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We are strategic developers and manufacturers of furniture for the whole Austrian food industry: Bakeries, patisseries and cafés, butchers’ shops, specialist cheese shops and delicatessens and fresh food counters in supermarkets.

With our high-performance furniture solutions for the preparation, presentation and sale of food, we can create unique designs for our customers.

You decide the extent to which you take us up on our advice, complete solution or one-off service. The choice is yours.

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Our success stories

Bakery Hink, St. Pölten

Die Fakten:

Größe: 350 m²
Lage: Hospital café in the University Hospital St. Pölten
Sortiment: Bakery and confectionery products
Berater: Team Gresten

Loyalty to the craft

Out of a passion for working the dough; out of a loyalty to the real craft. This is the motto of Bakery Hink from St. Poelten. The long-standing baking tradition was first brought into life in 1986 by Alois Hink. With his son Florian, a successor was quickly found and who took over his parents’ business at an early age and has to this day, developed it into a successful enterprise with 25 employees. The bakery is not represented only in its own stores, but also in retail within a radius of 60 km of St. Poelten. In addition, there are numerous customers who are personally catered for with homemade delicacies by the Hink family. There is only the best to choose from which is also reflected in the quality and design of the new hospital café at the University Hospital St. Poelten. So that the baked goods can also be perfectly presented, the master baker relied entirely upon the know-how of the shop fitting specialist AICHINGER, who developed the fitting success concept for the Hink Bakery. The result is a fine bakery café with an impressive seating area and modern stylistic elements as a real eye-catcher.

Butchery Keusch, St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde

Die Fakten:

Größe: 156 m²
Lage: St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde
Sortiment: Meat and sausage products, snack bar
Berater: Team Gresten

ois wurscht! / It’s all sausage!

This slogan of the butcher family Keusch from the Austrian Mostviertel region is both a statement and a promise of quality at the same time. The new building in St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde with an area of 156 m² in total, is the crowning of Master Butcher Erwin Keusch and his family’s now 25 years of experience in the field. In 1993, Keusch completed his Master Craftsman Examination, registered a livestock trade and two years later a butchers in Matzendorf about 5 km away. From 1998 to 2017, he successfully ran his butcher’s shop to which a branch was added in 2008.

At the new location, a few kilometers east of the city limits of Amstettens, somewhere round 20,000 cars pass by daily – an ideal base. Large format windows draw the customers attention to what awaits them inside: the SIRIUS 3 refrigerated counter from the house of AICHINGER. Through a sustainable brine cooling system it keeps the sausages and meat products continuously cooled. In addition, the butcher offers his customers an extensive lunch menu. This is perfectly set into the scene in the new snack bar. The interior seating for 30 and 80 outside seats expertly round off the shop concept.

Haubis Gourmet Bakery, Hagenberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 320 m²
Lage: Hagenberg
Sortiment: Bakery products
Berater: Team Gresten

The Haubis World of Experience

Whether it be bread & pastries, baked goods and snacks or a hearty lunch: no culinary wishes are left to be desired in the baking room of the gourmet bakery Haubis in Hagenberg. The bakery is a modern family business but also oriented to the traditional handcraft with over 100 years of experience. The new shop concept includes a bakery and a small café restaurant. For the best presentation possibilities for countless oven fresh delights, of course the ARTline-sales counter from the house of AICHINGER offers just the right setting. Thanks to the supportless glass top, nothing interferes with the view of the innumerable freshly baked delicacies.

 We thank the Haubis Gourmet Bakery for their confidence in us and wish them continued success!

Bakery Hauer, St.Martin

Die Fakten:

Größe: 200 m² (shop area)
Lage: Downtown of St. Martin (Austria)
Sortiment: Baked goods, cakes, cold and hot drinks, ice cream
Berater: Team Gresten

Bakery Hauer – New building, new flair

A new impressive store concept in modern design was created in front of and behind the doors of the baker’s shop Hauer in St. Martin. Everyone worked very hard in order to finish the construction work on the brand-new building in time. Alois Hauer, the owner of the baker’s shop is very pleased to have taken the plunge to create new opportunities. Together with the store specialist AICHINGER and its success consultant Andreas Raab, Mr Hauer found the perfectly right partner for this venture. The successful team from Gresten offered just the right approach and certainly also enthused with its years of experience gained from numerous realized concepts in the bakery sector. With a store area of about 200 m², the new property is double the size of the old baker‘s shop und now therefore offers convenient space for all kind of changes. The new ART-Line counter by AICHINGER and the fully integrated ice cream cabinet are the first eye catcher in the generous salesroom. With a total number of 60 seats, the classy café was also significantly extended in order to able to offer a feel-good atmosphere to all customers. The design of the interior fully counts on modern stylistic elements with bright and friendly colours as well as plenty of wood which perfectly fits the character of the store concept. A generous open-air area is surely not lacking as well in order to give everybody the chance to fully enjoy the delicious types of ice cream in the sun during the warm season.

