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Every day, we excite our customers with our individual shopfitting designs. Here are the latest success stories from the butchers’ sector. The ‘Archive’ button takes to more excellent references.

Butchery Marx, Longuich


The facts:

Size: 85 m²
Location: edge of town
Assortment: meat and sausage products, cheese, snacks
Implementation: Team Saarpfalz

When it comes to sausages ...

 ... it’s to the butcher's shop Marx! This is the motto of the butcher's shop in Longuich, which was founded in 1996.  Through his parents' butchery, the owner, Stephan Marx, was raised as a child surrounded by the butcher's everyday life. The daily freshness of the meat and sausage products is ensured not only by the controlled slaughtering but also by the qualified employees in the production as well. Recently, the service in Longuich was expanded considerably with the reconstruction of the sales rooms. To ensure that the goods could also be perfectly presented, Stephan Marx relied completely on the extensive experience of AICHINGER success consultant Bernd Ott and of course on the sales-promoting AICHINGER products.

Butchery Gierstorfer, Regensburg


The facts:

Size: 45 m²
Location: DEZ Shopping Centre
Assortment: Meat and sausages
Implementation: Team Landshut

Pure tradition!

For 20 years the Butchery Gierstorfer from Pfatter in the county of Regensburg in the Donau-Einkaufszentrum/Shopping Centre (DEZ) Regensburg has been selling its meat and sausage specialities with great success. Now the shop has been completely renovated. On a large open space on the ground floor of the DEZ, the new shop was built in a record time of only 14 days. The new store presents itself with the eye-catching focal point: The SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter from AICHINGER which skilfully stages the specialities and provides them with optimal climate control. In addition, the warm sales counter in combination with the AICHINGER Platte 74 offers an appealing presentation of the food. Customers are delighted and praise the new take-away concept, says Master Butcher Artur Gierstorfer.

Butcher Heindl, Hauzenberg


The facts:

Size: 64,35 m²
Location: Market place
Assortment: Meat, bakery and sausage products
Implementation: Landshut Team

Honest quality since 1889

The Heindl Butcher's Shop, founded in 1889 in Untergriesbach in the eastern district of Passau, has in recent years seen eventful times. In July 2013 a part of the rear building of the main shop burned down, which resulted in all manner of new building and conversions. With Carmen Heindl and Christoph Scheer, the 5th generation is now being represented in the company today. So now it was really time to also carry out a conversion of the store in Hauzenberg. The former sales room was converted into a comfortable sitting and eating area. Due to these conceptional changes, there was now the possibility to extend the product range and to fulfil the most diverse customer wishes. Our award-winning refrigerated counter SIRIUS®3 was installed, which offers many advantages over other refrigerated counters. Perfect ergonomics, excellent temperature stability and uniquely high energy efficiency are just three of the major advantages that can be mentioned here. The "Platte 64" from AICHINGER opens up new possibilities for the presentation of warm, ready-cooked dishes.

Fleisch- und Wurstwerkstatt Tonn, Wildeshausen


The facts:

Size: 300 m²
Location: City centre
Assortment: Meat, cheese and sausage products, dry-age beef, hot dishes
Implementation: Team Hannover

Real craftmanship. Real taste.

In Wildeshausen people are happy, because the town in Lower Saxony is now enriched with a specialty butcher's shop. Tonn Meat and Sausage Shop at their new location now have around 300 square metres of space at their disposal. The rooms are bright, modern and well thought out. You enter the new sales room through a spacious foyer. A lot of work has been done with wooden elements and warm colours. Of course, the AICHINGER SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter should not be missing here. The multi-award-winning refrigerated counter keeps the sausage and meat products permanently fresh and sets them perfectly in the spotlight. According to his own words, Tonn wants to continue to be active in the future "with heart and soul" for the family business, which has been in existence for more than 50 years.

Das ESszimmer, Esslingen


The facts:

Size: 500 m²
Location: City centre
Assortment: Baked goods + sausage & meat products
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

New Gastro-Highlight in the Stuttgart area!

