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Every day, we excite our customers with our individual shopfitting designs. Here are the latest success stories from the bakery sector. The ‘Archive’ button takes to more excellent references.

Bakery Schlief, Neunkirchen


The facts:

Size: 190 m²
Location: City centre
Assortment: Bakery products, confectionery, snacks and Cafe
Implementation: Team Graz

Spacious area with a cosy atmosphere

From 50 to 190 m², from narrow to expansive and bright: The Schlief Bakery has evolved from a small store to a spacious location with a café and a garden at the Neunkirchen site. AICHINGER provided support from the location analysis to the concept and the function, design and lighting planning.

With a skillful mix of old wood, historical photos and utensils from the bakery, stools made of synthetic fur and industrial loft design, a high quality of hospitality was created that is both cozy and up to date. The bakery bakes on site and continuously replenishes the 4m long ARTline counter and the PANEVARI bread shelf. The spacious café with 22 seats and 16 high seats and the guest garden with more than 30 seats is very inviting for breakfast, lunch snacks and coffee and cake.

Bakery Koll in Neustadt


The facts:

Size: 253 m²
Location: entrance road next to a school
Assortment: bakery products, confectionery, snacks and café
Implementation: Team Graz

Statement for design and quality

An ATM in a bakery? What might seem unusual has a history, and at the new location of the Bäckerei Konditorei Koll bakery in Wiener Neustadt, there is now a good reason for it. Only an illuminated sign on the facade reminds us of the former branch of a Raiffeisen bank in Pottendorfer Straße - and the ATM in the foyer. This is not a foreign element, but an additional customer magnet for the ninth and largest location of the bakery from Kirchschlag. Out of the former 130 m2 bank branch, Master baker Reinhold Koll has built a 235 m2 free stander with 50 seats and 60 seats in the outdoor area. Reinhold Koll was accompanied from the location analysis, the planning and approval phase, through to the supervision of construction and the complete execution of the furnishings and AICHINGER counter. The new flagship store is a statement for the quality standards of the expanding family business - in shop furnishings, service and the quality of the baked goods, pastries and warm snacks and meals. Distinctive red perforated bands frame the glass facade of the low-rise building. The corporate color red also embraces the design inside: Red on the coffee bar, the seat cushions, room dividers and on the ceiling. With the Artline counter, which perfectly underlines the high quality of the products, and the Panevari Style bread shelf, the Koll bakery relies on two very flexible presentation systems. With the spacious interior design and the outdoor area, a future-oriented and sustainable location has been created.

Ryfylke Bakery, Tau


The facts:

Size: 180 m²
Location: City centre
Assortment: Bread, bakery products, snacks
Implementation: Team Osnabrück

Hei Norge!

The Ryfylke Bakery with its new branch in Tau's R13 Shopping Centre is definitely worth a visit. The landscape of Norway with its gigantic fjords and bizarre mountain worlds can be found here throughout the entire shop design. Warm wood, natural stone and the different shades of grey in the flooring and the seating give the bakery a very special character. The eye-catcher: Our ARTline counter - This not only provides the fitting technology but also makes cleaning very easy for the sales assistants. The supportless glass top allows a clear view of the baked goods and fits well with the front design.



Bakery Plank, Postbauer-Heng


The facts:

Size: 80 m²
Location: Industrial Park
Assortment: Dry and chilled bakery products
Implementation: Wendelstein Team

Bakery Plank

The Plank Bakery from Mühlhausen on the edge of the Altmühltal valley is a perfect example of how the traditional bakery trade can be combined with a franchise business. The bakery is currently run by two generations: Hermann and Jakob Plank manage the large company together. Plank is working with AICHINGER for the fourth time now and was also the first contact person for the new branch in the REWE store in Postbauer-Heng near Neumarkt. The concept development and concept implementation were mainly focused on two core issues: Firstly, of course, the traditional clientele closely associated with the baker should continue to be addressed, but at the same time the target group of self-service buyers in the supermarket should be made more aware of the product range. The goods are presented in an AICHINGER-ARTline counter. This not only provides the right technology but also makes cleaning easy for the sales personnel. The supportless glass top allows a clear view of the baked goods and goes well with the unique front design.

Organic Bakery Wagner, Tiefenbach


The facts:

Size: 400 m²
Location: On the B85
Assortment: Organic bakery-products
Implementation: Team Landshut

Made a find here!

If you are looking for an organic bakery, you will quickly make a find at the organic bakery Wagner. Because the bakery near Passau has been a 100% organic business since 2007. The highlight is the new Freestander, which Hans Peter Wagner (owner) opened in August 2019 in Tiefenbach. An impressive three-sided courtyard complex, with a 3500 m² bakery, a bakery-café with 140 indoor and 70 terrace seats, from which a generous view of the production is possible. The furnishing concept is convincing with all natural, high-quality materials, clear lines and the appealing seating area.
In over 12-metre counters, Wagner presents an extensive gastronomic selection: pastries, pizzas and baked rolls. Offers "all around the dough" as the master baker puts it. The successful concept also includes an organic bread school for children and adults to raise awareness of organic and sustainability issues. According to Wagner, credibility, reliable and fair relations with suppliers and customers are the decisive factors for the healthy development of the company.

Bakery Ziegler, Munich


The facts:

Size: 78,3 m²
Location: City Centre Munich
Assortment: Baked goods, cakes, hot meals
Implementation: Team Landshut

The traditional art of baking with modern demands

With its 24 branches in and around Munich, the Ziegler bakery has stood for traditional craftsmanship and passionate baking for four generations.
Together with the support of AICHINGER, the Ziegler family planned a further store concept in Leopoldstrasse in Munich. An important part of the shop interior was of course the service counter. Since the family attaches great importance to handcrafted products and that the classic range is continuously being supplemented by exciting new products, sufficient space as well as an unrestricted view of the goods is required. Thanks to the AICHINGER ARTline counter, these demands were perfectly met and new standards in reliability and design have been set. As far as the design of the seating area is concerned, nothing was left to chance. A welcoming atmosphere has been created thanks to the many meticulous details and high-quality materials. The inviting ambiance is the most decisive aspect besides the quality of the products.

Bäckerei Stoiber, Laa an der Thaya


The facts:

Size: 300 m²
Location: Town square
Assortment: Ice cream, bakery goods, snacks
Implementation: Team Wöllersdorf

Freshness 365 days a year

The Bakery-Confectioner Stoiber in Laa an der Thaya lives out its craft 365 days a year. The bakery never stands still, which means that every day fresh and high-quality baked goods are made available to the customers. The new Stoiber family bakery café is located in the middle of the wine growing district and probably on the most beautiful town square in the region. Here you can enjoy your breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere. The selection of pastry specialities is generous and with a cup of "llly coffee" or a wide variety of teas you can leave the stress of everyday life behind you. In the warm summer months, guests can indulge themselves in the Schanigarten terrace with homemade ice cream creations and enjoy a wonderful view of the historic Laaer town hall. The highest priority is the feel-good atmosphere as well as the warm hospitality and an impeccable customer service. As an integral partner in shop fitting, the owners relied on the furnishing specialists from AICHINGER. Christoph Sindlgruber and his team from the planning office in Wöllersdorf selected the right people for this first-class shop design.

Das ESszimmer, Esslingen


The facts:

Size: 500 m²
Location: City centre
Assortment: Baked goods + sausage & meat products
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

New Gastro-Highlight in the Stuttgart area!

On 600 square meters, 150 seats and two floors: The dining room in the shopping center "Das ES" - Butcher Häfele and the Bakery Zoller allow the customer become a guest here. The name says it all. The "ESszimmer" (or Dining Room) is known for its 300 sqm loft with an impressive seating area including a panoramic view of the newly designed Esslinger Bahnhofsplatz. Amidst the stylish industrial design are large artificial trees and sculptures, the walls are decorated with imaginative wallpaper or brick.

The main entrance to the dining room is right next to the hot counter. To ensure that the meat loaf from Häfele's own production also receives a perfect spot, it is placed on the AICHINGER Plate 74. With this newly developed platter, hot dishes can be presented in an exclusive way and at the same time kept at a perfect temperature to the nearest degree. However, changing to other systems (GN containers) is still possible and thus guarantees maximum flexibility in daily use. Over 12 metres of service counters, meat and sausage products from Häfele as well as freshly prepared bakery products from Bakery Zoller are offered - all perfectly staged and presented.

In addition, the baker-butcher combination offers an extensive choice of light meals for lunch. After the first 100 days, the managing directors have drawn positive results and are very pleased with the 30 % increase in turnover.

