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Innovation is our dearest tradition. This can be seen by looking at the key years in our company history. Have a look at the different dates in the history of AICHINGER. The sober-looking years conceal a few surprises.

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  • 1904     

    Johann Aichinger founds a carpentry business in Nuremberg, laying the foundations for our modern business.

  • 1925     

    Based on solid foundations, Johann Aichinger’s trade company now makes complete furniture systems for bakeries, patisseries and cafés.

  • 1965     

    The foundation of a subsidiary for metal construction considerably expands the product range. Window display units with aluminium windows and façade construction are now among the company’s services.

    A new production site is built in Wendelstein.

  • 1989     

    NAX in Frankfurt is incorporated into our company. This adds furniture for butchers’ shops, delicatessens and catering companies to move forward with the continuous expansion of services available.

  • 1990     

    Acquisition of Orshler in Stockstadt to add furniture for the textile industry to our business division.

  • 1993     

    We centralise our production sites in Wendelstein to ensure increased efficiency and valuable synergies in production.

  • 1994     

    Window and façade construction divisions hived out to enable successful structuring.

  • 1995     

    Acquisition by Günther Hertel.

    Extensive restructuring to state-of-the-art organisational and production workflows; continuation as AICHINGER Einrichtungsbau GmbH with headquarters in Wendelstein.

  • 1997     

    Incorporation of Maier + Pistor + Bröcker, Munich, Kassel, Haan and thus enlargement of business divisions for furniture for butchers’ and bakeries.

  • 1998     

    New name of AICHINGER MP Einrichtungsbau GmbH based in Wendelstein.

  • 2000     

    Expansion of business divisions:
    Design, planning and implementation of furniture for the whole food industry (bakeries, pastry shops, cafes, butchers’ shops, fish shops and delicatessens, eateries); for the non-food sector (bookshops, textile shops, opticians, pharmacies); for hotels and catering companies and for major projects (railway stations, airports, shopping centres, food courts, market halls, department stores).

    Expansion of sales networks to provide comprehensive presence.

  • 2004     

    Majority stake in we-shoplight to add innovative light strategies and lighting systems to the range of services.

    Our company celebrates its 100 year anniversary.

    Continuous expansion of the interior design department to become one of the biggest architecture and planning companies in the industry in Europe. As a result, the implementation of major projects in transport and shopping centre and experience catering take on increasing importance.

    Based on the motto of “Success based on shopfitting”, AICHINGER is underlining that modern shopfitting is about authentic overall designs, not just the production and fitting of furniture.

  • 2005     

    Name change to ALCHINGER GmbH with new logo.

    Further expansion of business divisions based on strategic partnership with KIESEL Systemtechnik (large kitchens and equipment for rail vehicles) and Gastronom (service and maintenance for large kitchens). Combination of skills is unique in the industry. This takes into consideration increasing overlaps between previously separate industries (bakers, butchers, catering, etc.).

    Customers receive complex complete solutions from a single source.

  • 2006     

    New products and services added to the wide range of expertises.

    Enlargement of company group with AICHINGER Edelstahl GmbH (formerly Kuchler) - expertise on stainless steel.

    SIRIUS® contact with contact cooling added to the new SIRIUS® counter range. This means customers can choose from an even more comprehensive range of services and more personalised complete solutions.

    Systematic expansion of the international business by reinforcing cooperation with authorised AICHINGER sales partners and setting up international branch offices.

  • 2007     

    With 275 employees, including 55 interior designers/architects and over 45 experienced customer advisers, AICHINGER is constantly developing new concepts and product solutions for the whole food industry. This represents over 1500 projects planned and implemented every year and turnover of approx. 60 million euros per year.

  • 2008     

    Market launch of SIRIUS®contact with hygiene humidification.

  • 2009     

    “AICHINGER Functional Design” now stands for the perfect combination of ambience, product presentation, functionality and technology. 93% customer satisfaction is further impetus for continued high performance in the future.

  • 2010     

    The integration of KIESEL professional kitchens allows our customers to benefit from even more comprehensive complete solutions from a single source.

    Success can be measured: The AiMA climate room, which is unique anywhere in Europe, is opened in Schwaig. Over 170 measurement sensors allow exact measurements on energy consumption, air flow and temperature stability for refrigeration furniture.

  • 2011     

    FreshFoodEmotions is developed, a cross-industry strategy to increase sales in the food retail sector.

    LEHO is presented for the first time at EuroShop in Dusseldorf. The radical new wall-mounted refrigeration shelf for the food retail sector has impressive energy efficiency and temperature stability.

  • 2012     

    The continuous growth of the company requires sustainable process-optimisation between sales, planning, order management and technology.

    SIRIUS®3 allows “More Freshness per Metre”. Two of the most important features of the newly developed SIRIUS® generation are absolute temperature stability and maximum energy efficiency.

  • 2013     

    Newly founded beo GmbH with Viessman is a strong joint venture which takes over the development, production and sale of LEHO wall-mounted refrigeration shelf. The aim of beo GmbH: the integrated use of heat and cooling for buildings services. goes online in October. This allows consumption and temperature measurements for an operational refrigerated counter to be uploaded to the internet live for the first time.

  • 2014     

    “We love to create Food Rooms,” explained AICHINGER for EuroShop. Their stand was well received by the public and specialist press.

  • 2015     

    Sirius®3 wins the renowned Internorga future prize in the categories of technology and equipment.

  • 2016     

    Market launch of ROG-ROLL'N'GRILL, the fully automated grilling and frying system for the entire food industry.

  • 2017     

    Under the vision FOOD ON STAGE, AICHINGER presented the latest furnishing solutions for the food retail trade at EuroShop.

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