On 600 square meters, 150 seats and two floors: The dining room in the shopping center "Das ES" - Butcher Häfele and the Bakery Zoller allow the customer become a guest here. The name says it all. The "ESszimmer" (or Dining Room) is known for its 300 sqm loft with an impressive seating area including a panoramic view of the newly designed Esslinger Bahnhofsplatz. Amidst the stylish industrial design are large artificial trees and sculptures, the walls are decorated with imaginative wallpaper or brick.

The main entrance to the dining room is right next to the hot counter. To ensure that the meat loaf from Häfele's own production also receives a perfect spot, it is placed on the AICHINGER Plate 74. With this newly developed platter, hot dishes can be presented in an exclusive way and at the same time kept at a perfect temperature to the nearest degree. However, changing to other systems (GN containers) is still possible and thus guarantees maximum flexibility in daily use. Over 12 metres of service counters, meat and sausage products from Häfele as well as freshly prepared bakery products from Bakery Zoller are offered - all perfectly staged and presented.

In addition, the baker-butcher combination offers an extensive choice of light meals for lunch. After the first 100 days, the managing directors have drawn positive results and are very pleased with the 30 % increase in turnover.

Butchery zur Bernstadt, Schöffengrund


The facts:

Size: 70 m²
Location: Suburb
Assortment: Sausage and meat products
Implementation: Team Haan

That’s what home tastes like.

This butcher's story begins as early as 1953: Heinz Zimmermann is a butcher and chef with heart and soul at the inn "Zur Bernstadt". The inn grew and was taken over by his son Erhard and his wife Regina in 1981. Today Jan Zimmermann has been running the business together with his father since 2015, now in the third generation as a master butcher, cook and meat sommelier. Of course meat sommelier Jan Zimmermann sees personally to the good quality: hearty sausage specialities and of course really good meat. The SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter from AICHINGER expertly presents the specialities and provides them with optimum climate control. Jan Zimmermann is convinced: "AICHINGER has developed my custom-made concept for success. The emotional interior design was available as standard to this end. 

Butcher KUHN'S, Kaufering


The facts:

Size: 280 m²
Location: Outskirts of Kaufering
Assortment: Meat and sausages
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

Enjoyment with Quality

 As a traditional butchery and family business in their third generation, the butcher KUHN'S in Kaufering combines their butcher talents from young to old: Master Butcher Hans Kuhn with his wife Gabi, their sons Christoph and Alex and the 20 employees unite innovation and tradition under one roof.
As the customers' trend is clearly towards a midday meal and catering, the Kuhn family decided to combine system catering, bistro and café into the new store with immediate effect. Together with AICHINGER and the team from Wendelstein this concept could be smoothly implemented. With AICHINGER products such as the SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter and the ARTline bakery counter, the goods are perfectly staged and, thanks to numerous ergonomic and technical refinements, help to make day-to-day business even more successful. In the spacious seating area with separate niches, there is enough space for up to 100 people. Fast food standing up at a bistro table was yesterday. In KUHN'S you can now enjoy the delicious offers in peace in the cozy lounge.

Butcher Peipp, Schwanstetten


The facts:

Size: 70 m²
Location: City Centre Schwanstetten
Assortment: Meat and sausages, bakery products
Implementation: Team Wangen

Franconian promise of enjoyment

In a new design and with a brand new name, „the Peipp“ celebrates its reopening in the middle Franconian town of Schwanstetten. They are especially happy as they already look back on a long family tradition which has long been based in Schwanstetten. With the new logo - a bull's head made of two P's standing next to each other - the family shows how proud they are of their craft.
Because of their varied range, the sales area and the kitchen could no longer be optimally used. Through a new layout of the store, the required space is now provided. With the AICHINGER SIRIUS3 refrigerated counter and the GOURMET hot counter with integrated SIRIUS HotSpot, the home made products are perfectly staged. In addition to the sausage, meat and cheese products, there is also the classic snack and a sweets corner with coffee and cake. In comfortable niches at the windows you can enjoy a weekly changing lunch menu, but also retreat with a hearty or sweet breakfast. The complete lighting concept in the shop area was planned and implemented by our lighting experts from we-shoplight.