Master Confectioner Kristina, Graz


The facts:

Size: 100 m²
Location: City Centre
Assortment: Bakery products, cold and hot beverages
Implementation: Team Graz


A perfect combination of tradition and modern zeitgeist

Even as a child, master confectioner Kristina Kellner looked first at the desserts on the menu. Over time, the desire to turn a sweet hobby into a profession grew more and more. In 2017 she took the leap into independance and founded Kristinas Meisterkonditorei. In the in-house master bakery, the delicious cakes and pastries are freshly made from the very best of products.

When the restaurant was redesigned, the focus was strongly on a perfect combination of tradition and modern zeitgeist. Enhanced elements with coffee house charm make the new café a real jewel. 

Bakery Nöbauer – Dolce Ice Cream Parlour, Vienna


The facts:

Size: 120 m²
Location: City outskirts
Assortment: Coffee, snacks, ice cream
Implementation: Team Wöllersdorf

When it comes to sweetness…

 ... one should definitely pay a visit to the new Dolce Ice-cream Parlour/Café from the Nöbauer bakery.
Hubert Nöbauer, owner of the Nöbauer bakery, took over the family business at the age of 22, in its third generation. The accumulated experience in the process has formed the foundation for the new major project in Vienna - an ice cream parlour in combination with a café. The building, already from the outside with its bright colours attracts attention. Inside, too, the very modern shop is convincing. Here, tempting confectionery products and delicious, homemade ice cream meet an impressive store concept.

Bakery Kern, Graz


The facts:

Size: 180 m²
Location: City Centre Graz
Assortment: Bakery products
Implementation: Team Graz


„The Bakery full of Ideas“ – Kern in Graz

Since 1953, the bakery Kern has been continuously working to become better and better and at the same time, learn something new every day. This experience is gladly shared, as is the bread that comes from it. Bread full of ideas and diversity. Bread full of taste and passion - simply the real way to bake. This craftsmanship is recognized not only in the products of the Bakery Kern, but also in the store concept. In a prominent location on Straßganger Straße, guests will find the Bakery Kern in a new building, where another impressive branch has opened. For the furnishings, owner Julius Kern once again relied on the proven cooperation with Aichinger planning specialist Ernst Sommerauer and his team from the planning office in Graz. Within a few weeks, a turnkey bakery café was created. A perfect combination of fine wood and modern lighting elements is what creates the special charm of the furnishing concept. Nostalgic tiles, the black steel construction of the bread rack and the modern bar counter with gastro-charm reflect the new diversity of the bakery Kern.

Bakery Küster - Strandhaus 37, Göttingen


The facts:

Size: 50 m²
Location: Outskirts of Göttingen
Assortment: Bakery goods
Implementation: Team Halle

With the Baker in the Caribbean!

Anyone in Göttingen who wants to immerse them self in a spontaneous short getaway, needn’t travel very far. As soon as you enter the new location of the Küster bakery, that holiday feeling comes naturally. Here you can immediately catch a glimpse of the AICHINGER ARTline counter: the wood that surrounds the ARTline counter is visually reminiscent of ship planks. The in-house caustic creations "Küstanien" lie in hammocks and are illuminated by light bulbs hanging from rugged mooring ropes. The swivel intermediate floor VarioFlip can easily disappear from the guests’ view after good sales in the late afternoon. Next to it, the so-called bread tower is positioned: a special design, which consists of three levels, where the lower two can be extended and thus easily filled.
An eye-catcher is the round recirculating air cooling counter AirMaxx. It is not only highlighted by the special lighting from we-shoplight, but also by its extraordinary design. The AirMaxx offers a 360 ° panoramic view of the many freshly baked pies and cakes. The bread rack Panevari Style skillfully sets baked goods into the background. Due to the extra-large and modular structure, each unit can be individually redesigned. In cooperation with AICHINGER, a unique oasis of well-being was created here

Bakery Rommel, Ludwigsburg


The facts:

Size: 70 m²
Location: City Centre Ludwigsburg
Assortment: Bakery, cakes, snacks, café
Implementation: Team Ellhofen


Rommel – the baker with ideas!

The Rommel bakery looks back on an 80-year history. In 1994, Master Baker Jürgen Rommel took over operation in its third generation and manages it still today. Under the motto "We are bakers and we remain bakers", the shop concept was fundamentally renewed together with AICHINGER. First, the bakery completely renounced all purchased goods. All bakery products are to be home-made without exception. In order to present them accordingly, AICHINGER was the right partner in the field of shop fitting. Beginning with a custom-made bread shelf up to the ARTline serving counter, a store concept was created that combines modern design with a special atmosphere and proven craftsmanship.

Kreuzer's Backhäusla, Kulmbach


The facts:

Size: 270 m²
Location: Kulmbach
Assortment: Baked goods, snacks, hot and cold beverages
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

Quality of Artisans

19 years full of handcrafted quality – Kreuzer’s Backhäusla. On 1 January 2000,  the first branch in Kulmbach was opened. Today owners Gaby and Jochen Kreuzer operate a total of 7 branches. According to the Kreuzer family, the recipe for success for the taste and quality of bread depends on the use of the finest and highest of quality raw materials, as well as natural and regularly controlled ingredients from the region.
With the opening of the new Kreuzers store in the "Fritz Einkaufszentrum" (Shopping Center), Kulmbach is now all the richer with another quality bakery. Already from the outside, you have a view of the extraordinary counter system in the entrance area. The ARTline counter is an individual special design with an exclusive, unsupported glass top whose front consists of oxidized glass.
In the spacious seating area with sturdy swinging elements you can enjoy your breakfast or lunch in peace or just relax with a hot cup of tea or coffee. The small communication spot made of bamboo cane serves as place for a quick stop or for today's on-the-go generation.
During the planning, not only was the best possible product presentation considered, but also optimized workflows. Even after several visits, throughout the 270 m², you can always discover something new.

Bakery Burkard, Burgebrach


The facts:

Size: 220 m²
Location: Outskirts of Burgebrach
Assortment: Baked goods, snacks, hot and cold beverages
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

A picturesque ambiance

The old mill is grinding again! The Burgebracher mill was built in the 17th century, and then already operated 3 millstones for grinding grain. Even if it is not now for the grain, but for the freshly roasted coffee beans, the ancient walls of the Burgebracher mill have now been extensively renovated and expanded so that the bakery Burkhard with the feel-good café “ Alte Kornmühle” (Old Grain Mill) has found its home.  Of course, there is a diverse selection of artisan baked goods. For example, the bakery offers a sumptuous breakfast menu and countless delicious snacks. All these products have found a place in AICHINGER’s ARTline counter. This offers the perfect technology for hot and cold products and thanks to the support free glass top, sets the products into the perfect light. In the rear wall area, the PANEVARI® bread rack was installed. Whether breads, baguettes or pretzels, the PANEVARI® bread rack is perfectly matched to enhance the products. In the seating area, an historical reference to the mill was picked up again with historical photos so that the freshly bakery goods can be enjoyed in this historic flair.

Rudolfinchen, Oberwart


The facts:

Size: 91 m²
Location: Oberwart Center
Assortment: Bakery goods, cakes, snacks
Implementation: Team Graz

A Royal Atmosphere

Having breakfast between giant chandeliers and lots of gold? In the bakery boutique "Rundolfinchen" you can do just exactly that. Since the end of August this year, the fourth branch of the Bakery Rudolf in the center of Oberwart has been enchanting with "Rudolfinchen". The first-class AICHINGER ARTline counter with its support-free glass top has been perfectly integrated into the architectural expression of the building. The café offers all their guests a wide assortment of breads, pastries and tarts. In addition, the party snack "Rudolfinchen" is offered. The "Rudolfinchen" is a special pastry that is available either sweet or savory and is named after the bakery boutique. With 25 seats, the bakery provides space enough to fully enjoy the baked pastries. The high-quality materials and the extravagant, in-form design creates a royal atmosphere that could be handed over turnkey.

Krimmers Backstub, Untermuenkheim


The facts:

Size: 80 m²
Location: Untermuenkheim
Assortment: Bakery products
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

Naturally. Regional.

Krimmers Backstub in Untermuenkheim has proven that this classic handcraft is still a trade in hand which finds gold in every land.
Actually, the Krimmer family had wanted to renew the store with the takeover. However, for financial reasons then, nothing came of it. After all, there were already two bakeries, a pre-baking station and a petrol station in Untermuenkheim. Through social networks, the Krimmer family then learned of AICHINGER. On the basis of AICHINGER’s variety of superbly designed and individual store concepts, the Krimmer family decided to go ahead with the reconstruction together with success consultant Daniel Schwarz. In execution of the concept, great care was taken to ensure that everything was perfectly in tune with the bakery’s product range and the location.
The 6.5 meter long ARTline counter was individually constructed with an exclusive glass top. Given the great amount of breads, a unique bread shelf was used. During the planning, not only the optimal presentation of goods was taken into consideration, but the storage space was also enlarged. Behind the counter there is now ten centimeters more space – which does not sound like much, but makes the work for the personnel much easier. To the old store with 36 m², a seating area of 30 m² was added. For this purpose, the former office was abandoned. And there was even room for a small winter garden annex.
Even after several visits to Krimmer’s Backstub, one always finds something new to discover. For example, a coat rack made out of rolling pins, the lampshades made out of baking pans or the bag rest in the form of a baker’s peel. And the customers are given a look into the bakery kitchen to watch the preparation of freshly baked goods.

