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Our success stories

Das ESszimmer, Esslingen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 500 m²
Lage: City centre
Sortiment: Baked goods + sausage & meat products
Berater: Team Ellhofen

New Gastro-Highlight in the Stuttgart area!

On 600 square meters, 150 seats and two floors: The dining room in the shopping center "Das ES" - Butcher Häfele and the Bakery Zoller allow the customer become a guest here. The name says it all. The "ESszimmer" (or Dining Room) is known for its 300 sqm loft with an impressive seating area including a panoramic view of the newly designed Esslinger Bahnhofsplatz. Amidst the stylish industrial design are large artificial trees and sculptures, the walls are decorated with imaginative wallpaper or brick.

The main entrance to the dining room is right next to the hot counter. To ensure that the meat loaf from Häfele's own production also receives a perfect spot, it is placed on the AICHINGER Plate 74. With this newly developed platter, hot dishes can be presented in an exclusive way and at the same time kept at a perfect temperature to the nearest degree. However, changing to other systems (GN containers) is still possible and thus guarantees maximum flexibility in daily use. Over 12 metres of service counters, meat and sausage products from Häfele as well as freshly prepared bakery products from Bakery Zoller are offered - all perfectly staged and presented.

In addition, the baker-butcher combination offers an extensive choice of light meals for lunch. After the first 100 days, the managing directors have drawn positive results and are very pleased with the 30 % increase in turnover.

Bakery Rommel, Ludwigsburg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 70 m²
Lage: City Centre Ludwigsburg
Sortiment: Bakery, cakes, snacks, café
Berater: Team Ellhofen


Rommel – the baker with ideas!

The Rommel bakery looks back on an 80-year history. In 1994, Master Baker Jürgen Rommel took over operation in its third generation and manages it still today. Under the motto "We are bakers and we remain bakers", the shop concept was fundamentally renewed together with AICHINGER. First, the bakery completely renounced all purchased goods. All bakery products are to be home-made without exception. In order to present them accordingly, AICHINGER was the right partner in the field of shop fitting. Beginning with a custom-made bread shelf up to the ARTline serving counter, a store concept was created that combines modern design with a special atmosphere and proven craftsmanship.

EDEKA Esslinger, Kressbronn

Die Fakten:

Größe: 150 m²
Lage: Village Centre
Sortiment: Complete assortment with gastronomy
Berater: Team Ellhofen


Oifach guat! Simply good!

The occassion for the conversion could hardly be more appropriate: The family Esslinger opened the market on Lake Constance in the centre of Kressbronn almost exactly ten years ago. Now in a new design and with an extended assortment, EDEKA Esslinger has opened its doors once again. As in Neuravensburg, Langenargen and Weißensberg, the market in Kressbronn also offers a wide range of fresh foods. Unlike the other markets, Esslinger also offers a large catering area here. In addition to snack classics such as Leberkäs, burgers, currywurst or schnitzel, there are also Asian and Italian dishes. The "Platte 64" from AICHINGER offers new possibilities for the presentation of warm, ready-cooked dishes. With minimal cleaning effort, precise temperature control and high energy efficiency, the plate 64 is convincing in every respect. An all-round successful shopping experience.

Krimmers Backstub, Untermuenkheim

Die Fakten:

Größe: 80 m²
Lage: Untermuenkheim
Sortiment: Bakery products
Berater: Team Ellhofen

Naturally. Regional.

Krimmers Backstub in Untermuenkheim has proven that this classic handcraft is still a trade in hand which finds gold in every land.
Actually, the Krimmer family had wanted to renew the store with the takeover. However, for financial reasons then, nothing came of it. After all, there were already two bakeries, a pre-baking station and a petrol station in Untermuenkheim. Through social networks, the Krimmer family then learned of AICHINGER. On the basis of AICHINGER’s variety of superbly designed and individual store concepts, the Krimmer family decided to go ahead with the reconstruction together with success consultant Daniel Schwarz. In execution of the concept, great care was taken to ensure that everything was perfectly in tune with the bakery’s product range and the location.
The 6.5 meter long ARTline counter was individually constructed with an exclusive glass top. Given the great amount of breads, a unique bread shelf was used. During the planning, not only the optimal presentation of goods was taken into consideration, but the storage space was also enlarged. Behind the counter there is now ten centimeters more space – which does not sound like much, but makes the work for the personnel much easier. To the old store with 36 m², a seating area of 30 m² was added. For this purpose, the former office was abandoned. And there was even room for a small winter garden annex.
Even after several visits to Krimmer’s Backstub, one always finds something new to discover. For example, a coat rack made out of rolling pins, the lampshades made out of baking pans or the bag rest in the form of a baker’s peel. And the customers are given a look into the bakery kitchen to watch the preparation of freshly baked goods.