The new construction of the baker’s shop Hauer was not only the road to its own success but the entire town centre looks more modern and lively due to the new architecture of the building. Already from 05:30 a.m., the baker’s shop offers the right range of pastries, bread and sweets to all early birds. Thanks to the great success, lunch specialities have also been offered as of late from Monday to Friday. So that nobody has to sit in the dark and all the products are perfectly illuminated, the light specialists we-shoplight have been at work again. The reduced-design lamps and indirect lightning along the ceiling underline the modern flair of the entire building.

Confectionary Pöhl, Meran

Die Fakten:

Größe: approx. 80 m²
Lage: Downtown/Meran
Sortiment: Coffee specialities, pastries and cakes
Berater: Team Gresten

The Sweet Heart of the South

In search of high-quality chocolates, artistically decorated cakes as well as delicious brioche, there is only one place in the heart of Merano. The confectionary offers home-made creations for breakfast, lunch and also snacks in the afternoon. Confectioners prepare everything freshly on a daily basis and in careful manual work for the customers. The attention to detail and the passion for handcraft becomes visible in every detail and turns the new site to the premier address at town. The new store concept does not only include the pastry shop and the confectionary but also a small café with 28 seats. The idea to offer this combination as of now had anchored in the heads of the owners Manuela and Christoph Pöhl rather quickly. However, the location and the size of the store area were not at all suitable for such a business. After a long search, the suitable premises were found in the centre of Merano.

The location in the centre of Kurstadt is ideally suited for this project which was quickly realized in cooperation with the AICHINGER success consultant Andreas Raab and his team. The major challenge was to also relocate the whole production from the previous location and to create a homogenous overall concept. The heart of the new store is the completely paned show pastry shop which gives a great glimpse into confectionary trade from the cosy café. The unique „ARTline“ counter by AICHINGER is certainly the best way to present all those sophisticated delicacies. Family Pöhler is well prepared for the future with a state-of-the-art cooling technology and the unsupported angled glass construction. This counter combines modern design with numerous ergonomic and technical finesses. Top-class materials and long-lasting know-how stand for „MADE IN GERMANY“. Family Pöhler has done everything right with the new store in the heart of Merano. This step will enable a successful future and ensure the business for more future generations. The rush for the store and the feedback just confirm this impression and demonstrate the success of changes. 

Bakery Riesenhuber, Aschbach

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 200 m²
Lage: Aschbach/Downtown (Austria)
Sortiment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks, breakfast, ice-cream
Berater: Andreas Raab

A specialist for creative delicacies 

Workmanship, years of experience and passion for baking are some of the key aspects that helped build the success story of Riesenhuber. Since 1990 this long-standing company has been led by the family Riesenhuber, now with Barbara and Christian by their fourth generation. To assure profitable and sustainable growth in the future, the owners opened a new foothold in Aschbach in Lower Austria in 2016. With 100% of passion, proven recipes and the best regional ingredients available they create inspired delicacies with love and craftsmanship.

As in the three other already existing locations before, the bakery Riesenhuber entrusted AICHINGER and their experienced success consultants Andreas Raab with creating the perfect furnishing with quality and style. Rustic elements and modern presentation were combined to form a unique design concept. But just as much emphasis was put on ergonomic details and perfectly organized workflows and that was why AICHINGER was again chosen as the optimal partner for this project.

On entering the new store located inside the old city hall of Aschbach, you can´t help but notice by the unique charm and detail with which the interior was planned and implemented. The stunning result proves once more the qualities of AICHINGER as a success consultant.

Sale counter with several levels

The new interior design concept is dominated by bright and friendly colors of warm beige, bright white as well as the now trending green. The whole shop is equipped with indirect lighting by our lighting specialist we-shoplight and offers comfortable seating possibilities for 69 people. This is appreciated by the customers and so they extend their stay a bit longer, while enjoying the tasty breakfast buffet displayed on the bar next to the sales counter. Harmonizing perfectly with the interior design of the shop is the cooling counter ART-line with its support free glass tops and the flexible extra presentation level Vario-Flip. They both create the perfect display area for all the baked delicacies this store has to offer and is in direct sight for the entering customer. The bread display shelves of PANEVARI-Style with their levels in rustic slate underline the artisanal origin of the offered products. Again our experienced lighting partner we-shoplight chose the optimum illumination and manages to guide the customer’s eye to the displayed baked goods via energy saving LED-lighting.

Bakery Haubis, Melk

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 200 m² (sales area)
Lage: shopping centre/Melk
Sortiment: baked goods, coffee, cake, cold and warm drinks
Berater: Andreas Raab

Baked goods fresh from the oven twenty-four-seven

Bread, pastry, snacks, or flour-based dishes are quite common in bakehouses, whereas an inviting atmosphere is more rare. At the bakery Haubis, you can have both: a bakery in its classical sense, and the convenient ambience of a café or restaurant – the perfect place to enjoy a comprehensive range of good foods.

For an appealing presentation of goods, an ARTline counter was delivered and installed by Aichinger. On two floors, there is plenty of room for guests to enjoy an overall experience of culinary pleasures and relaxed lounging. The smell of freshly baked bread and the play of atmospheric lighting design do their part making it easy to have a wonderful time in this bakery – anytime!

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