second to the decisive aspects of the quality of the products. All in all, years of shop fitting expertise go hand in hand with years of baking expertise.

EDEKA Breidohr, Rösrath

Die Fakten:

Größe: 2200 m²
Lage: Industrial Park Rösrath
Sortiment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Haan

Center of Freshness in Rösrath

The roots in history of this long-standing grocer date back to 1903 when Johann and Maria Breidohr founded a food and dairy business in Bergisch Gladbach. Today, with their three supermarkets in Bergisch Gladbach, Hilden and Rösrath, they are the top address in the region for fresh and high quality foods. In keeping with the spirit of a forward looking enterprise, an extensive reconstruction at the Rösrath location has been planned. As of now, one can go on a tour of discovery in the transformed market of freshness. Our success consultant, Ingolf Weiershaus, planned together with those in charge, the entire meat, and sausage and cheese department. Our award winning SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter has been used, offering many advantages over other cooling counters.  Perfect ergonomics, excellent temperature stability and unparalleled in high energy efficiency are just three of the significant advantages that can be here mentioned. Countless module variations make it possible to create a uniform look and linear design, even for long stretches of counter, despite the fact that special presentations are incorporated. This makes the fresh food area an absolute eye-catcher and highlights the quality of the amazing products. More information about SIRIUS3 can be found at

Butchery Büning, Münster

Die Fakten:

Größe: 250 m²
Lage: Inner Münster
Sortiment: sausage and delicatessen products, regional and national specialities as well as home-made salads
Berater: Team Haan


Meat Philipp Büning – who really knows his beef!

Keeping up with new trends is his motto and high quality products are his principles. Philipp Büning is an economist of his craft and a master of his trade. Of course, the young master butcher himself personally sees to the extremely high quality. Philipp Büning selects his own products and single-handedly inspects their origin to be able to provide his customers with only the best. Uncompromising in quality also counts in the shop fittings. First class materials and many years of expertise in counter design, show the premium quality „MADE IN GERMANY“ from the multi-specialists AICHINGER and convinced Mr. Büning immediately. A modern butcher shop with a great atmosphere has been created and the award winning refrigerated counter SIRIUS 3 now provides the perfect presentation. Thus it guarantees that only the best of the best receive a perfect stage for sales.

EDEKA Kels, Ratingen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 2850 m²
Lage: City outskirts Ratingen
Sortiment: Grocery retail with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Haan

EDEKA Kels – Marketplace of Freshness

In 1900, the Ratinger machine factory was established as „Ullrichs & Hinrichs AG“  and began their production of various iron and metal goods and machinery in the factory built in 1899 on today’s Homberger St. The existing production facility which consists of several sections of building (coppersmiths, assembly hall, iron foundries among others) specialized in the most diverse manufacturing over the course of time. In 1978, the company which remained solvent up to the end was closed due to general economic and technical developments, leaving behind its prominent landmark in the town of Ratingen. In 1986, Rita and Theo Kels then opened the EDEKA Kels Supermarket in these historic halls. At that time the store concept was already considered one of the largest and most modern of its time and as a result, in 1995 the coveted title of “Supermarket of the Year” was awarded. Despite a renovation in 2002, the facility seemed to be becoming somewhat outdated.  Based on this and the tight space conditions, in 2006 the new construction of the branch store was begun on 2,850 square meters in the former Ratinger machine factory. In close cooperation with AICHINGER success consultant Ingolf Weiershaus and his team from the planning office Haan, the project was planned and redesigned. The extensive product assortment extends from the classic convenience products, traditional bakery in the foyer up to an extravagant fresh food area with all kinds if delicacies which are perfectly staged in an impressive presentation. In order to provide the perfect sales platform for these high quality fresh products, those responsible for execution of the fresh foods area and bake shop, built this fully and completely on the many years of expertise from this Franconian company. All service counters set new standards in terms of ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. Thanks to the precision „MADE IN GERMANY“ production, all elements installed stand for the highest in convenience of maintenance and operational reliability.

Store of the Year!

The German Retail Trade Association, HDE for short, awards the Stores of the Year prize to outstanding and innovative retailers whose reconstruction or redesign have taken place no more than a year ago. The winners are chosen by a jury of experts from commercial companies and institutions. Assessment criteria include the degree of innovation, customer benefit and value creation potential. This year a total of about 50 retail companies from a wide range of sectors and markets had applied. EDEKA Kels from Ratingen was able to secure this prestigious title in the food category for 2018. 



Butchery Ludwig, Düsseldorf

Die Fakten:

Größe: 150 m²
Lage: Down town of Düsseldorf
Sortiment: Delicatessen, meat, sausages, cheese, salads, catering
Berater: Team Haan



Welcome to the Delicatessen Manufacture!