Bakery Pfrommer & Butcher Holzinger, Bad Liebenzell

Die Fakten:

Größe: 80 m²
Lage: Bad Liebenzell
Sortiment: Bakery products, meat and sausage products
Berater: Team Ellhofen

A perfect combination of bakery and butcher!

If you thought that a bakery and a butcher could not be combined, you should take a look at the bakery Pfrommer and the butcher Holzinger in Bad Liebenzell. The Team from AICHINGER’S planning office Ellhofen invested great passion and diligence in setting up the new branch. Over a sales area of approx. 80 m², since the new opening in the LIDL store, an inviting and modern combination of bakery and butcher awaits the customer.
The fantastic presentation of goods in the bakery area is perfectly supported by the ARTline counter from AICHINGER. In addition to the usual baked goods and different kinds of rolls, cakes and sweet tidbits, great emphasis has been put on a nutrition-conscious assortment.  So for example, a person suffering from food allergies will find at least one baked product available for them throughout the week.
In the butcher’s area, our multi-award winning SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter keeps the products continually fresh. Here you will find only traditionally crafted meat and sausage products. The many years of expertise of this successful specialist company, complements this store perfectly. 

Wuschels Backstub, Deckenpfronn

Die Fakten:

Größe: 60 m²
Lage: Deckenpfronn
Sortiment: Bakery products and delicate cakes, snacks, hot and cold
Berater: Team Ellhofen

Bread. Fire. Passion. 

For almost 30 years, Klaus „Wuschel“ Wunschick has been successfully managing the second generation  of the Wuschel Bakery. Early on he developed an enthusiasm for “show bakeries” which is why he began his bakery apprenticeship in 1981 becoming one of the first in the region thereby turning his dream into reality. Today, the owner has 9 branches throughout Baden-Württemberg. The seductive aroma of pretzels, croissants and rolls is still the reason customers enjoy coming back again for a sense of well-being. And so that the bakery products could be presented perfectly, the Master Baker wholeheartedly relied on the extensive experience of AICHINGER’S success consultant Daniel Schwarz and, of course, on the sales promoting products from the multi-specialists in Wendelstein. With the high quality lighting structures from we-shoplight, the room is both inviting and cozy. The result is a modern bakery which could be handed over turnkey. 

EDEKA Esslinger, Weißensberg

Die Fakten:

Größe: 1500 m²
Lage: Industrial area of Weißensberg
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Ellhofen

EDEKA Esslinger with an impressive industrial look!

With direct access to the motorway A96 Munich Linda (exit Weißensberg), EDEKA Esslinger has found the perfect location. Over the past months a new EDEKA market was created with an impressive industrial look behind the doors of the market hall of Weißensberg. With the new concept of the market hall, family Esslinger intends to enable shopping in a cosy, modern atmosphere. For this reason, walls have partly been removed and the ceiling has been raised. Steel, concrete, wood and bricks dominate the appearance. Lattice windows are a recurring element and eye catcher.

The AICHINGER success consultant Daniel Schwarz and his Ellhofen planning office created a big highlight with the fresh food area. In order to provide the perfect stage to the product range, the entire fresh food area was raised – which means that the products are in the customer’s direct focus.

In addition to the impressive concept, about 20 to 25 percent of the food have an organic label in the store. That is exactly the reason why Esslinger was awarded as “Regional Star 2017” this year. Together with the organiser of the “International Green Week”, the trade magazine “Lebensmittel Praxis“ has awarded this price for the second time this year. 

Olli´s Kronenbäckerei, Stuttgart

Die Fakten:

Größe: 150 m²
Lage: Downtown of Stuttgart
Sortiment: Bakery products, pies, cakes, hamburger, cold and warm beverages
Berater: Team Ellhofen

Planted, ground, baked!