Butchery Michel, Wurzbach


The facts:

Size: 15 m²
Location: Wurzbach
Assortment: Meat and sausage products
Implementation: Team Wendelstein


Small but WOW!

The Butcher’s Michel in Wurzbach is probably the smallest butcher’s which we have outfitted to date.  In a modest 15 m² of retail space, there is now a 3 meter SIRIUS3 counter from AICHINGER.  In addition to this, a small comfortable seating area was designed.
After more than 28 years, it was time to modernise the shop. The familiar external appearance remains intact, but the interior has changed completely. Products such as a roaster, Thuringer liver, and black pudding and are best sellers and certified as geographically protected products. And now in the multiple award-winning SIRIUS§ refrigerated counter with the integrated MaxxPoint, these products now also get their fitting place.

Butchery Wenisch, Straubing


The facts:

Size: 125 m²
Location: Straubing
Assortment: Meat and sausage products, snack bar
Implementation: Team Landshut


The most famous ox in Straubing is life size, made of solid wrought iron and stands in front of the Wenisch headquarters of enjoyment. A further 100 oxen belong to Wenisch as well but these live on the family owned Muggenthaler Hof.
The idea of having a family owned cattle farm was born together with their desire to simply have a farm of their own, which for senior managers Waltraud and Anton Wenisch, was fulfilled in 2013. Now – five years later – the result is „HOLY BEEF“, the brand introduction of high quality homebred meat of their own rearing. Their house slogan „HOLY BEEF“ not only stands for the meat, it also stands for the reflection on the origins, respect for the animal, the people and of course the craft.
The newly opened headquarters of enjoyment in Straubing shows from the outside what it’s all about; meat in its original and finest form. The floor to ceiling meat maturing room is visible from all sides and not only displays the classic cuts of meat but also entire ox quarters. In the SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter, in addition to the classics such as Tomahawk steak chops, filets and roast beef, even unusual cuts such as Teres Major, Hanging Tender or Flat-Iron, are optimally cooled and presented. The flat glass display cabinet SIRIUS® SetPOINT compliments this fantastic shop concept and provides a wonderful view of the goods displayed. Comparable to the gems in a jewelry store, the finest delicacies in this new counter module are perfectly tempered and presented to the customer in a unique way. In the headquarters for enjoyment, it is above all about what is genuine and authentic; this is also shown in the materials used in the renovations. The aged wood of the exterior facade, solid wood and natural stone in the sales area skillfully round off the shop concept.  Here these premium products are presented in a form which signalizes premium quality. A superbly designed butcher’s shop with more than a convincing concept – the Wenisch headquarters of enjoyment, a new beacon in the butcher industry.

Butchery Keusch, St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde


The facts:

Size: 156 m²
Location: St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde
Assortment: Meat and sausage products, snack bar
Implementation: Team Gresten

ois wurscht! / It’s all sausage!

This slogan of the butcher family Keusch from the Austrian Mostviertel region is both a statement and a promise of quality at the same time. The new building in St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde with an area of 156 m² in total, is the crowning of Master Butcher Erwin Keusch and his family’s now 25 years of experience in the field. In 1993, Keusch completed his Master Craftsman Examination, registered a livestock trade and two years later a butchers in Matzendorf about 5 km away. From 1998 to 2017, he successfully ran his butcher’s shop to which a branch was added in 2008.

At the new location, a few kilometers east of the city limits of Amstettens, somewhere round 20,000 cars pass by daily – an ideal base. Large format windows draw the customers attention to what awaits them inside: the SIRIUS 3 refrigerated counter from the house of AICHINGER. Through a sustainable brine cooling system it keeps the sausages and meat products continuously cooled. In addition, the butcher offers his customers an extensive lunch menu. This is perfectly set into the scene in the new snack bar. The interior seating for 30 and 80 outside seats expertly round off the shop concept.

