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Every day, we excite our customers with our individual shopfitting designs. Here are the latest success stories from the catering sector. The ‘annual selection’ button takes to more excellent references.

Joe Wasner, Passau


The facts:

Size: 144 m²
Location: Shopping centre downtown Passau
Assortment: Snacks, sausage and meat products
Implementation: Team Landshut

Joe Wasner

Down-to-earth, sociable but also curious and adventurous - that was Hans Joe Wasner. The story of Hans Joe Wasner could be described in a nutshell: In the thirties he dared to make the leap to America. With only one dollar in his pocket, he started out like they do in the films: as a dishwasher in New York. But a short time later, the Bavarian master butcher became manager of a Chicago slaughterhouse.
Joe, as he was called by his American friends, was inspired by the "casualness" of American cuisine. Then back in Germany, he founded the traditional Wasner butcher's shop.
Years later - today with over 50 branches and 500 employees - Wasner's grandson Hannes Weber wants to continue the story in honour of his grandfather. Traditional butchery combined with a casual, American style of food and a first-class shop design - this is the new concept that was recently implemented as a pilot project in the Stadtgalerie Passau. For Hannes Weber, the visibility of the merchandise is an essential success factor. That's why he opted for the AICHINGER Gourmet counter section. In addition, the newly developed "Platte 64" was used, with which warm dishes can be presented in an exclusive manner and at the same time kept at a perfect constant temperature to the nearest degree. However, changing to other systems (GN containers) is still possible and thus guarantees maximum flexibility in daily handling. Thanks to the low recess depth, the area of use in the counter substructure is considerably increased and completely new possibilities are created in the design of the hot counter.

Globus Systemgastronomie, Leipzig


The facts:

Size: 85 m²
Location: Downtown of Leipzig
Assortment: Kebab, burger and salads
Implementation: Team Halle

Where does the kebab come from?

The history of the doner kebab in Germany is clearly older than imagined. It has not only become part of the culture but almost worshipped. This oriental specialty belongs to the German fast food landscape such as curry sausage and hamburgers. Guest workers brought it with them from Turkey, changed it a bit and created a hot seller. In Turkey the grilled meat from the spit is served on a plate whereas here in Germany, it is served over the counter in flatbread – and namely over an AICHINGER counter. And so that the whole concept was right, the planning professionals from the Halle Office did the whole store at the same time. The result is a kebab store in an exclusive style; fresh colours, a clear design and a spacious interior with just the right lighting from we-shoplight.


IWS TownTown AG, Wien


The facts:

Size: 400 m²
Location: Industrial area, Vienna
Assortment: Canteen
Implementation: Team Wöllersdorf

ORBI Tower

The ORBI Tower in the east of Vienna is an absolute eye-catcher with its height of 102m. Efficiency, infrastructure and location make the ORBI Tower Vienna’s most popular office address. On two levels a superbly designed, high quality functional canteen was created. The 60 seat café bar with direct outdoor access and small garden invites guests to breakfast with international morning classics, fresh fruit and veggie shakes, a wide assortment of pastries and homemade cakes. Numerous hot and cold snacks as well as an extensive offer of take-away make breakfast in front of the computer screen, into a pleasure.
The self-service restaurant on the first floor is designed according to an innovative open space concept and can be reached by lift or stairs. With seating for approx.170, both employees as well as external guests can order from a menu of their choice. With the experts from AICHINGER, success consultant Christoph Sindlgruber and the Wöllersdorf Team, every catering requirement could be perfectly implemented.

Holiday Inn, Villingen Schwenningen


The facts:

Size: --no information--
Location: Villingen-Schwenningen
Assortment: City Hotel
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

The Four Star Feel-good Experience in Villingen-Schwenningen

As the largest hotel in the city, Sierra Hotel Management GmbH is opening the new Holiday Inn in Villingen-Schwenningen. The 4-Star Hotel is ideally located in the new center of Villingen-Schwenningen, in the middle of the Black Forest between Stuttgart and Lake Constance. The Aschkes, who for many years have run the Villinger Mercure Hotel, currently run three other hotels in addition to the "Holiday Inn" with their hotel management company and have put their decades of professional experience into this hotel concept.
240 high quality guest rooms, conference rooms and an open lobby with a 24 hour bar and restaurant, make every guest’s stay unforgettable. With selected professional kitchen technology from AICHINGER Professional Kitchen specialists around success consultant Andreas Schamburger and the technical product designer Jürgen Neurohr, a state-of-the-art and efficient kitchen has taken its place. The entire kitchen concept was fully tailored to the needs of the employees.

