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Enchilada, Nürnberg

The facts:

Size: 150 m²
Location: City centre
Assortment: Mexican, Cocktails
Implementation: Food Service

An urban flair with a Mexican touch

Already 25 years ago, Markus Lehner, a Nuremberg gastro-institution and opened Enchilada at the Obstmarkt, as one of the first Mexican restaurants in Nuremberg. Just in time for their anniversary, the store shines in new splendor.

Markus Lehner used the lockdown to rebuild the Enchilada, which still exudes the charm of the last decades.

The combination of copper, steel and wood in the wall design and the seating area give the spaciously designed rooms a noble yet inviting ambience. The centerpiece, the bar, was completely renovated and supplemented by an open, rather futuristic shelf construction. The elegant palm-print wallpaper perfects the new look well.

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