Meatbros, Luxemburg


The facts:

Size: 90 m²
Location: Niederanven/Luxemburg
Assortment: Meat and sausage products
Implementation: Team Bexbach


Exceptionally good meat is well-received in Luxemburg! You do not even have to leave the house because the products from MEATBROS come directly to you. When looking for meat that is more than special in Luxemburg, it is difficult to make the right choice as the number of products on offer is very large. To help the consumer choose, Tom Metzler and Alison Belnou came up with the idea of creating an online shop which delivers the best meats from Luxemburg and around the world in less than 24 hours. The fresh meat is accompanied with recipes, tips and videos which guarantee that every piece of meat is a perfect success. The whole thing happens from the new store in Niederanven (Luxemburg). A superbly designed butcher’s shop with regional and international products as well as a small restaurant corner for lunchtime guests in a cosy, rustic ambience.

Butchery Büning, Münster


The facts:

Size: 250 m²
Location: Inner Münster
Assortment: sausage and delicatessen products, regional and national specialities as well as home-made salads
Implementation: Team Haan


Meat Philipp Büning – who really knows his beef!

Keeping up with new trends is his motto and high quality products are his principles. Philipp Büning is an economist of his craft and a master of his trade. Of course, the young master butcher himself personally sees to the extremely high quality. Philipp Büning selects his own products and single-handedly inspects their origin to be able to provide his customers with only the best. Uncompromising in quality also counts in the shop fittings. First class materials and many years of expertise in counter design, show the premium quality „MADE IN GERMANY“ from the multi-specialists AICHINGER and convinced Mr. Büning immediately. A modern butcher shop with a great atmosphere has been created and the award winning refrigerated counter SIRIUS 3 now provides the perfect presentation. Thus it guarantees that only the best of the best receive a perfect stage for sales.

Butchery Hug, Lörrach


The facts:

Size: 120 m²
Location: Outskirts of Tumringen/Lörrach
Assortment: Meat and sausage products, hot food counter
Implementation: Team Buchenbach


Pure Tradition!

In Tumringen, everyone is happy that they have gained a specialist butcher shop in the area of Lörracher. The Hug Butcher and Party Service can look back on a long family tradition and today operates a total of five branches. Managing director Christoph Hug is very aware of the enormous price pressure as well as the competition with discounters and other retailers, Therefore, it is all the more important to provide a versatile and first class product and service quality, the managing director emphasizes.

The new store is the first to have a Dry Ager accessible to customers. As in the other stores, it offers a broad range of butchery products as well as a hot food counter, meals to take away or to consume on the spot. From Monday to Friday, three lunch menus are available to choose from and every morning a small breakfast with hot beverages is served.
The new sales area of the butcher is entered through a spacious foyer. The new furnishings have been worked with lots of elements of wood and warm colours. And of course, the AICHINGER SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter is not to be missed here. The multi-award winning refrigerated counter keeps the regional sausage and meat products constantly fresh and sets them perfectly into the scene. With that, its size is well suited for future, evening events. The flawless planning was implemented by AICHINGER success consultant Simone Kälble and the Buchenbach Team.



Bakery Pfrommer & Butcher Holzinger, Bad Liebenzell


The facts:

Size: 80 m²
Location: Bad Liebenzell
Assortment: Bakery products, meat and sausage products
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

A perfect combination of bakery and butcher!

If you thought that a bakery and a butcher could not be combined, you should take a look at the bakery Pfrommer and the butcher Holzinger in Bad Liebenzell. The Team from AICHINGER’S planning office Ellhofen invested great passion and diligence in setting up the new branch. Over a sales area of approx. 80 m², since the new opening in the LIDL store, an inviting and modern combination of bakery and butcher awaits the customer.
The fantastic presentation of goods in the bakery area is perfectly supported by the ARTline counter from AICHINGER. In addition to the usual baked goods and different kinds of rolls, cakes and sweet tidbits, great emphasis has been put on a nutrition-conscious assortment.  So for example, a person suffering from food allergies will find at least one baked product available for them throughout the week.
In the butcher’s area, our multi-award winning SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter keeps the products continually fresh. Here you will find only traditionally crafted meat and sausage products. The many years of expertise of this successful specialist company, complements this store perfectly. 