Bakery Hink, St. Pölten


The facts:

Size: 350 m²
Location: Hospital café in the University Hospital St. Pölten
Assortment: Bakery and confectionery products
Implementation: Team Gresten

Loyalty to the craft

Out of a passion for working the dough; out of a loyalty to the real craft. This is the motto of Bakery Hink from St. Poelten. The long-standing baking tradition was first brought into life in 1986 by Alois Hink. With his son Florian, a successor was quickly found and who took over his parents’ business at an early age and has to this day, developed it into a successful enterprise with 25 employees. The bakery is not represented only in its own stores, but also in retail within a radius of 60 km of St. Poelten. In addition, there are numerous customers who are personally catered for with homemade delicacies by the Hink family. There is only the best to choose from which is also reflected in the quality and design of the new hospital café at the University Hospital St. Poelten. So that the baked goods can also be perfectly presented, the master baker relied entirely upon the know-how of the shop fitting specialist AICHINGER, who developed the fitting success concept for the Hink Bakery. The result is a fine bakery café with an impressive seating area and modern stylistic elements as a real eye-catcher.

Bakery Voncken, Kerkrade


The facts:

Size: 120 m²
Location: City Centre
Assortment: Bakery goods, coffee specialties
Implementation: Team Haan

The Dutch Art of Baking

The Bakery Voncken, with 19 specialist shops near the German border, has been cultivating its bread expertise for years and in the meantime has won many fans in Germany. Most recently, the Bakery Voncken opened a store in a shopping centre in Kerkrade. But they hadn’t been really happy there for a while. When the Voncken family was then offered an area for a café with 120m², they decided to make a move. Together with the support of AICHINGER, the Voncken family planned a new store concept. An important part of the store furnishings was of course, the new service counter. Here, a self-service area for packaged sliced bread was integrated. In addition, a closer look reveals that there is a notably wide selection on offer in the counter at the bakery. Thanks to the design of the AICHINGER ARTline counter, the small and fine pastries are in clear view. Firstly, the supports for the glass tops were moved back to behind the sales personnel. This allows the customer to enjoy a clear view of the products.  Additionally, a part of the counter was designed as a warm area.
As far as the design in the seating area is concerned, not a thing was left to chance. For a comfortable atmosphere, a gas fireplace takes care of it.
Also, details such as the wooden or “heart wall” were selected from exclusive materials. The inviting atmosphere is only second to the decisive aspects of the quality of the products. All in all, years of shop fitting expertise go hand in hand with years of baking expertise.

Bäckerei Pfyl, Hausen am Albis


The facts:

Size: 130 m²
Location: Dorfzentrum
Assortment: Backwaren, Snacks, Salate, Kaffeespezialitäten
Implementation: Team Winterthur


Bakery Café with an original flair

Bakery Pfyl in Hausen am Albis in Switzerland, which has a population of around 3,000, has enjoyed great, steadily increasing popularity, since 2004.
With the opening of the new store in the centre of Hausen, right next to the Postplatz, the new location can be described as a successful architectural jewel.
Beginning on the outside, the building with its red facade already attracts attention. Also inside, the finely classic store is convincing. Tempting confectionery and pastry products meet here in an impressively designed shop concept. The entire store, as well as the AICHINGER ARTline counter, consists for the most part out of real woods, creating a very harmonious picture. The special feature: with the help of the automatic retractable front panel, switching from full-operation to self- service mode becomes even easier. The free standing millstone in the middle of the service counter makes the entrance an absolute eye-catcher.  Thanks to the high quality materials, the bakery accentuates both quality and naturalness. And an inviting seating area fits perfectly to the style of the store.


Schafbock- und Lebkuchenbäckerei Goldapfel


The facts:

Size: 120 m²
Location: Einsiedeln City Centre
Assortment: Gingerbread, Schafböcke (ram cakes), Kräpfli (jelly donuts) and chocolates.
Implementation: Team Winterthur

Einsiedler Delicacies

Perfectly filled gingerbread, individually formed ram cakes and elaborate creations of chocolates entice the onlookers into the new shop in the middle of Einsiedeln.
The Goldapfel is the first and the oldest Schafbock and gingerbread bakery in Switzerland. With more than 150 years of history, the company business is one of the most traditional in the country.
The location in the centre of Einsiedeln, directly on the square of the monastery is ideal for the shop and could be quickly implemented into action together with AICHINGER success consultant Gerold Längle and his team.
For more than 100 years, the so called "Schafböcke", "Lebkuchen" and "Kräpfli" have been made at the Goldapfel. A fine, homemade almond and hazelnut filling gives the baked products their own delicate taste. Originally these specialties were intended for pilgrims and those who traveled to Einsiedeln to visit the monastery. Today, pilgrims are no longer the main clientele. Most customers are Swiss, including many locals who bring these Einsiedler specialities as gifts. All of these delicacies now find their place in a unique counter unit from AICHINGER and are perfectly set into the scene with just the right lighting concept by the lighting experts at we-shoplight.

Traublingers Brotliebe, München


The facts:

Size: 95 m²
Location: Munich/PEP Shopping Centre
Assortment: Baked goods and confectioneries
Implementation: Team Landshut

Traublinger’s Brotliebe

The Munich PEP Shopping Centre has been enriched by a gastronomic highlight since May: Whether it‘s a hearty or sweet breakfast, a healthy snack for lunch or a traditional coffee with cake in the afternoon – that’s exactly what is offered in the new Café Brotliebe from the traditional bakery Traublinger. 
With a total of 25 outlets, Traublinger is one of Munich’s largest and most successful bakeries. Here you can count on the traditional bakery craft as well as innovative creativity. For more than 100 years, the family business now run by the fourth generation has remained faithful to the standards of excellence, sustainability and transparence.
This is also evident in the shop fittings in the new café. In close cooperation with success consultant Georg Oberloher and the Landshut Team, a store concept with a unique design was created.  A highlight is the trees of light in the shopping centre which make the already light-filled café appear even more spacious and modern. The oval shaped special construction of our ARTline counter provides a harmonious and modern shop concept.

Gugelhupf, Luzern


The facts:

Size: 175 m²
Location: Lucerne
Assortment: Baked goods, confectionary, breakfast & lunch
Implementation: Team Winterthur

The first Dr. Oetker Café opens in Lucerne!

Ready-to-bake mixes, baking ingredients or pizzas: this is what Dr. Oetker, the well-known company for baking goods from East Westphalian Bielefeld, is famous for. In 40 different countries the brand products are sold. As a café, the company had not yet made an appearance. With the very first Dr.Oetker Café „Gugelhupf“ in the Neustadt of Lucerne, that’s exactly what has just happened. 
In the new café, in addition to cakes and torts, bread and savoury meals are also served. What’s served on the premises is indeed fresh. Guests can even watch baking live. And if you like, you can also bake these delicacies at home. And: guests can also breakfast from morning to evening. Along with this broad variety of products is a distinctive shop design from AICHINGER. With elements of wood and a relaxed design, the shop suits Dr. Oetker’s philosophy perfectly. The café also offers seating for about 80 people. As of now, the crowds of people and the response have confirmed the success of the café.

Haubis Gourmet Bakery, Hagenberg


The facts:

Size: 320 m²
Location: Hagenberg
Assortment: Bakery products
Implementation: Team Gresten

The Haubis World of Experience

Whether it be bread & pastries, baked goods and snacks or a hearty lunch: no culinary wishes are left to be desired in the baking room of the gourmet bakery Haubis in Hagenberg. The bakery is a modern family business but also oriented to the traditional handcraft with over 100 years of experience. The new shop concept includes a bakery and a small café restaurant. For the best presentation possibilities for countless oven fresh delights, of course the ARTline-sales counter from the house of AICHINGER offers just the right setting. Thanks to the supportless glass top, nothing interferes with the view of the innumerable freshly baked delicacies.

 We thank the Haubis Gourmet Bakery for their confidence in us and wish them continued success!

Bakery Obererlacher, Obertilliach


The facts:

Size: 114 m²
Location: Obertilliach/Tirol
Assortment: Bakery products and confectionary
Implementation: Team Graz


A great variety of enjoyment!

