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We are strategic developers and manufacturers of furniture for the whole Austrian food industry: Bakeries, patisseries and cafés, butchers’ shops, specialist cheese shops and delicatessens and fresh food counters in supermarkets.

With our high-performance furniture solutions for the preparation, presentation and sale of food, we can create unique designs for our customers.

You decide the extent to which you take us up on our advice, complete solution or one-off service. The choice is yours.

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Our success stories

Bakery Schlief, Neunkirchen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 190 m²
Lage: City centre
Sortiment: Bakery products, confectionery, snacks and Cafe
Berater: Team Graz

Spacious area with a cosy atmosphere

From 50 to 190 m², from narrow to expansive and bright: The Schlief Bakery has evolved from a small store to a spacious location with a café and a garden at the Neunkirchen site. AICHINGER provided support from the location analysis to the concept and the function, design and lighting planning.

With a skillful mix of old wood, historical photos and utensils from the bakery, stools made of synthetic fur and industrial loft design, a high quality of hospitality was created that is both cozy and up to date. The bakery bakes on site and continuously replenishes the 4m long ARTline counter and the PANEVARI bread shelf. The spacious café with 22 seats and 16 high seats and the guest garden with more than 30 seats is very inviting for breakfast, lunch snacks and coffee and cake.

Bakery Koll in Neustadt

Die Fakten:

Größe: 253 m²
Lage: entrance road next to a school
Sortiment: bakery products, confectionery, snacks and café
Berater: Team Graz

Statement for design and quality

An ATM in a bakery? What might seem unusual has a history, and at the new location of the Bäckerei Konditorei Koll bakery in Wiener Neustadt, there is now a good reason for it. Only an illuminated sign on the facade reminds us of the former branch of a Raiffeisen bank in Pottendorfer Straße - and the ATM in the foyer. This is not a foreign element, but an additional customer magnet for the ninth and largest location of the bakery from Kirchschlag. Out of the former 130 m2 bank branch, Master baker Reinhold Koll has built a 235 m2 free stander with 50 seats and 60 seats in the outdoor area. Reinhold Koll was accompanied from the location analysis, the planning and approval phase, through to the supervision of construction and the complete execution of the furnishings and AICHINGER counter. The new flagship store is a statement for the quality standards of the expanding family business - in shop furnishings, service and the quality of the baked goods, pastries and warm snacks and meals. Distinctive red perforated bands frame the glass facade of the low-rise building. The corporate color red also embraces the design inside: Red on the coffee bar, the seat cushions, room dividers and on the ceiling. With the Artline counter, which perfectly underlines the high quality of the products, and the Panevari Style bread shelf, the Koll bakery relies on two very flexible presentation systems. With the spacious interior design and the outdoor area, a future-oriented and sustainable location has been created.

Kärtnermich, Hermagor

Die Fakten:

Größe: 197 m²
Lage: City outskirts
Sortiment: Cheese and meat specialties, wines, high-quality merchandise
Berater: Team Graz

The Dairy of Delight

In the new Genuss-Meierer (Dairy of Delight), origin and regionality meet pleasure and innovation. "Meierer" is a traditional name for "dairy". Thus, the Genuss-Meierer with its name alone already announces what it is all about: the roots of Carinthian milk (Kärntnermilch), the highest quality work of the farmers, the traditional food production and the careful processing. As Carinthia's largest direct marketer, the Genuss-Meierei once again makes Carinthian milk an ambassador of good taste and offers a platform for premium products from the homeland. On an attractive and modernly designed sales area of 250 square metres, customers will be able to get a closer look at the production and processing of the prized milk from the region and can see that Kärntnermilch is not about mass production, but rather quality work and regionalism. This also applies to the shop fittings. To ensure that the fine goods are presented perfectly, Kärtnermilch Managing Director Helmut Petschar relied entirely on the extensive experience of AICHINGER's success consultant Ernst Sommerauer and, of course, on the sales-promoting AICHINGER products.