Butchery Ottillinger, Schrobenhausen


The facts:

Size: 188 m²
Location: Suburban of Schrobenhausen
Assortment: Meat and sausage products, delicatessen and chees, hot counter
Implementation: Team Wangen

Butchery Ottillinger in Schrobenhausen

The history of Hofmetzgerei Ottillinger, which includes 9 branches and 130 qualified employees today, started in Pöttmes, which is located in Swabia, in 1842. The Ottillinger family founded there a butcher’s shop which now is in its fifth generation. As a modern, medium-sized family business with its in-house production it will open its next branch in Schrobenhausen in Upper Bavaria. First-class materials and many years of experience in the field of counter construction are a byword for the prime quality “MADE IN GERMANY”. The Ottillinger family’s traditional history was perfectly put in the spotlight by AICHINGER’s success consultant Jürgen Engelhardt and his team. 

Butcher Stickler, Willendorf


The facts:

Size: 41 m²
Location: Downtown/Willendorf (Austria)
Assortment: Meat and sausage products, hot counter
Implementation: Team Wöllersdorf

The Awarded ones

Since 1925, it has been very important to the butcher’s shop Stickler from Willendorf that only high-quality products are sold. Simultaneously, they also count on high product diversity. The butcher’s shop is particularly proud that it has already received numerous national and international awards for their specialties. A good example of this is the gold awarded black pudding or the annual award for Stickler’s bacon specialties. The butcher’s shop has always been among the TOP 3 of the category “Direct from the farm”. On a sales area of more than 40 m², Willendorf offers everything what a gourmand may desire. In cooperation with the multi-specialist AICHINGER, a suitable basis for the comprehensive product range has been developed. A modern butcher’s shop with great feel-good atmosphere has been created. In order not to have to make a compromise, the prize-awarded SIRIUS®3 cooling counter by AICHINGER was the only option. Apart from the excellent cooling features and low energy consumption, the many possibilities of individual customization are another compelling argument for this unique counter. Over a length of almost four meters and due to the unsupported glass top, this counter is the perfect sales platform. You won’t find there in Wilmerdsorf any off-the-shelf products but only traditional crafted meat and sausage products – natural, distinctive and fresh!  

Butchery Ludwig, Düsseldorf


The facts:

Size: 150 m²
Location: Down town of Düsseldorf
Assortment: Delicatessen, meat, sausages, cheese, salads, catering
Implementation: Team Haan



Welcome to the Delicatessen Manufacture!

With round 45 employees at five sites, the butcher shop Ludwig has been an integral part of the cityscape of Düsseldorf since 1983. Right from the beginning the butcher shop has prepared hot lunch and all gourmet itself and this has not changed so far. With a unique variety of products and quality, the delicatessen manufacture Ludwig simply offers many treats for bon vivants. This attention to detail does not only stand for the presented products, but also for the new ambience of the premises at the KÖ Galerie. With Ingolf Weiershaus from AICHINGER, those responsible found the perfect contact person. Planning, awarding the installation of third-party devices, and all the interior fittings were from one single source. This ensured from the beginning that nothing stands in the way of the turnkey delivery of this great store concept.

Butchery Keller, Langenbach


The facts:

Size: 240 m²
Location: Downtown/Langenbach
Assortment: Meat and sausage products, delicatessen and chees, hot counter, wines
Implementation: Team Landshut

If you don't enjoy, you‘ll become unenjoyable!

True to this motto, the whole team of the butcher’s shop Keller cordially welcomes its customers. The inviting and warm WORLD OF ENJOYMENT, which is characterized by lot of wood and a modern feel-good-atmosphere, expects every gourmet on an imposing store area of 240 m². At the branch in Langenbach, you will find everything one may expect from a good butcher and even more: tasty sausage and ham specialties, a wide selection of chees, delicious salads and certainly really good meat. The SIRIUS®3 cooling counter by AICHINGER puts these specialties in the limelight and offers optimal cooling features. Chosen delicatessen, selected wines and delicious gift ideas are not only offered at the service counter but in the whole salesroom.