At an astounding height of 1,500 meters and with a sensational view of the Carnic Alps, the Obererlacher Bakery in Obertilliach probably has the most perfect location. A completely newly designed bakery with a homey café together with high quality bakery products awaits both locals and vacationers. The shop has been expanded 4 times its size and is connected to the apartments behind it.  A spacious terrace as well as a cosy winter garden creates a very pleasant atmosphere in the Carnic Mountains. The result is a fine bakery café with an impressive seating area and furnishings with stylistic elements which are aligned with the handcraft tradition.  The complete lighting concept in the shop area was planned and implemented by the lighting experts at we-shoplight.  

Bakery Geier, Mistelbach


The facts:

Size: 265 m²
Location: Mistelbach City Center
Assortment: Bakery and patisserie products
Implementation: Team Wöllersdorf

Pure enjoyment begins with Geier!

A down home taste should taste like down home, and that’s why the products from Bakery Geier in Mistelbach still remain regional treasures which are produced by hand. All the raw ingredients, which come from this wine region, are used to produce these specialties. Since the company was founded in 1902, traditional house recipes have been continuously developed and improved despite the costly time consuming baking processes.
Owner Gerald Geier, runs the company together with his wife Erika, into the family’s fourth generation. Both of them are transforming this family business into a leading business in the region through continuous healthy and successful growth. Their top priority is a feel-good atmosphere in the coffee houses as well as providing a sincere and flawless customer service. As an integral partner in shop fittings, the Geier family relies on the shop furnishing specialists from AICHINGER. Planning expert Christoph Sindelgruber and his team from the sales office in Wöllersdorf have been chosen as the right people for a first class shop design and an efficient work flow.

Café Confiserie Craigher, Friesach


The facts:

Size: 114 m²
Location: Kärnten/Friesach
Assortment: Chocolate Specialities
Implementation: Team Graz

A chocolate paradise of the highest quality!     

 “When fine chocolate smoothly melts on the palate and the taste of harmoniously combined ingredients delicately unfolds, you will close your eyes and simply enjoy happiness.”
This is what chocolate manufacturer Craigher has stood for, for more than 100 years. With much love for the trade, the Craigher hand-crafted chocolates are made from high quality and natural ingredients from the region and choice cocoa beans from sustainable cultivation.  Piece by piece these unique originals are created. The traditional confectionery was founded in 1914 in Carinthia. And it is here where it looks back on a long tradition. Carinthia’s first steam bakery was transformed into a coffee house with show production.  After the Craigher family purchased a vacant neighboring building and connected it with the existing café, the building, together with specialists from AICHINGER, was extensively rebuilt. Over approx. 300 m² a sweet chocolate manufacturer – in Carinthia that is so far unique – came into being. Behind a large glass front, visitors can watch live how bars of chocolate are made. A real gourmet hotspot is the adjacent coffee house – here the premium products are set perfectly on stage. The entire counter balustrade was clad with the bark of an African fig tree and creates a visual highlight in the shop.  The highest quality materials and an extravagant highly pronounced design provide a unique atmosphere.



Bakery Pfrommer & Butcher Holzinger, Bad Liebenzell


The facts:

Size: 80 m²
Location: Bad Liebenzell
Assortment: Bakery products, meat and sausage products
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

A perfect combination of bakery and butcher!

If you thought that a bakery and a butcher could not be combined, you should take a look at the bakery Pfrommer and the butcher Holzinger in Bad Liebenzell. The Team from AICHINGER’S planning office Ellhofen invested great passion and diligence in setting up the new branch. Over a sales area of approx. 80 m², since the new opening in the LIDL store, an inviting and modern combination of bakery and butcher awaits the customer.
The fantastic presentation of goods in the bakery area is perfectly supported by the ARTline counter from AICHINGER. In addition to the usual baked goods and different kinds of rolls, cakes and sweet tidbits, great emphasis has been put on a nutrition-conscious assortment.  So for example, a person suffering from food allergies will find at least one baked product available for them throughout the week.
In the butcher’s area, our multi-award winning SIRIUS®3 refrigerated counter keeps the products continually fresh. Here you will find only traditionally crafted meat and sausage products. The many years of expertise of this successful specialist company, complements this store perfectly. 

Wuschels Backstub, Deckenpfronn


The facts:

Size: 60 m²
Location: Deckenpfronn
Assortment: Bakery products and delicate cakes, snacks, hot and cold
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

Bread. Fire. Passion. 

For almost 30 years, Klaus „Wuschel“ Wunschick has been successfully managing the second generation  of the Wuschel Bakery. Early on he developed an enthusiasm for “show bakeries” which is why he began his bakery apprenticeship in 1981 becoming one of the first in the region thereby turning his dream into reality. Today, the owner has 9 branches throughout Baden-Württemberg. The seductive aroma of pretzels, croissants and rolls is still the reason customers enjoy coming back again for a sense of well-being. And so that the bakery products could be presented perfectly, the Master Baker wholeheartedly relied on the extensive experience of AICHINGER’S success consultant Daniel Schwarz and, of course, on the sales promoting products from the multi-specialists in Wendelstein. With the high quality lighting structures from we-shoplight, the room is both inviting and cozy. The result is a modern bakery which could be handed over turnkey. 

Bakery Geier, Korneuburg


The facts:

Size: 60 m²
Location: Korneuburg
Assortment: Bakery and patisserie products
Implementation: Team Wöllersdorf

Purely Natural. Purely Geier.

This is a success story which began more than 100 years ago when Mathias Geier founded the business in Stillfried. The family business quickly became well-known for the exceptional quality of their baked goods. Today, Geier is one of the oldest establishments and is actually even older than the village itself. Gerald Geier, the owner and managing director of the brainchild bakery, took over the fourth generation of operations in 2000 and today manages 26 branches with 240 highly motivated employees.  Credibility and regionality play a crucial role at the Geier bakery. Virtually all raw ingredients are verifiably sourced from the region.
This won distinction: at a festive gala at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, the Bakery Geier was awarded the „Marktkieker“, by the trade journal “Back Journal”.

With the specialists from AICHINGER, the shop in has been modernized and completely renovated. With warm wood tones and an insight into the production, the bakery has become an impressive eye-catcher. First class materials and years of know-how in counter construction demonstrate the premium quality “MADE IN GERMANY”.

Fräulein Gusti, Nürnberg


The facts:

Size: 52 m²
Location: Nürnberg / City center
Assortment: Gingerbread, macarons, chocolates
Implementation: Team Wendelstein

Sweet Handcraft by Fräulein Gusti 

In November 2017 it was finally the time, and Fräulein Gusti opened a new Patisserie-Highlight at the foot of the Nuremberg Kaiserburg. For Fräulein Gusti the name says it all: exceptional and personable, and how the master craftswoman sees this sweet guild and would like to show it to anyone who appreciates the chocolate side of life. It is through the very best craftsmanship and love of cakes and pastries that these little works of art are created to make life sweeter. Starting with macaroons upon cupcakes and chocolates to molded tarts, every visitor will find their favorites. In purely visual terms, this small but fine patisserie is a really sweet eye-catcher. The sweet variations are perfectly presented in the brilliant white AICHINGER counter. The magical mix of production and café makes all chocolate lovers’ hearts beat faster. This sweet shop concept was planned and implemented by AICHINGER success consultant Christian Horak and the Wendelstein team.

Bakery Huber, Wangen


The facts:

Size: 156 m²
Location: Wangen residential area
Assortment: Bakery products, snacks, coffee specialities
Implementation: Team Wangen

Daily Fresh Bakery Pleasure

The Bakery Huber in Wangen continues on the path to success with in the meanwhile 6 speciality shops. As early as 2004, the success story of Bakery Huber began. Still today Stefan Huber leads the business with a great passion. With the conversion of the bakery in Wangen, which is not exactly in a prime location, confirms what’s true: reliability and consistent fine quality have gained this establishment many regular customers who especially go out of their way to come here.
These high quality and honest products should also be sold in just as sincere and authentic an atmosphere. The shop concept was developed in cooperation with AICHINGER and success consultant Jürgen Engelhardt. With a counter section of over 10 meters, Huber has ample space for his extensive assortment. The master baker literally needs every inch of it for cakes, confectionaries and pastries. So that the customers feel comfortable at Huber’s, in addition to the outdoor seats, he offers four seating areas in the café. The result is an exquisite bakery café with impressive seating areas and fittings and furnishings with modern touches in design. The complete lighting concept in the shop area was planned and implemented by the experts from we-shoplight. 



Bakery Schönstetter, Kirchweidach


The facts:

Size: 120 m²
Location: Kirchweidach
Assortment: Pastries- and confectionaries
Implementation: Team Landshut

From the region, for the region…

… the bakery Schönstetter has been baking according to this motto since 1932. Traditional craftsmanship in connection with modern bakery technology, gentle baking process and, as a consequence, the high product quality are the basis of the bakery’s success. Everyone who shops in the confectionary can be sure that all the products originate from the region and are produced in-house.