Master Confectioner Kristina, Graz

Die Fakten:

Größe: 100 m²
Lage: City Centre
Sortiment: Bakery products, cold and hot beverages
Berater: Team Graz


A perfect combination of tradition and modern zeitgeist

Even as a child, master confectioner Kristina Kellner looked first at the desserts on the menu. Over time, the desire to turn a sweet hobby into a profession grew more and more. In 2017 she took the leap into independance and founded Kristinas Meisterkonditorei. In the in-house master bakery, the delicious cakes and pastries are freshly made from the very best of products.

When the restaurant was redesigned, the focus was strongly on a perfect combination of tradition and modern zeitgeist. Enhanced elements with coffee house charm make the new café a real jewel. 

Bakery Kern, Graz

Die Fakten:

Größe: 180 m²
Lage: City Centre Graz
Sortiment: Bakery products
Berater: Team Graz


„The Bakery full of Ideas“ – Kern in Graz

Since 1953, the bakery Kern has been continuously working to become better and better and at the same time, learn something new every day. This experience is gladly shared, as is the bread that comes from it. Bread full of ideas and diversity. Bread full of taste and passion - simply the real way to bake. This craftsmanship is recognized not only in the products of the Bakery Kern, but also in the store concept. In a prominent location on Straßganger Straße, guests will find the Bakery Kern in a new building, where another impressive branch has opened. For the furnishings, owner Julius Kern once again relied on the proven cooperation with Aichinger planning specialist Ernst Sommerauer and his team from the planning office in Graz. Within a few weeks, a turnkey bakery café was created. A perfect combination of fine wood and modern lighting elements is what creates the special charm of the furnishing concept. Nostalgic tiles, the black steel construction of the bread rack and the modern bar counter with gastro-charm reflect the new diversity of the bakery Kern.

Rudolfinchen, Oberwart

Die Fakten:

Größe: 91 m²
Lage: Oberwart Center
Sortiment: Bakery goods, cakes, snacks
Berater: Team Graz

A Royal Atmosphere

Having breakfast between giant chandeliers and lots of gold? In the bakery boutique "Rundolfinchen" you can do just exactly that. Since the end of August this year, the fourth branch of the Bakery Rudolf in the center of Oberwart has been enchanting with "Rudolfinchen". The first-class AICHINGER ARTline counter with its support-free glass top has been perfectly integrated into the architectural expression of the building. The café offers all their guests a wide assortment of breads, pastries and tarts. In addition, the party snack "Rudolfinchen" is offered. The "Rudolfinchen" is a special pastry that is available either sweet or savory and is named after the bakery boutique. With 25 seats, the bakery provides space enough to fully enjoy the baked pastries. The high-quality materials and the extravagant, in-form design creates a royal atmosphere that could be handed over turnkey.

Bakery Obererlacher, Obertilliach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 114 m²
Lage: Obertilliach/Tirol
Sortiment: Bakery products and confectionary
Berater: Team Graz


A great variety of enjoyment!

At an astounding height of 1,500 meters and with a sensational view of the Carnic Alps, the Obererlacher Bakery in Obertilliach probably has the most perfect location. A completely newly designed bakery with a homey café together with high quality bakery products awaits both locals and vacationers. The shop has been expanded 4 times its size and is connected to the apartments behind it.  A spacious terrace as well as a cosy winter garden creates a very pleasant atmosphere in the Carnic Mountains. The result is a fine bakery café with an impressive seating area and furnishings with stylistic elements which are aligned with the handcraft tradition.  The complete lighting concept in the shop area was planned and implemented by the lighting experts at we-shoplight.  

Café Confiserie Craigher, Friesach

Die Fakten:

Größe: 114 m²
Lage: Kärnten/Friesach
Sortiment: Chocolate Specialities
Berater: Team Graz

A chocolate paradise of the highest quality!     