Rubenbauer Genusswelten, Nürnberg


The facts:

Size: 1000 m²
Location: Main Station Nuremberg
Assortment: Fast Food
Implementation: Team Wendelstein


Worlds of Delights in the Nuremberg Main Station!

The Nuremberg Main Station is now enriched with a gastronomical paradise: the Food Court from Rubenbauer Genusswelten. Over an area of approx. 1,000 m², hungry or thirsty commuters and travelers can find not just delicious snacks and baked goods for on the go. The diverse variety offered also includes many regional and international delicacies.  For example, lovers of typical Franconian specialities will find what they are looking for in the traditional bakery „Der Beck“. Also fans of pizza, French fries and kabab as well as pretzel bakery fans are taken care of in this new Food Court. The food boulevard in the heart of Nuremberg’s Main Station is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm for all hungry pleasure seekers.

For this wide variety of products a very distinctive design was made which allows these 10 food stations to harmonize perfectly. In addition, the special manufacture of the ARTline counter as well as the CoolMaxx and HotMaxx counters from the house of AICHINGER, were exclusively worked with the highest quality materials. The years of expertise, the premium quality „MADE IN GERMANY“ and the understanding of successful shop furnishings completes the project perfectly.

OSI Food Solutions, Gersthofen


The facts:

Size: -- no information --
Location: Industrial area, Gersthofen
Assortment: Industrial kitchen, canteen
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

Meat is a matter of trust …

 …that is why OSI Food Solutions is now one of the largest food producers in the world. OSI (Otto & Sons Industries) began as a family business in 1909 in Chicago and in addition to its central locations in Chicago and Shanghai, has opened a headquarters in Europe. This was none other than the Bavarian-Swabian town of Gerstenhofen.
One of the most well-known customers to this day is indeed McDonald‘s Germany. McDonald’s has been sourcing beef for all standard and promotional products since 1971. And not without reason: 93% of OSI processed beef comes from German farms. Suppliers here are just under 69,000 farmers, most of whom run small and medium sized businesses. The animals live mainly in open pens where they can move about freely.
For the headquarters in the Senefelderstraße in Gersthofen, an existing building was converted into an office center for the currently around 80 employees. Even the company canteen now sparkles and shines after the extensive reconstruction. Our specialists from AICHINGER Professional Kitchens have done an incredible job in equipping the European headquarters of OSI with a superbly designed, top quality and functional industrial kitchen. In the new, spacious food serving area, delicious meals are now being served every day. 

REHAU Strontium, Rehau


The facts:

Size: --no information--
Location: Rehau
Assortment: Company canteen
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

REHAU Strontium

The family business REHAU was founded more than 60 years ago in Germany and now employs more than 17,000 people worldwide. Expertise and innovative spirit have made the company to become the leading system and service provider of polymer-based solutions in different areas. In case of every individual product, the polymer specialist counts on standards for the sustainable recycling of rainwater and waste water and therefore guarantees security and longevity.

With the conversion of the Strontium Werk in Rehau, the company canteen was modernised and leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the high-quality and excellent canteen kitchen, a modern coffee bar and a stylish counter a place was created where employees have the possibility to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and exchange thoughts. This project, too, was completed successfully thanks to the AICHINGER gastronomy experts. 

Boehringer Ingelheim, Ingelheim am Rhein


The facts:

Size: -- no information --
Location: Ingelheim am Rhein
Assortment: Company restaurant
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

New Company Restaurant for Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. With a worldwide presence in 145 locations, there are approximately 47,500 employees,. At the headquarters of this pharmaceutical firm, a new company restaurant has just been completed. The new building provides seating for 800 in the guest area and is designed to serve 3,500 meals a day.  In the serving area, employees will in the future find the same food selection as before in the old restaurant, which had more than exceeded its capacity for some time. Even an extension of opening hours did not bring any noticeable relief, so it was decided an additional building was needed. There are now 30 new employees to ensure that everything runs smoothly up front and behind the scenes. Both company restaurants are operated independently. The construction of the new building focused on easy accessibility for disabled. In addition to landmarks for the visually impaired, at the entrance area there are large rotating doors as well as separate entrances. What’s more, the counters, tray return stations and tables in the guest area are wheel chair accessible.