The bakery offers everything that fans of baked goods look for: rolls right from the oven, delicious cakes and scones as well as crispy pretzels. Today, more than 80 years later, with more than 100 employees and already 9 branches, another branch has been completed in middle of Kirchweidach. The new store concept with an impressive ARTline counter in state-of-the-art design was created in cooperation with the store specialist AICHINGER. Due to the unsupported glass top, an excellent and clear view of the presented goods is provided. The premises have a modern design and thus provide a pleasant feel-good atmosphere with their generous seating area and allow a glimpse into production.

Bakery Hauer, St.Martin


The facts:

Size: 200 m² (shop area)
Location: Downtown of St. Martin (Austria)
Assortment: Baked goods, cakes, cold and hot drinks, ice cream
Implementation: Team Gresten

Bakery Hauer – New building, new flair

A new impressive store concept in modern design was created in front of and behind the doors of the baker’s shop Hauer in St. Martin. Everyone worked very hard in order to finish the construction work on the brand-new building in time. Alois Hauer, the owner of the baker’s shop is very pleased to have taken the plunge to create new opportunities. Together with the store specialist AICHINGER and its success consultant Andreas Raab, Mr Hauer found the perfectly right partner for this venture. The successful team from Gresten offered just the right approach and certainly also enthused with its years of experience gained from numerous realized concepts in the bakery sector. With a store area of about 200 m², the new property is double the size of the old baker‘s shop und now therefore offers convenient space for all kind of changes. The new ART-Line counter by AICHINGER and the fully integrated ice cream cabinet are the first eye catcher in the generous salesroom. With a total number of 60 seats, the classy café was also significantly extended in order to able to offer a feel-good atmosphere to all customers. The design of the interior fully counts on modern stylistic elements with bright and friendly colours as well as plenty of wood which perfectly fits the character of the store concept. A generous open-air area is surely not lacking as well in order to give everybody the chance to fully enjoy the delicious types of ice cream in the sun during the warm season.

The new construction of the baker’s shop Hauer was not only the road to its own success but the entire town centre looks more modern and lively due to the new architecture of the building. Already from 05:30 a.m., the baker’s shop offers the right range of pastries, bread and sweets to all early birds. Thanks to the great success, lunch specialities have also been offered as of late from Monday to Friday. So that nobody has to sit in the dark and all the products are perfectly illuminated, the light specialists we-shoplight have been at work again. The reduced-design lamps and indirect lightning along the ceiling underline the modern flair of the entire building.

City bakery Scharold, Friedberg


The facts:

Size: 313 m²
Location: Industrial estate, Friedberg
Assortment: Pastries, cakes, cold and hot drinks
Implementation: Team Wagen

A beautiful view!

Everything started in 1885 when Georg Scharold opened his own bakery and created a family business that should last until the present day. In the following 130 years the bakery turned into a modern enterprise that is now run in 5th generation by Rainer Scharold. With the newest addition, a bakery with glass walls, he wants to give customers the possibility not only to enjoy the many tasty products of said room but also give an exclusive view “behind the scenes”. Together with the success consultants Jürgen Engelhardt and Bernd Weid of AICHINGER the whole shop was planned from top to bottom and realized. Now the customers can enjoy exciting coffee specialties and freshly baked products while peeking into the whole production process. With 100 seating possibilities there should be enough space for everyone. In the shopping area all the created delicacies a perfectly presented in the impressive ARTline counter with its frameless and support less glass tops.

Café Egydi, St. Egyden


The facts:

Size: 108 m² (total area)
Location: Downtown of St. Egyden (Austria)
Assortment: Cakes, pies, snacks, cold and warm beverages
Implementation: Team Wöllersdorf

The Egydi – definitely worth a visit!

Elisabeth Krenn had been dreaming of her own Café for a long while. Recently together with her husband Andreas Krenn – a professional master baker –, she finally made her dream reality. While searching for the perfect location, the family quickly knew that the Egydiplatz in the town center of St. Egyden close to Steinfeld would be the perfect spot for their dream café. Finally they could start construction! On 60 sq. a charming and modern Café was created and named “Egydi”. The interior design was made up with bright materials and light wooden tones to create a harmonic and inviting environment. Additionally to the inside of the café, the Egydi also provides visitors with a spacious 48 sq. patio area to rest and linger for a while.

Every morning one has the opportunity to treat oneself to a generous and appetizing breakfast with high quality coffee specialties. Also freshly baked pastries homemade by Andreas Krenn are always provided, so no wish stays unfulfilled. In the afternoon one can enjoy artistically decorated cakes & pies, small snacks and tasty strudel pastries. High quality tees, freshly tapped Stiegl beer as well as other cooled beverages or even ice cream by “Eis-Greissler” help to make ones stay perfect.

With the cooling counter from AICHINGER and the built in cake show case the Egydi was provided with a unique product presentation. High quality materials paired with years of experience by Cristoph Sindlgruber and his team created an outstanding new location with premium quality. Thanks to a perfect spot, a thought trough concept and a great atmosphere the Egydi turned into the new hotspot of St. Egyden.

Läderach, Berlin


The facts:

Size: 260 m²
Location: Downtown of Berlin
Assortment: Crack chocolate, filled chocolates, mini mousses, coffee specialities, chocolate
Implementation: Team Wangen

A chocolate experience for all the senses! 

The Läderach family business – "the chocolate family“, has stood for the highest in quality handmade Swiss chocolate and confectionery specialities since 1962. Läderach is one of the few premium suppliers to guarantee enduring quality, from the cocoa bean right down to the final product. In the spring of 2017, the chocolate specialist together with AICHINGER, opened the world’s first Läderach Café with the ChocoAtelier in Germany’s capital, Berlin.

A visit to the new Chocolaterie is a delight for all the senses where a connoisseur of chocolate definitely gets their money’s worth. More than 60 different sorts of filled chocolates, truffles and light mini mousses are displayed like gems in the showcase. One speciality in particular in the shop, is the original Läderach „FrischSchoggi“. The unique slabs of chocolate which are individually made to each customer request are not to be missed in the new fresh food cooling counter. With the opening of the ChocoAtelier, Läderach wanted to create an experience that not only can be witnessed, but participated in, enjoyed and invites one to stay longer. The visitors can for themselves make delicious creations in the ChocoAtelier and then afterwards enjoy them in the adjoining café. This wonderful concept was successfully planned, designed and of course implemented together with AICHINGER. 

Olli´s Kronenbäckerei, Stuttgart


The facts:

Size: 150 m²
Location: Downtown of Stuttgart
Assortment: Bakery products, pies, cakes, hamburger, cold and warm beverages
Implementation: Team Ellhofen

Planted, ground, baked!

OLLI’S Kronenbäckerei in Stuttgart now has a shop fitting which also suits its name. The former Kronenbäckerei Unrath developed a completely new store concept with the multi specialist AICHINGER. Thanks to the impressive ARTline counter with an unsupported glass top and first-class materials the client is offered an impressive presentation of goods. With the PANEVARI bread shelf the rear wall design can individually be customized and therefore always offers an optimal the presentation of goods. The modern seating area provides a pleasant atmosphere and those who are in a hurry can simply use the take-away-counter and get delicious pastries to take along with them. The illumination of the entire salesroom was provided by the light specialist we-shoplight.

BrotRock, Bad Segeberg


The facts:

Size: 118 m²
Location: Downtown/Bad Segeberg
Assortment: Bakery products, hot and cold beverages, snacks
Implementation: Team Hamburg

 „Nothing’s normal for us…“

…is the maxima of the bakery BrotRock, which prepares its products completely without artificial flavourings, fats and flavour enhancers. In addition, the loaves are vegan and lactose-free and therefore agreeable for everyone. It was only last year that the Kohl family started with “Brot Rock” in Neumünster. The response was so overwhelming that they opened another branch together with our AICHINGER furnishing experts in Bad Segeberg. Starting with a three-dimensional bread shelf, an integrated Panevari module and a specially designed service counter with an angular – curved glass top a store concept was created which combines modern design with a special atmosphere and proven craftsmanship.  Due to the combination of solid woods and state-of-the-art laminates, the store appears to be high-grade and contemporary. The illumination of the whole salesroom was created by the light specialists from we-shoplight.

We would like to thank the Kohl family for their confidence and wish them a successful future! 