You will happily take time to sit in the generously designed seat area and enjoy regional plain fare or genius Bavarian-style street food offers. The we-shoplight specialists did a great job again, so that no one hast to sit in the dark. The perfectly adapted light concept makes the goods appear in the best light, which optimally supports the product presentation. 

Butchery Bauch, München


The facts:

Size: approx 113 m²
Location: Downtown/Munich (District Grünwald)
Assortment: Meat and sausage products, delicacies and cheeses, hot bar
Implementation: Team Landshut

Craft, passion & quality!

The great motivation of the butchery Bauch in Munich is the satisfaction of the customers. To interpret the artisan tradition in a modern way, is the great passion behind owner Marcus Bauch and his entire team. So that the fine goods can also be presented perfectly, the butcher master fully relied on the extensive experience of AICHINGER success consultant Georg Oberloher and, of course, on the sales promotion products of the multi-specialist in Wendelstein. The result is an individual and beautiful butcher shop, which was handed over to the customer. From the consulting over planning to complete construction work, everything comes from a single source and everything was MADE IN GERMANY.

Butchery Ganzhorn, Birkenfeld


The facts:

Size: 70 m²
Location: Downtown/Birkenfeld
Assortment: meat and sausage products, warm meals, cold drinks
Implementation: Daniel Schwarz

Only excellent components!

Since the foundation of the butcher’s Ganzhorn by Emil Ganzhorn in 1911, many things have change, but something has remained the same: “Craft tradition and enjoyment culture full of enthusiasm“. Tradition, bonds with home country and state-of-the-art technology are also three features that fit well together in the new store concept in Birkenfeld.

The team of the multi-specialist AICHINGER, headed by the success consultant Daniel Schwarz, created a modern butcher’s shop with awesome feel-good atmosphere on more than 70 m². In order to avoid any compromises, they certainly opted for the award-winning cooling counter SIRIUS3 by AICHINGER. In addition to its excellent cooling features and low energy consumption, the individual adaption is another compelling argument for this unique counter. The shop owners Werner & Roman Ganzhorn also agreed with these aspects and are fully satisfied with their new butcher’s shop. The complete realization of the new store concept with the store building specialist AICHINGER guaranteed a successful turnkey delivery. 

Butchery Kallert, Fürth/Puschendorf


The facts:

Size: More than 100 m² (total area)
Location: downtown/Puschendorf
Assortment: meats, sausages, delicacies
Implementation: Stefan Jugel

Success can be built

You can take this phrase literal. Best proof is the rural franconian butchery Kallert in Puschendorf, which is experiencing substantial economic growth ever since remodeling their shop together with our AICHINGER success consultant Stefan Jugel. The courage of the owners Roland and Walter Kallert to go for a bold new concept paid off. That the days of being a simple town butchery are over is more than obvious. A front of high quality natural stone and a new designed logo make you curious for what´s waiting inside. This butchery has become the hotspot for meat-lovers in the Nürnberg region. Word of the new concept, high quality products and the devotion of the Kallert brothers has spread. 

Upon entering the store the customers focus is immediately on the two round cooling counters that fit seamlessly in the SIRIUS 3 cooling counter. These two turned out to be the major attraction and allow a great view over the displayed products. “It just has more movement and action” Walter Kallert states “you just turn in whatever direction you like and make the customers notice. And they do!” “Selling just makes more fun with it, it´s like a rush!”

This subjective evaluation can be supported by hard facts – 103 kilos of delicacy salads are being sold each week. The average turnover of the individual customer has risen to a branch peak of 19,70 Euros. Of course these a numbers that impress. But the appetite for change and progress of the two brothers goes even further. Two low glass cooling counters “SIRIUS SetPOINT” for steaks and dry-aged beef complete this innovative shop concept. These display counters with their thick glass panels are only opened after a thorough consultation and offer a great view of the displayed delicacy. Not unlike jewels inside a jewelers display, the pieces of prized meat are protected and still can be show to the interested customer in a unique way. Who remodels his shop does so in the expectancy to sell more afterwards and here it worked. So success can be built with you multi-specialist AICHINGER.