With the specialists from AICHINGER Professional Kitchens, the gastronomic requirements could be perfectly adapted.  And with specially selected technology for professional cooking, a modern and efficient kitchen technology has taken its place. The entire kitchen concept was fully adapted to the needs of the employees. 

EBERT'S, Frankfurt


The facts:

Size: 60 m²
Location: Downtown of Frankfurt
Assortment: salads, hot & cold dishes, soups
Implementation: Team Wiesbaden


High-quality products are the base for success...

… this is what Metzgerei & Feinkost Ebert stands for – the butcher’s has been producing at its own factory and preparing with loving attention for details already since 1908. It was clear from the beginning: demand for meat and sausage products was so high, that very soon two other branches could be opened in Frankfurt. In cooperation with the AICHINGER planning department in Wiesbaden, the butcher now has ventured another step. The parent company Metzgerei & Feinkost Ebert turned into EBERT’S and has become a combination of soup house and bistro. The AICHINGER gourmet counter provides a unique presentation of the freshly prepared soups which are kept warm all day by means of heated side glass panes and an additional double-boiler. Due to the generous presentation of salads, the hot delicacies and the rich assortment of cold and hot beverages everybody will find what they desire. As of now, the new soup house also offers a to-go-snack station for the hungry ones on the run. The perfect illumination of the store which was provided by we-shoplight also supports the presentation of goods.  

Pflanzen Kölle, Nürnberg


The facts:

Size: 250 m²
Location: Downtown/Nürnberg
Assortment: pastries, cold and warm beverages, breakfast, lunch, buffet, ice cream and desserts
Implementation: Klaus Pflaumer

Nurnberg turns green! 

As of now, clients will benefit from traditional horticulture competence coupled with innovative product diversity in the green oasis of Pflanzen Kölle/Nurnberg. The culinary concept at the Nurnberg branch is surely one of the most impressive of all garden centres in Germany. The restaurant “Bambusgarten” is inherently connected to the sales area und therefore allows customers to have a green break while shopping.

Supported by AICHINGER‘s success consultant Klaus Pflaumer, a flower and plant market was created, which offers such a unique gastronomic diversity to its customers. The in-house restaurant offers a rich breakfast selection, a wide range of freshly cooked lunch menus as well as a front cooking station. Further, an extensive range of cakes and pies is offered in the customized AICHINGER cake counter all day as well as a wide range of ice-cream specialties. Moreover, the restaurant is also open from 10 o’clock on Sundays to welcome customers with a Sunday brunch. The extensive area of some 250 m² including counters and restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere with its luxury wood look and natural ambience, which invites customers to linger.

The Bambusgarten at Pflanzen Kölle: A Franconian success story.

Amsterdam Chips Company, St. Petersburg


The facts:

Size: approx 40 m²
Location: Downtown/St. Petersburg
Assortment: Frites/chips and delicious sauces
Implementation: Klaus Pflaumer

Fried solanum

More than 300 million tons of potatoes are grown and harvested worldwide every year. Thus, the solanum is one of the world’s most important staple food. The popular tuber can be prepared in many different ways, however, the most known one is yet the rod shape. French fries have become de rigeur of this day and age and have become rather popular as delicious side dish or individual snack. And this is exactly where the franchise company “Amsterdam Chips Company” (ACC), founded by Mr. Rainer Iding, starts and wants to tempt its customers with crispy fries and numerous delicious sauces into its new shop in St. Petersburg. 

It turned out quickly that AICHINGER would provide a modern shop concept, which was reflected right during the planning phase. Without having an existing leased property, the entire shop fitting, that had been ordered, was planned and drawn by AICHINGER‘s architecture professionals. The suitable location was found and leased at a later point in time. All the planned details were correct straightway and there were only tiny changes which were to be made according to the existing space concept. The management was pretty much impressed by that much professionality and the company intends to grow and open further successful shop in cooperation with AICHINGER.