Confectionary Pöhl, Meran


The facts:

Size: approx. 80 m²
Location: Downtown/Meran
Assortment: Coffee specialities, pastries and cakes
Implementation: Team Gresten

The Sweet Heart of the South

In search of high-quality chocolates, artistically decorated cakes as well as delicious brioche, there is only one place in the heart of Merano. The confectionary offers home-made creations for breakfast, lunch and also snacks in the afternoon. Confectioners prepare everything freshly on a daily basis and in careful manual work for the customers. The attention to detail and the passion for handcraft becomes visible in every detail and turns the new site to the premier address at town. The new store concept does not only include the pastry shop and the confectionary but also a small café with 28 seats. The idea to offer this combination as of now had anchored in the heads of the owners Manuela and Christoph Pöhl rather quickly. However, the location and the size of the store area were not at all suitable for such a business. After a long search, the suitable premises were found in the centre of Merano.

The location in the centre of Kurstadt is ideally suited for this project which was quickly realized in cooperation with the AICHINGER success consultant Andreas Raab and his team. The major challenge was to also relocate the whole production from the previous location and to create a homogenous overall concept. The heart of the new store is the completely paned show pastry shop which gives a great glimpse into confectionary trade from the cosy café. The unique „ARTline“ counter by AICHINGER is certainly the best way to present all those sophisticated delicacies. Family Pöhler is well prepared for the future with a state-of-the-art cooling technology and the unsupported angled glass construction. This counter combines modern design with numerous ergonomic and technical finesses. Top-class materials and long-lasting know-how stand for „MADE IN GERMANY“. Family Pöhler has done everything right with the new store in the heart of Merano. This step will enable a successful future and ensure the business for more future generations. The rush for the store and the feedback just confirm this impression and demonstrate the success of changes. 

frischBack - Thüringer Blechkuchenhaus, Eisenach


The facts:

Size: 130 m²
Location: Downtown of Eisenach
Assortment: Coffee specialities, pastries and cakes, sheet cake specialities
Implementation: Team Halle

The Thuringian artisan bakery

The Thuringian heart has always beaten for traditional sheet cakes. After all, it is the established products which give a good feeling and the taste of home to the customers. By conviction, the Thüringer Blechkuchenhaus buys all its raw materials from the region at the same time safeguarding local agricultural jobs. The Thuringian sheet cake is a cultural asset and that’s how it is backed and loved. Depending on the season, the assortment ranges from plum crumble cake to cherry quark cake with finest almond slivers. The Thüringer Blechkuchenhaus in Eisenach was built with exactly the same passion.

With the generous store space of 130 m², this shop concept offers quite a few things excepting boredom. The whole store design combines nostalgic and modern stylistic elements and gives a charming character to the Blechkuchenhaus. This unique design is also mirrored by the design of the ARTline counter. The column-free glass top, the individual front design and the high-quality materials offer the traditional sheet cake the perfect show stage right in front of the customer. 

Bakery Lasser, Schladming


The facts:

Size: 80 m²
Location: Downtown of Schladming (Austria)
Assortment: Coffee specialties, pastry and confectionery, breakfast buffet
Implementation: Team Graz-Pirka

Bakery Lasser – We represent exceptional taste.

The story began with a small but nice leased bakery in Schladming in 1964. With its new types of bread and pastries, bakery Lasser became well known beyond Schlamding’s border and the constructing of new a business building was started. Due to the quick development of tourism and the resulting increased demand for bakery products another five stores were built in addition to the main store in Schladming. Today, with some 35 employees, bakery Lasser is one of the most innovative bakery plants and its branches are equipped according to the most modern product guidelines. Therefore, it was time to redesign the bakery and to increase the sales area of 80 m² by 10% in the course of the reconstruction. A newly designed portal can now be opened completely to the south, thus offering a smooth and barrier-free access to the outside terrace. The former office spaces were fully integrated into the new room concept in order to guarantee smooth proceedings in the rear preparation rooms. Interaction with people and close customer proximity are of the highest priority. Therefore, the redesigned toilet facility, which used to be located in the basement is now accessible. 

A completely new addition to the product range is also the rich breakfast buffet which can be extended very easily to twice of the current size due to a foldable serving counter. At the outset, Heinz Lasser, the owner, was not really convinced of this expansion of the product range as he had doubts concerning economic efficiency. However, after only a few weeks all doubts vanished. According to Mr Lasser, the major success of this was that his employees had to take more care of the beverages and could handle frequency peaks without further employees. 

The attractive ARTline sales counter made by AICHINGER is located at an exposed position right in the customers’ frame. Thanks to the unsupported glass top, nothing impairs the visibility of the presented products. Due to regional bonds to the Loden cloth, this robust fabric was used for covering the whole parapet of the counter, the bar, the wardrobe and the entire set of seats. The company logo at the front of the counter was originally embroidered by hand by the region’s largest Loden cloth producer. The reconstruction work, the materials used and the excellent lightning of the premises, which was provided by we-shoplight make the bakery Lasser to be a real treasure chest. 

Brotmacher, Landshut


The facts:

Size: 290 m²
Location: Downtown of Landshut
Assortment: Wide variety of types of bread, traditional baked goods, pastries and coffee specialities
Implementation: Team Landshut

Handcrafted art of backing meets modern design!

Targeted cooperation is the best way for traditional backers to be able to resist the market pressure, which is exerted by industrially produced pastries, thought Karl Breu from Altdorf and Maximilian Oberprieler from Landshut. This idea has been then realised quickly and this is how BROTmacher was created on 1st May 2015.  This “alliance” stands for handcrafted art of backing where all types of dough and dough pieces are produced on the basis of old family recipes. BROTmacher always has the right offer for lovers of handcrafted breads and pastries – particularly also for lovers of spelt – made of reginal ingredients. With the merger of both master bakers the product range was extended with focus on customer needs. From now on, handcrafted art of backing meets a wide variety of pastries and bread specialties.

In order to provide the appropriate sales presentation for the great products, the multi specialist from AICHINGER were certainly the only one to come into consideration for the newly opened store at Wittstraße in Landshut. A great café with outdoor seating and drive-in-counter was built with success consultant Georg Oberloher and his whole team. There is a lot to be discovered on generous 290 m². Contrasty seating with accents of colours, atmospheric light concept as well as the unique ARTline counter by AICHINGER. The frameless glass top does not offer only a perfect view of the presented goods but also suits the unique ambience at the salesroom. All combined stylistic elements perfectly fit into the store concept and thus creates a great feel-good atmosphere. Those who are in a hurry can simply use the drive-in-counter and will get the entire product range to go.

Bakery Frank, Sindelfingen


The facts:

Size: 150 m² (shop area)
Location: Downtown of Sindelfingen
Assortment: Coffee specialties, pastry and confectionery
Implementation: Team Ellhofen


Tradition in third Generation

For the past 350 years, the bakery Frank in Sindelfingen has been producing high-quality pastries with an impressive love for details and with craft tradition which has proved worthwhile for eleven generations.

The aim of the owner Andreas Frank is to delight with his wide range of products and to convince with regard to taste and freshness. All the products are always fresh from the oven and free of any ready-mixes, true to the motto: back to the roots.

The uncompromising quality of these products was certainly also to be reflected by the store concept. Anyone who enters the newly designed branch in Sindelfingen will have a real wow effect. A lot of solid wood was used for the design without overloading the room. The imposing ARTline counter allows an impressive presentation of the products and the displayed pastries show off to their very best advantage. With its country-style style elements but also modern design, the great store concept invites its visitors to linger on a total area of about 150m². The perfect combination of different materials and surfaces complete this impressive store concept. The owner Stefanie Frank says: "We are really satisfied with our new store - AICHINGER has been the perfect partner for us." 

Tante Bärbel, Bad Neustadt


The facts:

Size: 310 m²
Location: Downtown/Bad Neustadt
Assortment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks
Implementation: Michael Hergenhan

Uncle Carl is followed by aunt Bärbel

After the big success of “Onkel Karl” in Eisenach, the bakery Nahrstedt developed a matching concept. Together with our success-consultant Michael Hergenhan, this longstanding AICHINGER customer fulfilled the need for a new and modern bakery concept in Bad Neustadt. 

Not too long ago there used to be a small shopping arcade called “Marktbärbel” at the location, where the new shop was supposed to be built. From this derived the Name “Tante Bärbel” for the new bakery, which managed to combine traditional craftsmanship, innovation and regional products perfectly. On a total of 310 sq. divided among two floors and with 100 seating’s inside and 80 outside you can relax and enjoy the great ambiance together with a cup of coffee or a slice of pie. The combined bakery and café was completely remodeled and modernized and welcomes its customers with high class material, bright colors and warm wood tones. The gorgeous ARTline III counter with support less angular glass tops was perfectly integrated in the rest of the interior. The counter was built modular and matches the needs perfectly. We thank our customer for his trust in us and wish “Tante Bärbel” and the bakery Nahrstedt continuous success! 