OLLI’S Kronenbäckerei in Stuttgart now has a shop fitting which also suits its name. The former Kronenbäckerei Unrath developed a completely new store concept with the multi specialist AICHINGER. Thanks to the impressive ARTline counter with an unsupported glass top and first-class materials the client is offered an impressive presentation of goods. With the PANEVARI bread shelf the rear wall design can individually be customized and therefore always offers an optimal the presentation of goods. The modern seating area provides a pleasant atmosphere and those who are in a hurry can simply use the take-away-counter and get delicious pastries to take along with them. The illumination of the entire salesroom was provided by the light specialist we-shoplight.

REWE Güntner, Filderstadt

Die Fakten:

Größe: 1.990 m²
Lage: Downtown of Filderstadt
Sortiment: Food retailing with extensive fresh food area for meat/sausage/cheese products
Berater: Team Ellhofen

REWE Güntner

After the great conversion of the Güntner REWE supermarket chain in the center of Filderstadt, a concept was created which combines manifold and quality-focused worlds of enjoyment with high-quality ambience and an astonishing attention to detail. With a sales area of about 1,990 m², the market offers a new fresh food area with plenty of fruit and vegetables, a paradise of enjoyment for delicious fish and meat specialties and an impressive wine arena.

In cooperation with the AICHINGER success consultant Daniel Schwarz and his team in Ellhofen, this already is the second store concept which the owner René Güntner has realized with the furnishing experts.
With the multi-award winning cooling counter SIRIUS 3 and the self-service cooling counter SIRIUS TopSpot, the market has the perfect presentation of products for its customer. DELIKAT [ESSEN] is the integrated snack bar in the market and is located right next to the entrance portal. The snack bar offers various salad dishes as well as French fries and schnitzel. 

Bakery Frank, Sindelfingen

Die Fakten:

Größe: 150 m² (shop area)
Lage: Downtown of Sindelfingen
Sortiment: Coffee specialties, pastry and confectionery
Berater: Team Ellhofen


Tradition in third Generation

For the past 350 years, the bakery Frank in Sindelfingen has been producing high-quality pastries with an impressive love for details and with craft tradition which has proved worthwhile for eleven generations.

The aim of the owner Andreas Frank is to delight with his wide range of products and to convince with regard to taste and freshness. All the products are always fresh from the oven and free of any ready-mixes, true to the motto: back to the roots.

The uncompromising quality of these products was certainly also to be reflected by the store concept. Anyone who enters the newly designed branch in Sindelfingen will have a real wow effect. A lot of solid wood was used for the design without overloading the room. The imposing ARTline counter allows an impressive presentation of the products and the displayed pastries show off to their very best advantage. With its country-style style elements but also modern design, the great store concept invites its visitors to linger on a total area of about 150m². The perfect combination of different materials and surfaces complete this impressive store concept. The owner Stefanie Frank says: "We are really satisfied with our new store - AICHINGER has been the perfect partner for us." 

Butchery Ganzhorn, Birkenfeld

Die Fakten:

Größe: 70 m²
Lage: Downtown/Birkenfeld
Sortiment: meat and sausage products, warm meals, cold drinks
Berater: Daniel Schwarz

Only excellent components!

Since the foundation of the butcher’s Ganzhorn by Emil Ganzhorn in 1911, many things have change, but something has remained the same: “Craft tradition and enjoyment culture full of enthusiasm“. Tradition, bonds with home country and state-of-the-art technology are also three features that fit well together in the new store concept in Birkenfeld.

The team of the multi-specialist AICHINGER, headed by the success consultant Daniel Schwarz, created a modern butcher’s shop with awesome feel-good atmosphere on more than 70 m². In order to avoid any compromises, they certainly opted for the award-winning cooling counter SIRIUS3 by AICHINGER. In addition to its excellent cooling features and low energy consumption, the individual adaption is another compelling argument for this unique counter. The shop owners Werner & Roman Ganzhorn also agreed with these aspects and are fully satisfied with their new butcher’s shop. The complete realization of the new store concept with the store building specialist AICHINGER guaranteed a successful turnkey delivery. 

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