 “When fine chocolate smoothly melts on the palate and the taste of harmoniously combined ingredients delicately unfolds, you will close your eyes and simply enjoy happiness.”
This is what chocolate manufacturer Craigher has stood for, for more than 100 years. With much love for the trade, the Craigher hand-crafted chocolates are made from high quality and natural ingredients from the region and choice cocoa beans from sustainable cultivation.  Piece by piece these unique originals are created. The traditional confectionery was founded in 1914 in Carinthia. And it is here where it looks back on a long tradition. Carinthia’s first steam bakery was transformed into a coffee house with show production.  After the Craigher family purchased a vacant neighboring building and connected it with the existing café, the building, together with specialists from AICHINGER, was extensively rebuilt. Over approx. 300 m² a sweet chocolate manufacturer – in Carinthia that is so far unique – came into being. Behind a large glass front, visitors can watch live how bars of chocolate are made. A real gourmet hotspot is the adjacent coffee house – here the premium products are set perfectly on stage. The entire counter balustrade was clad with the bark of an African fig tree and creates a visual highlight in the shop.  The highest quality materials and an extravagant highly pronounced design provide a unique atmosphere.



Bakery Lasser, Schladming

Die Fakten:

Größe: 80 m²
Lage: Downtown of Schladming (Austria)
Sortiment: Coffee specialties, pastry and confectionery, breakfast buffet
Berater: Team Graz-Pirka

Bakery Lasser – We represent exceptional taste.

The story began with a small but nice leased bakery in Schladming in 1964. With its new types of bread and pastries, bakery Lasser became well known beyond Schlamding’s border and the constructing of new a business building was started. Due to the quick development of tourism and the resulting increased demand for bakery products another five stores were built in addition to the main store in Schladming. Today, with some 35 employees, bakery Lasser is one of the most innovative bakery plants and its branches are equipped according to the most modern product guidelines. Therefore, it was time to redesign the bakery and to increase the sales area of 80 m² by 10% in the course of the reconstruction. A newly designed portal can now be opened completely to the south, thus offering a smooth and barrier-free access to the outside terrace. The former office spaces were fully integrated into the new room concept in order to guarantee smooth proceedings in the rear preparation rooms. Interaction with people and close customer proximity are of the highest priority. Therefore, the redesigned toilet facility, which used to be located in the basement is now accessible. 

A completely new addition to the product range is also the rich breakfast buffet which can be extended very easily to twice of the current size due to a foldable serving counter. At the outset, Heinz Lasser, the owner, was not really convinced of this expansion of the product range as he had doubts concerning economic efficiency. However, after only a few weeks all doubts vanished. According to Mr Lasser, the major success of this was that his employees had to take more care of the beverages and could handle frequency peaks without further employees. 

The attractive ARTline sales counter made by AICHINGER is located at an exposed position right in the customers’ frame. Thanks to the unsupported glass top, nothing impairs the visibility of the presented products. Due to regional bonds to the Loden cloth, this robust fabric was used for covering the whole parapet of the counter, the bar, the wardrobe and the entire set of seats. The company logo at the front of the counter was originally embroidered by hand by the region’s largest Loden cloth producer. The reconstruction work, the materials used and the excellent lightning of the premises, which was provided by we-shoplight make the bakery Lasser to be a real treasure chest. 

Bakery Kern, Hartberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 180 m²
Lage: Downtown/Hartberg (Austria)
Sortiment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks, jelly doughnuts, icecream
Berater: Ernst Sommerauer

An Eldorado of delicacies – locally produced products instead of mass goods.

According to the motto “Kern, den mog i gern“ (“Kern, I like it“), the master backer Christian Kern takes his clients to the world of sweet treats. In addition to crunchy pastries, savory flour-based dishes and delicious special subject cakes, the owner-run business also offers a sumptuous breakfast buffet. The bakery is both, a modern and a trade oriented family business and with more than 45 years of experience it has turned into an integral part of the industry. In the branch at the specialty retails center “Hatric“ in Hartberg, shopping customers can rest from a strenuous shopping day and relax on 180 m². Altogether, 92 seats wait for the customers in different sitting areas. Bright seats made of genuine leather, modern stylistic elements such as a carpet in wood look and a sophisticated light concept contribute to the customers‘ comfort and make them come back again.