Novotel Centre Ville, Nurnberg


The facts:

Size: --- No details ---
Location: Downtown/Nurnberg
Assortment: City Hotel with central location
Implementation: Wolfgang Kästner

Four-Star Hotel in the Heart of the City

With more than 400 hotels in 56 countries, the French hotel group Novotel is one of the world’s largest providers. Novotel (Builder: Carlton K.G Nürnberg, Familie Rübsamen) now offers its customers sophisticated accommodation at the four-star hotel “Centre Ville”, which is centrally located near the old city of Nurnberg. Two hundred forty high-class rooms, a swimming pool, conference rooms and a fitness area provide an unforgettable stay to every guest in the Franconian metropole region. The AICHINGER-Profiküchen specialists, headed by the successful consultant Wolfgang Kästner and architect Jürgen Pfaff were of course particularly pleased to have the opportunity to support with their competence and creativity the creation of this innovative hotel. One of the numerous challenges was to stick to the specified Novotel CI concept strictly, but nevertheless to create a unique and flexible concept. One of the great highlights is the awesome counter “Stazione”, which distinguishes itself not only due to its great design but also due to the great functionality of the individual stainless steel furnishing in the rear section. 

The hotel kitchen of the new building which is also used for the conference area includes state-of-the-art cooking technology and thus guarantees simple and quick process workflows. The special professional cooking technology of our partner MKN provides a modern and efficient kitchen technology. The entire kitchen concept was fully aligned to the staff’s needs, which means that the guests’ individual wishes and preferences will be fulfilled entirely. An unforgettable stay certainly also includes a hearty breakfast. The guest will find anything the heart desires at the golden food serving of the Restaurant “Colanda”. The fantastic indirect lightning creates a very classy and high-quality atmosphere. All this guarantees success and makes accommodation so special at the Novotel Nurnberg.

Leonardi Arabeska


The facts:

Size: more than 450 m²
Location: inner city/Munich
Assortment: restaurant, coffee bar, patisserie
Implementation: Andreas Schamburger

Experiencing gastronomy in a NEW way

Come to the wonderful world of the Leonardi restaurant! A unique atmosphere and culinary highlights are waiting for you: Local and seasonal dishes will be prepared freshly in front of you to give you an extraordinary experience for the palate, and for the eyes.

The Leonardi Arabeska is a place full of creativity and communication. This can be seen and felt in every corner of the shop concept: For a powerful visual effect, bright colours of wood are combined with black-painted stainless steel – because the first impression will last! A round counter was integrated into the room perfectly by the Aichinger experts. Its spacious glass attachments allow for a superb view on the décor behind the well-deigned food pass.

An incredibly large room and atmospheric lighting invite customers to stay just a little bit longer. Just perfect to start into the day with a cappuccino and home-made Bircher cereals at the coffee bar. Lunches are cooked with ingredients fresh from the market, and in the afternoon, delicious cake creations from the in-house patisserie are served. Mario Heynick's team is looking forward to welcome you among its numerous guests. To learn more, visit:

Geroldsauer Mill, Baden-Baden


The facts:

Size: approx. 650 m² (sales area)
Location: out of town
Assortment: bakery, buchery, foods, food service
Implementation: Dietmar Schmidtlein

A unique shopping place in the midst of a fascinating landscape

Following the motto „Local products from the Black Forst“, the Gerauldsauer mill project brings together the best products of a wonderful region. Adding to the regional and seasonal foods, Germany's biggest silver fur building close to the urban district of Baden-Baden also offers conference facilities, comfortable guest rooms, a rustic restaurant with beer garden, and the most beautiful view on a natural environment also known as the gateway to the Black Forest.

In order to present their products to guests in an appealing way, the presentation of regional specialities and a selection of traditionally produced foods covers a total area of 650 m². In this way, the atmosphere of the shop lives up to the hospitality typically associated with Baden. Meat and sausage products are properly presented and cooled in refrigerated SIRIUS® counters with pillar-free ARTline glass tops. For an even more prominent exposure, there is a special cabinet for the ripening of dry-aged beef behind the counter that lures the customers to buy its delicious contents. Yet another highlight is the fascinating front design of the VERSIO® bakery counter with its angular shaped glass attachment. All in all, the shop concept successfully manages to combine attractive modern architecture with a homely interior design in every detail: Copper-coloured lights above the many and varied goods display create an especially pleasant atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer. Stylish accessories and the warm colours of wood make the stay at the Geroldsheimer mill almost feel like an experience of nature.

To learn more about this unique location in the most beautiful Black forest landscape, visit:

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