Bakery Zöllner, Bexbach


The facts:

Size: ---No information---
Location: Downtown/Bexbach
Assortment: Coffee specialties, pastry and confectionery
Implementation: Bernd Ott

„Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Time and time again.“

Bakery Zöllner is both a modern as well as a family business oriented towards skilled craftsmanship. With more than 60 years’ experience and already in its third generation, is now being led by owners Günter Zöllner and Helmut Schunk. With the Bakery Café Zöllner-The Art of Bakery opened a new cafe hotspot in Saarland in the middle of the year. In Bexbach (near Saarbrücken) an extravagant bakery cafe was created out of a former video store, which through the furnishings especially shows all that it stands for – The Art of Bakery.

In Kleinotterweiler Straße 73 in Bexbach, connoisseuers of all baked goods and beverages come here and will not to be disappointed. True to the new Zöllner motto; „Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Time and time again“, the new cafe has from breakfast to snacks, exclusive varieties of coffee to fine wines, a lot to offer. Together with the well-known Viennese Kaffeerösterei Schärf, Zöllner-The Art of Bakery offers its customers a broad variety of distinct coffee specialties. Our AICHINGER Planning Office Neunkirchen with success consultant Bernd Ott has done an excellent job and helped the Bakery-Café Zöllner to create a unique setting which inspires both staff and customers alike. In addition, Zöllner-The Art of Bakery is Germany’s first bakery café equipped with our circular air refrigeration counter AirMaxx ( circular counter is the communication point in every shop concept and creates completely new possibilities for the presentation of products. Unique, extravagant – The Art of Bakery.

Bakery Kern, Hartberg


The facts:

Size: 180 m²
Location: Downtown/Hartberg (Austria)
Assortment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks, jelly doughnuts, icecream
Implementation: Ernst Sommerauer

An Eldorado of delicacies – locally produced products instead of mass goods.

According to the motto “Kern, den mog i gern“ (“Kern, I like it“), the master backer Christian Kern takes his clients to the world of sweet treats. In addition to crunchy pastries, savory flour-based dishes and delicious special subject cakes, the owner-run business also offers a sumptuous breakfast buffet. The bakery is both, a modern and a trade oriented family business and with more than 45 years of experience it has turned into an integral part of the industry. In the branch at the specialty retails center “Hatric“ in Hartberg, shopping customers can rest from a strenuous shopping day and relax on 180 m². Altogether, 92 seats wait for the customers in different sitting areas. Bright seats made of genuine leather, modern stylistic elements such as a carpet in wood look and a sophisticated light concept contribute to the customers‘ comfort and make them come back again.

The great design, technical planning and high-quality 3D visualization as well as the whole project implementation of this innovative bakery concept were certainly created by the multi-specialist AICHINGER. The special challenge for the furnishing professional from the AICHINGER planning office in Granz was to integrate appropriately a functional but also appealing concept into an extremely long floor plan. In addition to a backing station in the center of the shop where the entire product range is backed from 1:30 am, there is a jelly doughnut backing station in the entrance area including an extractor fan which will be exchanged for an ice-cream cabinet during the summer months. The high-quality furniture as well as the promotional light concept by the AICHINGER subsidiary we-shoplight, provide to the various products the perfect stage which they deserve. Thanks to years of experience, technical experience and cooperative customer proximity, the success consultant Ernst Sommerauer and his team managed to hand over an excellent turnkey concept to the customer. The first weeks have already proven that numerous customers have accepted the concept and that along with classic bakery products and coffee, more than 1,000 jelly doughnuts are sold every day.

Bakery and confectionery Chocolatte, Munich


The facts:

Size: 40 m²
Location: Downtown/Munich
Assortment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks
Implementation: Georg Oberloher

Naturally modern!

The bakery and confectionery Chocolatte wanted two key aspects to be visible upon remodeling their store: A modern look with a natural touch. In only 13 days AICHINGER´s success consultants – following the lead of Georg Oberloher – realized the new look and handed the shop over as a turnkey project. Owner Muhammet Balci had complete trust in AICHINGER: “Their designs are always innovative and modern. I was involved in the whole planning process and all my wishes were fulfilled”. And also AICHINGER´s follow-up support is outstanding. With a 24-hour hotline every question or problem can be answered and solved swiftly. The whole package convinced this customer and the following project will also be done by AICHINGER. 

Unser Onkel Karl, Eisenach


The facts:

Size: more than 210 m²
Location: Downtown/Eisenach
Assortment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks, breakfast
Implementation: Team Halle

Unser Onkel Karl - A feast for the eyes and a special treat

The historic city of Eisenach has many sights that are worth a visit, even aside from their main attraction the Wartburg which holds the title of a World Heritage Site since 1999. Now it´s home to another, culinary highlight: the “Onkel Karl” bakery which can be found at the centrally located Karlsplatz and combines tradition and innovation with regional focus. The shop can be found right at the exit of the pedestrian zone which makes it attractive not only to locals, but also to wandering tourists in search of an inviting place to have a quick drink or grab a bite. What used to be the ground floor of the local bank was completely remodeled to accommodate the new 210 sq. large bakery with its new concept and design. Together with the architects of Seidenzahl & Backofen ACHINGER GmbH was able to create something unique. High quality materials, bright colors and warm wood tones make up the main atmosphere of the new interior. The broad façade windows allow the bypasser to look inside and enjoy this new look even from outside.

The elegant as well as innovative AICHINGER ARTline III-counter with support less, square glass tops combine perfectly with the new style of the shop. The counter is constructed modular and was custom fitted to the specific demands of the site. With its high performance VKS 5 cooling system the ARTline is able to keep it´s “cool” even with high amounts of displayed products while still providing fresh and appetizing food. The rounded ends of the cooling counter mimic the glass façade and the decorated cement tiles stir memories of times long gone. A great combination of nostalgic elements and high tech that form an exciting new concept. 

Chocolaterie Amelie, Garmisch-Partenkirchen


The facts:

Size: more than 100 m² (total area)
Location: Downtown/Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Assortment: Chocolates, drinking chocolate, spreads, sugar-coated nuts and fruits
Implementation: Jürgen Engelhardt

Amelie - a sweet temptation

Chocolate is a love that melts in your mouth. Sweet temptations are found at the “Chocolaterie Amelie” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The official health resort, offers not only a wonderful landscape, also chocolate lovers get their money's worth with tasty products of chocolate. This year opened a true chocolate paradise with the help of AICHINGER, directly on the famous “Ludwig Street”. With a accountable production, unique chocolate chip variations and a great attention in every detail of the shop fitting, Amelie conquered the hearts of all people, who came not only for the fresh and healthy air of the german alps. The variety and quality of the products, must be experienced by every chocolate lover. For the people who can´t get enough, there is an opportunity to take one of the chocolate courses to show who is a perfect confectioners.

Bakery Riesenhuber, Aschbach


The facts:

Size: more than 200 m²
Location: Aschbach/Downtown (Austria)
Assortment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks, breakfast, ice-cream
Implementation: Andreas Raab

A specialist for creative delicacies 

Workmanship, years of experience and passion for baking are some of the key aspects that helped build the success story of Riesenhuber. Since 1990 this long-standing company has been led by the family Riesenhuber, now with Barbara and Christian by their fourth generation. To assure profitable and sustainable growth in the future, the owners opened a new foothold in Aschbach in Lower Austria in 2016. With 100% of passion, proven recipes and the best regional ingredients available they create inspired delicacies with love and craftsmanship.

As in the three other already existing locations before, the bakery Riesenhuber entrusted AICHINGER and their experienced success consultants Andreas Raab with creating the perfect furnishing with quality and style. Rustic elements and modern presentation were combined to form a unique design concept. But just as much emphasis was put on ergonomic details and perfectly organized workflows and that was why AICHINGER was again chosen as the optimal partner for this project.

On entering the new store located inside the old city hall of Aschbach, you can´t help but notice by the unique charm and detail with which the interior was planned and implemented. The stunning result proves once more the qualities of AICHINGER as a success consultant.

Sale counter with several levels

The new interior design concept is dominated by bright and friendly colors of warm beige, bright white as well as the now trending green. The whole shop is equipped with indirect lighting by our lighting specialist we-shoplight and offers comfortable seating possibilities for 69 people. This is appreciated by the customers and so they extend their stay a bit longer, while enjoying the tasty breakfast buffet displayed on the bar next to the sales counter. Harmonizing perfectly with the interior design of the shop is the cooling counter ART-line with its support free glass tops and the flexible extra presentation level Vario-Flip. They both create the perfect display area for all the baked delicacies this store has to offer and is in direct sight for the entering customer. The bread display shelves of PANEVARI-Style with their levels in rustic slate underline the artisanal origin of the offered products. Again our experienced lighting partner we-shoplight chose the optimum illumination and manages to guide the customer’s eye to the displayed baked goods via energy saving LED-lighting.