The great design, technical planning and high-quality 3D visualization as well as the whole project implementation of this innovative bakery concept were certainly created by the multi-specialist AICHINGER. The special challenge for the furnishing professional from the AICHINGER planning office in Granz was to integrate appropriately a functional but also appealing concept into an extremely long floor plan. In addition to a backing station in the center of the shop where the entire product range is backed from 1:30 am, there is a jelly doughnut backing station in the entrance area including an extractor fan which will be exchanged for an ice-cream cabinet during the summer months. The high-quality furniture as well as the promotional light concept by the AICHINGER subsidiary we-shoplight, provide to the various products the perfect stage which they deserve. Thanks to years of experience, technical experience and cooperative customer proximity, the success consultant Ernst Sommerauer and his team managed to hand over an excellent turnkey concept to the customer. The first weeks have already proven that numerous customers have accepted the concept and that along with classic bakery products and coffee, more than 1,000 jelly doughnuts are sold every day.

Bakery Rainer, Sillian

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 65 m² (sales area)
Lage: Sillian/Austria
Sortiment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks
Berater: Ernst Sommerauer

Traditional baker's craft and best ingredients

The newly opened shop of the bakery Rainer is noted on the shopping list of many gourmets. That is because their varied and fresh selection of exquisite ingredients is a guarantee of especially tasty and healthy baked goods. On top of that, the bakery features also a lovely café/tavern located in a former community hall.

The job of Aichinger's facility experts was to widen the entrance portal and create an all-new shop concept in order have enough room to include many new functions. Now, decorative “airflakes” on glass panels all over the place absorb disturbing noises and optimise the room acoustics. A natural stone floor in two colours beautifully contrasts with the warm-coloured wood furniture. The purpose of these measures was to create a stylish atmosphere that makes guests feel as comfortable as possible. Also, the owner Mrs. Rainer contributed her long-standing experience and personal taste in the realisation of the project. As a result, the very harmonious cooperation led to a completely new and more functional shop concept.

Butchery Schader

Die Fakten:

Größe: approx. 100 m² (sales area)
Lage: Tarnsweg/Austria
Sortiment: meat and sausage products, warm meals, cold drinks, coffee
Berater: Ernst Sommerauer

A professional makeover for the better

For more than 30 years of success, the butchery Schader resides in Tarnsweg in Salzburg state, Austria. When the time for a complete renovation of their premises came, Aichinger was asked for help to refurbish the 300-year-old building and give it a new shine. The problems to be solved were a much too dark shop, a not properly working counter, and a rather badly visible display. Of course, Aichinger Advisor Ernst Sommerauer gave top priority to the owners' individual wishes and needs.

For maximum functionality, beneficial energy-efficiency, and temperature stability of the counter, the top product SIRIUS®3 was installed. Its reliability, comfortable maintenance, and an accurately fashioned wood décor are perfect examples of quality made in Germany. Thanks to its length of more than 7.5 metres, there is plenty of space for the presentation of selected delicacies now. Behind the counter, a perfectly integrated giant fridge attracts views to the best pieces of meat. For sure, you will find no ready-made products in the butchery Schader – exclusively, traditionally handmade natural sausage and meat products are on sale. Always fresh and distinctively delicious in taste!

In order to preserve part of the rustic appearance of the building, warm shades of wood are dominant in the shop concept. This naturally comfortable atmosphere is further emphasised by the lighting design of our partners from we-shoplight, and can dynamically be adjusted to the time of day. Mirrors applied on a large scale make the room appear considerably bigger, warmer, and friendlier. The butchery Schader is very happy how a radical change for the better is noticeable in their shop.

Die Tortenkomponisten, Söding

Die Fakten:

Größe: more than 100 m² (sales area)
Lage: out of town/Söding
Sortiment: 100 % organic baked goods, cold and warm drinks
Berater: Ernst Sommerauer

The 100 % organic bakery

Organic is more than a short-lived trend – it is a completely different approach to life. Organically produced food not only tastes better and has better nutrition values, there is also the aspect of active environment protection. Therefore, “die Tortenkomponisten” (German for “the cake composers”) stand for organic ingredients, saving resources, and traditional craftsmanship in the production.

Knowing that valuable ingredients and love for detail are a good recipe for success, Sabrina and Manuel Mauerhofer asked Aichinger for help with the equipment of their “organic paradise”. Now, after the installation of a beautifully round ARTline counter with angular glass attachment, their great choice of tarts can be showcased in an almost spectacular and perfectly protective way. The result is an outstanding organic pleasure for both the palate and the eye.

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