With round 45 employees at five sites, the butcher shop Ludwig has been an integral part of the cityscape of Düsseldorf since 1983. Right from the beginning the butcher shop has prepared hot lunch and all gourmet itself and this has not changed so far. With a unique variety of products and quality, the delicatessen manufacture Ludwig simply offers many treats for bon vivants. This attention to detail does not only stand for the presented products, but also for the new ambience of the premises at the KÖ Galerie. With Ingolf Weiershaus from AICHINGER, those responsible found the perfect contact person. Planning, awarding the installation of third-party devices, and all the interior fittings were from one single source. This ensured from the beginning that nothing stands in the way of the turnkey delivery of this great store concept.

Markthalle by real, Krefeld

Die Fakten:

Größe: 11.500 m² (shop area)
Lage: Downtown of Krefeld
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Haan

Markthalle by real in Krefeld – Complete culinary experience!

The long cherished vision of a “real weekly market“ has been realised with the "Markthalle" in Krefeld. Just like at a traditional weekly market, the customers will find here true-to-detail market stalls with lots of fresh, seasonal and reginal products as well as retailers such as butchers, backers, fishmongers and cheese traders. This unique concept is certainly based on regional products, which is very important for those responsible at Real as regional products are part of the local culture, furthermore, they always have the shortest possible transport routs.

In order to be able to provide the perfect retail area for the range of fresh products, AICHINGER’s unique equipment solution could be the only answer for realising the fish/chees and sausage section. All service counters set new standards in the fields of ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and design. Due to precise manufacturing “MADE IN GERMANY“ all the installed elements stand for highest maintenance friendliness and operational safety.

Klaas + Kock B.V. & Co. KG, Rheine

Die Fakten:

Größe: 2000 m²
Lage: Downtown/Rheine
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh range of meat / sausage / cheese products
Berater: Ingolf Weiershaus

If you need grocieries then... have to go to K+K! Klaas + Kock B.V. & Co. KG is a family owned business specialized in groceries. Over 210 markets form the base for the company’s retail activities. Most stores can be found close to the headquarters in Gronau, Westphalia. But now K + K is equally close to its customers in Rheine. Thoroughly remodeled, this new showpiece in the Osnabrücker Street reopened with a fresh new look. With over 2000 sq. retail space this shop offers everything a customer could possibly want.

Of course as before our AICHINGER specialists around success consultant Ingolf Weiershaus formed part of this new success story. Together with the people in charge, they planned the complete butchery, cold meats and cheese section. For this they chose the award winning SIRIUS3 counter from the multi specialist in Wendelstein. This all-rounder is the best choice for any grocery store. Perfect ergonomics, a reliable temperature stability and its high energy efficiency are just three of the advantages that can be named.

More sales thanks to SIRIUS3 - This cooling counter sets new standards regarding operator friendliness and display surface. The large variety in elements allows a matching look even for long counters. Thanks to factory-made piping the connection to any compound system is effortless. This was of course among the main arguments for Klass + Kock to choose the SIRIUS 3 and their absolute satisfaction proved them right.

Butchery Helmus

Die Fakten:

Größe: 80 m²
Lage: Düsseldorf/Down town
Sortiment: meats, sausages, delicacies
Berater: Ingolf Weiershaus

A shining new hot spot for delicacies in Düsseldorf

With “Helmus – Fleischerei & Feinkost” Düsseldorf is offering something new and exciting for all gourmets and meat lovers.

When owner and butcher Stephan Helmus decided to renovate his store - which has been in business for over 100 years and was formerly known as “Fleischerei Stollmann”- he trusted in his AICHINGER success consultant Ingolf W. Weiershaus. In record time, 14 days total, the 40 square meters of retail space were remodeled while keeping up the daily business. 

The old counter was replaced by the award winning cooling counter SIRIUS 3 and the whole shop interior decorated with ornament tiles. Clever planning placed the new ham area right in view of the incoming customer, guiding his eye to the large variety of delicacies. The shop now shines in new splendor, top to bottom. The final result not only pleases the customers, but also the owner Stephan Helmus: “I repeatedly had problems with my old counter and cooling system, both letting me down several times. I needed a fast and reliable solution! Now I own the equivalent of a Rolls Royce concerning cooling counters and I couldn´t be happier” Stephan Helmus says proudly. “We thank AICHINGER and especially Mr. Weihershaus and his team for the excellent cooperation”

The owners are more than satisfied over the reliability of their new SIRIUS 3 as well as with the AICHINGER´s customer service, before, during and after the project. Now nothing stands in the way of the next 100 years of successful business.

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