Bakery Rainer, Sillian


The facts:

Size: more than 65 m² (sales area)
Location: Sillian/Austria
Assortment: baked goods, cold and warm drinks, snacks
Implementation: Ernst Sommerauer

Traditional baker's craft and best ingredients

The newly opened shop of the bakery Rainer is noted on the shopping list of many gourmets. That is because their varied and fresh selection of exquisite ingredients is a guarantee of especially tasty and healthy baked goods. On top of that, the bakery features also a lovely café/tavern located in a former community hall.

The job of Aichinger's facility experts was to widen the entrance portal and create an all-new shop concept in order have enough room to include many new functions. Now, decorative “airflakes” on glass panels all over the place absorb disturbing noises and optimise the room acoustics. A natural stone floor in two colours beautifully contrasts with the warm-coloured wood furniture. The purpose of these measures was to create a stylish atmosphere that makes guests feel as comfortable as possible. Also, the owner Mrs. Rainer contributed her long-standing experience and personal taste in the realisation of the project. As a result, the very harmonious cooperation led to a completely new and more functional shop concept.

Franz & Xaver BioDeli


The facts:

Size: more than 150 m² (sales area)
Location: inner city/Kempten
Assortment: fresh baked goods, warm dishes, organic soft drinks, coffee
Implementation: Jürgen Engelhardt

Organic food for the heart and soul

Food gives energy for life, which is why a fresh and balanced diet is so important for the overall well-being. The BioDeli in Kempten specialises on serving healthy “favourite dishes” and offers a diversified selection of vegetarian and vegan meals fresh from their kitchen. And if you love to have a nice piece of meat to feast on, of course, you are also welcome. Whatever delicacy you choose to embellish your plate, it will be home-cooked in the BioDeli and comes from local suppliers. Adding to this come coffee fresh from the in-house roast, fresh juices, and home-made lemonades.

For better recognition value, this great variety of goods is accompanied by a distinctive shop design with plenty of warm colours, which creates a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere. A touch of BioDeli can be found in all the furnishings and makes up for a coherent overall concept together with Aichinger's ARTline counter. Its pillar-free glass top allows for an extensive view on the offered foods. This attractive way of presentation fits just perfectly to the high-quality BioDeli products straight from the heart of the Allgäu, Bavaria.

Die Tortenkomponisten, Söding


The facts:

Size: more than 100 m² (sales area)
Location: out of town/Söding
Assortment: 100 % organic baked goods, cold and warm drinks
Implementation: Ernst Sommerauer

The 100 % organic bakery

Organic is more than a short-lived trend – it is a completely different approach to life. Organically produced food not only tastes better and has better nutrition values, there is also the aspect of active environment protection. Therefore, “die Tortenkomponisten” (German for “the cake composers”) stand for organic ingredients, saving resources, and traditional craftsmanship in the production.

Knowing that valuable ingredients and love for detail are a good recipe for success, Sabrina and Manuel Mauerhofer asked Aichinger for help with the equipment of their “organic paradise”. Now, after the installation of a beautifully round ARTline counter with angular glass attachment, their great choice of tarts can be showcased in an almost spectacular and perfectly protective way. The result is an outstanding organic pleasure for both the palate and the eye.

Bakery Haubis, Melk


The facts:

Size: more than 200 m² (sales area)
Location: shopping centre/Melk
Assortment: baked goods, coffee, cake, cold and warm drinks
Implementation: Andreas Raab

Baked goods fresh from the oven twenty-four-seven

Bread, pastry, snacks, or flour-based dishes are quite common in bakehouses, whereas an inviting atmosphere is more rare. At the bakery Haubis, you can have both: a bakery in its classical sense, and the convenient ambience of a café or restaurant – the perfect place to enjoy a comprehensive range of good foods.

For an appealing presentation of goods, an ARTline counter was delivered and installed by Aichinger. On two floors, there is plenty of room for guests to enjoy an overall experience of culinary pleasures and relaxed lounging. The smell of freshly baked bread and the play of atmospheric lighting design do their part making it easy to have a wonderful time in this bakery – anytime!

Geroldsauer Mill, Baden-Baden


The facts:

Size: approx. 650 m² (sales area)
Location: out of town
Assortment: bakery, buchery, foods, food service
Implementation: Dietmar Schmidtlein

A unique shopping place in the midst of a fascinating landscape

Following the motto „Local products from the Black Forst“, the Gerauldsauer mill project brings together the best products of a wonderful region. Adding to the regional and seasonal foods, Germany's biggest silver fur building close to the urban district of Baden-Baden also offers conference facilities, comfortable guest rooms, a rustic restaurant with beer garden, and the most beautiful view on a natural environment also known as the gateway to the Black Forest.

In order to present their products to guests in an appealing way, the presentation of regional specialities and a selection of traditionally produced foods covers a total area of 650 m². In this way, the atmosphere of the shop lives up to the hospitality typically associated with Baden. Meat and sausage products are properly presented and cooled in refrigerated SIRIUS® counters with pillar-free ARTline glass tops. For an even more prominent exposure, there is a special cabinet for the ripening of dry-aged beef behind the counter that lures the customers to buy its delicious contents. Yet another highlight is the fascinating front design of the VERSIO® bakery counter with its angular shaped glass attachment. All in all, the shop concept successfully manages to combine attractive modern architecture with a homely interior design in every detail: Copper-coloured lights above the many and varied goods display create an especially pleasant atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer. Stylish accessories and the warm colours of wood make the stay at the Geroldsheimer mill almost feel like an experience of nature.

To learn more about this unique location in the most beautiful Black forest landscape, visit:

Reichl Bread, Neuhofen


The facts:

Size: approx. 70 m²
Location: inner city
Assortment: baked goods, snacks, pastries & coffee
Implementation: Andreas Raab

Baking as an art form

Patrick and Sandra Reichl are the fourth generation in their family business. When they serve customers with fresh products daily, they do it with full commitment: “Baking is an obligation to produce healthy food of the best quality.” This statement sums up the non-industrial orientation of the more than 100-year-old bakery. But, the Reichls also have a very modern side, which shows well in their new branch with integrated café in Neunhofen.

Thanks to the cooperation with Aichinger, the new shop surprises visitors from the very moment they come in: The design features a lot of aged oak wood. As a nice contrast to that, the ARTline counter “Corian” is white-coloured, which also perfectly showcases the baked goods. And thanks to a rimless, relocatable glass attachment, highlight products can be put in an even more prominent place.

In the café, there is an area with convenient, thickly padded, brown-coloured seats and thanks to its pillar-free construction, it seems to be hovering in the room. A splendid wooden wall contributes to the overall comfortable atmosphere and reminds of the bakery's tradition of craftsmanship. On the more modern side of design, there is the lighting concept that was planned and realised by the experts from we-shoplight. Altogether, the high-class interior furnishings create a perfect frame for Reichl's exceptional bread specialities: The art of baking!

Bakery Kern, Graz


The facts:

Size: approx. 206 m²
Location: shopping centre
Assortment: bread and baked goods, snacks
Implementation: Ernst Sommerauer

Master bakery catches the sun and the customers' eyes

In March 2015, a new speciality retail market opened in Graz, Austria, at the Wiener Straße 333. According to the motto „Comfort for everybody“, the operator promises a diversified shopping experience with numerous culinary options. Of course, a bakery must not be missing in the range of shops!

The branch of the bakery Kern has an exposed position – right at the courtyard of the shopping centre, under an impressive roof construction. With the help of a sophisticated mirror construction, sunlight is directed into the bakery shop and its outdoor area. From three sides, customers and passers-by can look through large window panels right into the shop where a great range of delicious products is on display in long counters.

Country bakery Schmidt, Königstein


The facts:

Size: approx. 120 m²
Location: urban fringe
Assortment: bread and baked goods, food service
Implementation: Steffen Pohl

Exciting view behind the curtain

The metropolitan area of Dresden, Saxony, has another “transparent manufacture”: The country bakery Schmidt built a new bakehouse outside of the city of Königstein in the midst of a green environment. For its planning and realisation, especially for the integration of a shop café, Aichinger Advisor Steffen Pohl was asked for help already at the very start of the project.

The bakery and the salesroom are directly connected and only separated by slim barrier tape. In this way, curious customers can watch the baking process, or even have a chat with the bakers. Moreover, it is possible to take a round tour over the gallery and see the place in full view from above.

The new shop manages the balancing act between modern architecture and comfortable furnishings: Copper-coloured lights and opulent chandeliers fill the empty space below the high ceiling. Warm shades of wood and the colour yellow, which is also part of the bakery's corporate design, create a pleasant atmosphere with exciting accents. In the completely transparent ARTline counter, which features a dry and a refrigerated area, baked goods are presented in the most attractive way. And behind the counter, there is enough room to prepare all the goodies – from breakfasts and fresh snacks to hot and cold drinks.

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