Butchery Dietzel, Halle


The facts:

Size: 60 m²
Location: Halle/Down town
Assortment: meat and sausage products, warm meals, cold drinks, coffee
Implementation: Michael Hergenhan

Superb craftsmanship with a nostalgic look

In 1932 Arno Dietzel opened his first butchery in the then quieter Ossietzky Street in Halle. This first store still exists, now with a new but vintage look. After extensive remodeling work with our success consultant Michael Hergenhan and his team, the shop now shines with new splendor and a vintage touch. Bold letters above the entrance say “Tradition and Quality in the third generation” and this is reflected in every little detail inside the store. 

The former sales space was remodeled into a comfortable seating and eating area while preserving it´s 1932 charm. A few steps lead up to the new extended sales area, this addition giving the opportunity and space to display new products according to the customers varied tastes. The little butchery in the center of the city transformed itself into a new trending location to comfortably enjoy traditional food and drinks. The family Dietzel decided, that the heart of the new interior should be AICHINGER´s SIRIUS 3 cooling counter. The modern design of this award winning counter harmonizes perfectly with the nostalgic look of the new shop. New technology meeting tradition. Thanks to the new support-less glass tops the owners now have the possibility to present warm, ready to eat meals in a fresh and appetizing manner.

Butchery Helmus


The facts:

Size: 80 m²
Location: Düsseldorf/Down town
Assortment: meats, sausages, delicacies
Implementation: Ingolf Weiershaus

A shining new hot spot for delicacies in Düsseldorf

With “Helmus – Fleischerei & Feinkost” Düsseldorf is offering something new and exciting for all gourmets and meat lovers.

When owner and butcher Stephan Helmus decided to renovate his store - which has been in business for over 100 years and was formerly known as “Fleischerei Stollmann”- he trusted in his AICHINGER success consultant Ingolf W. Weiershaus. In record time, 14 days total, the 40 square meters of retail space were remodeled while keeping up the daily business. 

The old counter was replaced by the award winning cooling counter SIRIUS 3 and the whole shop interior decorated with ornament tiles. Clever planning placed the new ham area right in view of the incoming customer, guiding his eye to the large variety of delicacies. The shop now shines in new splendor, top to bottom. The final result not only pleases the customers, but also the owner Stephan Helmus: “I repeatedly had problems with my old counter and cooling system, both letting me down several times. I needed a fast and reliable solution! Now I own the equivalent of a Rolls Royce concerning cooling counters and I couldn´t be happier” Stephan Helmus says proudly. “We thank AICHINGER and especially Mr. Weihershaus and his team for the excellent cooperation”

The owners are more than satisfied over the reliability of their new SIRIUS 3 as well as with the AICHINGER´s customer service, before, during and after the project. Now nothing stands in the way of the next 100 years of successful business.

Butchery Schader


The facts:

Size: approx. 100 m² (sales area)
Location: Tarnsweg/Austria
Assortment: meat and sausage products, warm meals, cold drinks, coffee
Implementation: Ernst Sommerauer

A professional makeover for the better

For more than 30 years of success, the butchery Schader resides in Tarnsweg in Salzburg state, Austria. When the time for a complete renovation of their premises came, Aichinger was asked for help to refurbish the 300-year-old building and give it a new shine. The problems to be solved were a much too dark shop, a not properly working counter, and a rather badly visible display. Of course, Aichinger Advisor Ernst Sommerauer gave top priority to the owners' individual wishes and needs.

For maximum functionality, beneficial energy-efficiency, and temperature stability of the counter, the top product SIRIUS®3 was installed. Its reliability, comfortable maintenance, and an accurately fashioned wood décor are perfect examples of quality made in Germany. Thanks to its length of more than 7.5 metres, there is plenty of space for the presentation of selected delicacies now. Behind the counter, a perfectly integrated giant fridge attracts views to the best pieces of meat. For sure, you will find no ready-made products in the butchery Schader – exclusively, traditionally handmade natural sausage and meat products are on sale. Always fresh and distinctively delicious in taste!

In order to preserve part of the rustic appearance of the building, warm shades of wood are dominant in the shop concept. This naturally comfortable atmosphere is further emphasised by the lighting design of our partners from we-shoplight, and can dynamically be adjusted to the time of day. Mirrors applied on a large scale make the room appear considerably bigger, warmer, and friendlier. The butchery Schader is very happy how a radical change for the better is noticeable in their shop.

Pirineu en Boca, Barcelona


The facts:

Size: approx. 150 m² (sales area)
Location: inner city/Barcelona
Assortment: meat and sausage products, gourmet food, food service
Implementation: Eva Schmidt-Rettenmayr

Local delicacies from Catalonia

If you feel hungry for a small treat when most of the restaurants are already closed, the Prineu en Boca is the place to go: In the front of the shop, there is a traditional butchery offering its delicacies. In the back, there is a lovely restaurant with an open kitchen. Here, cosy rustic furnishings dominated by warm shades of wood and strong colours create an inviting atmosphere. In the spacious interior and on seats outside, guests can immediately taste the local products they bought. Opening hours are from midday to eleven o'clock pm. Next to meat dishes, also a great variety of cakes and sweets can be found on the comprehensive menu.

Geroldsauer Mill, Baden-Baden


The facts:

Size: approx. 650 m² (sales area)
Location: out of town
Assortment: bakery, buchery, foods, food service
Implementation: Dietmar Schmidtlein

A unique shopping place in the midst of a fascinating landscape

Following the motto „Local products from the Black Forst“, the Gerauldsauer mill project brings together the best products of a wonderful region. Adding to the regional and seasonal foods, Germany's biggest silver fur building close to the urban district of Baden-Baden also offers conference facilities, comfortable guest rooms, a rustic restaurant with beer garden, and the most beautiful view on a natural environment also known as the gateway to the Black Forest.

In order to present their products to guests in an appealing way, the presentation of regional specialities and a selection of traditionally produced foods covers a total area of 650 m². In this way, the atmosphere of the shop lives up to the hospitality typically associated with Baden. Meat and sausage products are properly presented and cooled in refrigerated SIRIUS® counters with pillar-free ARTline glass tops. For an even more prominent exposure, there is a special cabinet for the ripening of dry-aged beef behind the counter that lures the customers to buy its delicious contents. Yet another highlight is the fascinating front design of the VERSIO® bakery counter with its angular shaped glass attachment. All in all, the shop concept successfully manages to combine attractive modern architecture with a homely interior design in every detail: Copper-coloured lights above the many and varied goods display create an especially pleasant atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer. Stylish accessories and the warm colours of wood make the stay at the Geroldsheimer mill almost feel like an experience of nature.

To learn more about this unique location in the most beautiful Black forest landscape, visit:

EMO Maitre Boucher


The facts:

Size: approx. 80 m²
Location: Bertrange City Concorde/shopping centre
Assortment: meat and sausage products, dry-aged beef
Implementation: Bernd Ott

EMO – a token of long-standing butchery tradition

Since 1869, the brand EMO is a synonym for quality and know-how in the butchery craft. The success story of the traditional chain of shops comes to life daily in twelve subsidiaries around the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and attracts a great number of customers.

Since the reopening in summer 2015, a sales area of about 80 m² customers invites customers to enjoy a modern shopping atmosphere. The refrigerated counter SIRIUS® with its pillar-free ARTline glass-top presents specialities in a masterfully appetizing way. Four big cabinets for the dry-aged beef in the back of the counter give an impressive display of their contents thanks to integrated LED lighting. The consistent appearance of the shop furnishing concept puts emphasis on the skilful craftsmanship of the widely successful chain and fits in neatly in every single branch.

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